ECW Cyber Slam 1996 | ECW Saturday Night RetroView

Extreme Championship Wrestling presented ECW Cyber Slam 1996 on February 17th, 1996. This was the first-ever Cyber Slam event.

We had no less than ten matches scheduled for the night. Two title matches for the ECW TV and ECW World Heavyweight titles were on the line. Also on the card was a six-person Tag Team Dog Collar Match.

ECW Cyber Slam 1996
6 Man Tag Team Match
The Bad Crew (Dog & Rose) & Judge Dredd vs. The Dirt Bike Kid, Don E Allen & Dino Sendoff

Both teams brawl before Judge Dredd hits The Dirt Bike Kid with a wheel kick and a pressing gutbuster. They fight in and out of the ring.

The Bad Crew hits Don E Allen with a Tiger Bomb and then follows that with a flying Hart Attack for the win.

Winners: The Bad Crew & Judge Dredd (2:03)

After the bell, The Sandman enters the ring and canes everyone & he grabs a mic and yells YO while caning each person in turn, then says Now let’s get extreme!”

ECW Cyber Slam 1996
Spiros Greco vs. El Puerto Riqueño 

Spiros Greco & El Puerto Riqueño trade holds and reversals until Greco misses a knee lift. Riqueño sells it anyway before Greco follows with a jumping clothesline.

He also uses more takeovers, holds, and double chops. Greco & Riqueño fight to the floor, then ram El Puerto into the post and return him to the ring.

Greco focuses his attack on Puerto’s throat. Greco uses a shoulder tackle and connects with a pump-handle side slam to get the win.

Winner: Spiros Greco (4:27)

ECW Cyber Slam 1996
Taz vs. Joel Hartgood

Taz takes Joel Hartgood to the mat and hits him with a clothesline. He fakes out Hartgood and gives him a Tazplex.

Hartgood uses a sunset flip, but Taz answers with a half-Nelson suplex. He then locks Joel in the Tazmission for the victory.

Winner By Submission: Taz (1:54)

After the match, Taz takes a mic and calls Joel Hartgood another victim. Damage Control enters the ring to help Hartgood, but Taz dumps Hartgood off the stretcher. Fonzie says he likes that.

The fans chant for him to do it again. Wrestlers enter the ring to help Hartgood, so Taz suplexes all of them, and then Mikey Whipwreck punches Fonzie.

He also surprises Taz with a dropkick and a Frankenmikey but Taz catches him and hits a Tazplex. He puts Mikey in the Tazmission.

Joey Styles welcomes everyone to ECW and then to the ECW internet convention. He claims fans came from all over the country to be there. Styles continues, but the arena goes dark.

Someone enters the ring while the lights are out, so Styles says Who the hell are you? The lights come back and reveal Brian Pillman.

ECW Cyber Slam 1996
[Photo: WWE]
The crowd goes crazy. Styles asks why he’s there while the fans chant about Bischoff. Pillman claims Bischoff took away his constitutional rights and fired him. He calls Bischoff a coffee gofer and a whiz kid. But he also calls him a piece of sh*t.

Styles tries going to a break. Pillman tells him he’s running the interview because he’s Brian f*ckin Pillman. Brian then compares Bischoff to the smart marks in the crowd. He explains the concept of smart marks and mocks the fans.

He says marks are people who spend their last $20 on crack. He says marks are those who think OJ didn’t do it. Most importantly, marks are all the sons of b*tches in the crowd.

Then Pillman calls the ECW Arena a hellhole and threatens to whip out his Johnson and piss in the ring. He reaches for his fly, but Paul Heyman & Tod Gordon arrive to stop him. Heyman says it wasn’t part of the deal, but Pillman doesn’t care.

Security escorts Pillman away from the ring while Heyman & Shane Douglas yell at Pillman. The fans chant Let him piss! One fan tries swinging at Pillman, so he pulls him over the rail and attacks him with a fork.

Douglas chases Pillman away from the ring. Douglas takes a mic and tells security to throw him out, or Douglas will beat his ass. He won’t leave the ring until he’s sure Pillman is gone. Security has to drag Pillman out the door.

ECW Cyber Slam 1996
Buh Buh Ray Dudley vs. Mr. Hughes

Mr Hughes then attacks Buh Buh Ray Dudley, so Big Dick confronts him. Hughes punches Big Dick and turns his attention back to Buh Buh.

The ref focuses on their fight and doesn’t see Big Dick break his crutch over Hughes’ back. Buh-Buh capitalizes with a flying splash to score the win.

Winner: Buh Buh Ray Dudley (0:36)

Joey Styles introduces Tommy Dreamer for an interview. He injured his shoulder at the Blizzard Blast. Dreamer is there to give an update on his condition.

Beulah is with him. Tommy apologizes for being injured, but ECW World Heavyweight Champion Raven interrupts him. He’s joined by Stevie Richards, The Blue Meanie & Kimona.

Raven says injuring Dreamer wasn’t the payback. Raven talks about how other countries cut off your hands for stealing. They cut off your feet for evading police. And they cut out your tongue for lying. Raven’s threats are getting violent.

Shane Douglas & The Bruise Brothers arrive to back up Dreamer. He sends Beulah with Douglas for her safety. Raven tells her to get out of the ring with Dreamer’s demon spawn. Dreamer says he’s ready to fight, so Raven tells him to get ready to die.

Raven doesn’t attack. The Bruise Brothers do it. They