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On June 12th, 2005, Extreme Championship Wrestling aired the 1st ever One Night Stand from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City with ECW One Night Stand 2004. We had seven matches on tap for the evening, and this would be the first ECW pay-per-view under the WWE umbrella.

On tap were seven matches on tap for the evening. Which stood out the most? See below to find out.

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ECW One Night Stand 2005
Lance Storm vs. Chris Jericho

The match starts off with Lance Storm & Chris Jericho doing some mat wrestling, then coming up to a draw position before Jericho charges in & hits a dropkick, and then a baseball slide takes Storm to the floor. Jericho jumps at him, but Storm moves out of the way, and Jericho hits the guard rail.

With a dropkick, Storm gets a two count before a delayed suplex from Storm’s gets another two count, then into the turnbuckle. Storm with some chops, then an Irish whip into the corner. Storm jumps to the top feet first, comes off, and Jericho dropkicks him in the back.

Arm drag, and an enziguri for Jericho before they counter rollups and Jericho gets a two count. Then Storm gets two with a rollout before a bridging Tiger Suplex is good for a two-count.

Cradle Piledriver countered out by Jericho, then Storm came back with a superkick for a two count, then to the top rope & a superplex is countered, and Jericho hits a back elbow off the top rope for two.

Storm trips him up and hits his Single Leg Crab, but Jericho rolls through then goes for Walls Of Jericho, slingshot into the turnbuckle and a facebuster before Lionsault countered with knees by Storm before Jericho relocks in Walls Of Jericho as Storm taps out.

The Referee doesn’t see it as Jason Knight & Justin Credible come in. Jericho drills them out, then rolls up Storm, but he kicks out. Then Credible cracks Jericho with a Singapore Cane & Storm gets the win.

Winner: Lance Storm (7:15)

ECW One Night Stand 2005
Triple Threat Elimination Match

Super Crazy vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Little Guido

Little Guido goes after Super Crazy, then Tajiri does, and he tosses Guido before Super Crazy with a backbreaker on Tajiri, then Tajiri with a back elbow, then a chop as Guido counters into an armbreaker but Crazy breaks it up and hits a standing moonsault.

Guido trips him up, does some flips, then hits Super Crazy with a seated dropkick, then another dropkick, this time to Tajiri, and a baseball slide to the floor as he charges in, but Tony Mamaluke trips him, and Guido hits a leg drop off the ropes.

To the floor, Guido gets whipped over the railing to the floor. Crazy climbs up to the balcony and comes off with a moonsault onto Guido & FBI. Tajiri comes back as he hits Tarantula in the ropes. Tajiri whips in as Crazy gets tripped up by the FBI.

Big Guido picks Tajiri up and mists Guido as Tracy Smothers comes in, but he gets hit with a kick. Then Mikey Whipwreck hits Whippersnapper, and Guido is eliminated.

We are down to Super Crazy & Tajiri, and Crazy gets a springboard moonsault for a two count, then a Powerbomb by Crazy gets countered into a spinning DDT for a two count.

Super Crazy, with a reverse Samoan Drop, hits two moonsaults on Tajiri, then goes for another, but Whipwreck knocks him off the ropes.

Buzzsaw Kick is avoided, then Super Crazy connects with a powerbomb, heads back up to the top rope & hits the moonsault for the win.

Winner: Super Crazy (6:14)

ECW One Night Stand 2005
Rey Mysterio Jr vs. Psicosis

Rey Mysterio & Psicosis start this match off with some mat wrestling before Psicosis connects with an arm drag out of the corner as they have a stalemate. Then they Lock before Rey Mysterio Jr gets on his shoulders, and he rolls through with a victory roll for a two count.

Mysterio goes for a splash off the ropes, but Psicosis catches him and plants him face-first into the mat. Psicosis whips him into the turnbuckle very hard, then gets a two-count before Mysterio comes off with a moonsault for a two-count.

Psicosis locks in a sleeper before he whips Mysterio down for a two-count then to the floor. Psicosis whips him onto the railing and suplexes him onto it & with Mysterio draped over the railing & Psicosis hits a leg drop off the top onto Mysterio’s back, sending him down.

That gets two count before Mysterio is planted in the turnbuckle before Psicosis charges with a dropkick to the face, and Mysterio moves, causing Psicosis to go neck first into the mat and then into the ropes. Mysterio comes back with a face slam.

Psicosis charges, but Mysterio moves, and Psychosis goes shoulder-first into the post with Psicosis in the 1st row. Mysterio comes off with a senton off the top rope, then a dropkick to the back, and then he hits 619 before the West Coast Pop scores the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio Jr (6:23)

Rob Van Dam walks out with Bill Alfonso as JBL yells at him during his entrance, but he doesn’t listen, and JBL’s microphone is off.

RVD stares up at the Smackdown guys, saying this show has nothing to do with WWE. Tonight will be a big PPV because they are sick and tired of people like JBL being shoved down their throats when they watch wrestling.

Another ECW chant. RVD says JBL deserves no credit for the success of this show. RVD says no creative geniuses are writing his script tonight. He’s going to take us back to a time when his vocab was more than cool, and then he remembers when fans chanted his name the whole show.

He’s always been proud that he’s been able to make people happy by using his skills. He says he’s the Whole FN Show. Mr. Pay Per View. Mr. Monday Night. RVD 4:20 means I just smoked your ass.

He asks RVD how long he defended the Television Title it was a year and 11 months, including the seconds of it. He says it was the best time of his career, saying that’s how you showcase RVD—another shot at WWE.

He says that’s why he went to Vince to do a PPV. He said it would be huge if they did it. He said they don’t even need a storyline, just one night only. He said to Vince McMahon, let us show you what we’re about.

Vince liked his idea, so the dream became a reality. Another ECW chant as RVD gets emotional. RVD says he’s hurt with a torn ACL and a torn meniscus, and missing this is worse than missing WrestleMania, the tour of Japan, Booker T’s wedding, and other things.

Out of nowhere, Rhyno comes in and gores RVD, then takes off the knee brace.

The lights go out & once they come back on, Sabu is in the ring staring down Rhyno as RVD gets out of the ring.

ECW One Night Stand 2005
Sabu vs. Rhyno

Sabu comes out on fire by throwing a chair to the head of Rhyno and sending him. Then Sabu, with a springboard dive out onto Rhyno up the aisle before Rhyno scores a near fall, then a bodyslam by Rhyno.

Then he goes to the top rope, but Sabu hits a hurricanrana off the top rope and then a leg lariat off the ropes.

Bill Alfonso whips him a chair before Sabu charges with a leg lariat off the chair, then a leg drop off the chair for a two count before Rhyno trips him up, and Sabu goes headfirst into the steel chair. Rhyno picks him up on his shoulders and drops him face-first onto the chair.

Powerbomb from Rhyno, then he drops Sabu face first into the top rope, then there’s a Gore attempt, but Sabu pulls the ref in front, and he gets hit with the Gore, then a Piledriver by Rhyno.

RVD comes in & throws the chair in Rhyno’s face, hits Chair Surf, pulls out a table for Sabu, and puts Rhyno on it & Sabu comes off the top rope and hits Arabian Skull Crusher to put Rhyno away.

Winner: Sabu (6:31)

ECW One Night Stand 2005
Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka

Mike Awesome tosses Masato Tanaka to the floor, then he comes off with a dive over the top rope before Tanaka with a backdrop, then a chair shot to the head, followed by an Irish whip into the rail before Awesome comes back with a boot and a clothesline sends him down.

Awesome gets a ringside table, then sets it up on the floor off. Tanaka charges in at him before Awesome takes advantage and hits a running Awesome Bomb off the apron through the table that was propped up on the floor.

In the ring, Awesome hits Awesome Splash for a two count, then another Awesome Bomb attempt, but Tanaka fights out but. Awesome ends up hitting Awesome Bomb on him before we get a Chair dual as Awesome misses, then Tanaka misses, and Awesome hits him three times.

Tanaka is still up before Tanaka with Diamond Dust off the middle rope, then sets up the steel chairs on the ground, hits a tornado DDT on the chairs, and hooks the leg, but it’s good for a two count.

Awesome on the ground, he puts a chair on his face and catches him with a chair shot on the face.

Tanaka heads up top & comes down with a chair onto Awesome’s face, then goes for the cover, but somehow it only gets a two count, then an elbow by Tanaka misses before Awesome with a German suplex, then a spear, and now to the top again.

Top rope chair shot from Awesome before he slowly brings a table in, then sets it up and goes for a superplex, but Tanaka counters it into a tornado DDT through a table.

They go up top again, and Awesome hits an Awesome Bomb off the top rope with his back to the middle part of the ring, then goes for the cover, but Tanaka kicks out at two.

Awesome is setting up a table on the floor and goes for another Awesome Bomb over the top rope, but Tanaka counters. Awesome catches him & throws him over the top through the table on the floor with a powerbomb and then dives through onto him for the win.

Winner: Mike Awesome (9:52)

ECW One Night Stand 2005
Tag Team Match

The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D Von) vs. The Sandman & Tommy Dreamer

Tommy Dreamer decks Bubba Ray Dudley as D Von Dudley fights with The Sandman on the floor. Bubba with a cookie sheet to the head, then a cheese grater to the face by Bubba grating Dreamer’s face, then a senton by Bubba misses as Dreamer moves out of the way.

Dudley Boyz with a Reverse 3D on Dreamer before Sandman is in with a ladder to hit The Dudleys. Dreamer with the ladder on his shoulders by spinning around and drilling The Dudleys with it.

Dreamer with the cheese grater to Bubba’s skull, then in the ring Sandman with a drop toe hold on D Von on the trash can & He scores a two count before Dreamer cracks Bubba on the floor with a cookie sheet. Sandman sets up D Von under the ladder and hits a rolling senton off the top rope.

Bubba’s in with a chair shot to Sandman’s head before Sandman lays on the table as D Von holds him, and Bubba hits a frog splash onto him from there for just a two count.

D Von hits Bubba with the Kendo Stick, then Sandman with a cane-assisted legsweep before we get double Figure 4s by Dreamer & Sandman, but here comes The Impact Players.

Credible has barbed wire and hits That’s Incredible on the barbwire & here comes Francine & she kicks Dreamer in the nuts. Now here comes Beulah & we get a catfight, then Impact Players go to double team, but Beulah kicks Credible low. Dreamer hugs her.

They hit a dual DDT as they, each of them getting a Dudley before a chair shit on D Von’s nuts before D Von used a street sign on the chair to crack him in the nuts—Bubba with a kendo stick to the heads of Dreamer & Sandman, then another one to Dreamer.

Bubba gets his own table now before D Von with a powerbomb on Sandman through a table. Dreamer cleans house now with sticks before D Von whips him into the ropes and they hits 3D but no cover.

Bubba gets a table as he signals to the back as Spike Dudley comes out & he’s got lighter fluid and matches as they light the table up, and The Dudleys hits Dreamer with a double team powerbomb through the flaming table for the win.

Winners: The Dudley Boyz (10:13)

After the match, The Dudleys went to attack Beulah, but Sandman saved her with kendo stick shots on The Dudleys, and then Sandman asked for some beer.

The glass breaks, and Stone Cold Steve Austin & tells Sandman he’s not just going to give him a beer but everybody involved with ECW. Austin said they’re going to have a beer bash. All the ECW troops come out.

Austin says before he gets a beer, he wants to see a fight. He wants to see these WWE guys come into the ring to see if they can whip the ECW a**. Austin’s going to sit down to see what happens, drink a beer, and told them that they are cowards because Heyman ran them down, and they did nothing.

Austin told Angle to pull that finger out of his a** and fight. Austin says he’s going to count backward from 10, and if they don’t come down, he’s going to go up there to slap the piss out of every one of them. As he counted, they started to come down to the ring.

Austin’s out of the ring, the ECW side is on the left, the WWE side is on the right, and as the crowd chants We Want Taz, here he comes. Bischoff joins the announce table meanwhile. Taz comes out & Styles calls Bischoff the worst play-by-play man that Styles has ever heard.

We get the huge brawl as Kurt Angle & Tazz go at it on the floor. The ECW/WWE fight is going on in the ring. Taz gets the Tazmission on Angle out on the floor. The others continue to brawl in the ring before Team ECW sends Team WWE out of the ring & Team ECW are now all alone.

Austin, with JBL’s hat on as he tells Mick Foley to bring Eric Bischoff to the ring as Team WWE leaves the ringside area and walk into the back as Foley forces Bischoff into the ring. Dudleys hits 3D on Bischoff. Austin tells Benoit to do a flying headbutt, then tells Mysterio to do a 619.

Austin Eric, can you hear me? This is Austin calling Eric. I thought maybe I would take this time to conduct a post-show interview. What are your thoughts on the evening? So Bischoff says f**k ECW so they pick him up, and Austin hits Stone Cold Stunner on him. Styles called this the greatest night of his professional career and he wished this moment would last forever.

Austin calls for some beer as they celebrate. Meanwhile, The Dudleys carry Bischoff all the way out of the building as they carrying him into the parking lot. All the ECW guys celebrate in the ring with Austin, Sandman, and everybody else drinking a beer.

Styles to end the show: Thank you to all the ECW fans around the world who cried out for the return of ECW. Without you there would be no us. Thank you. Thank you very much. I can’t believe what I’m seeing. ECW LIVES.

Austin and Sandman had their hands raised on the ramp to close out One Night Stand.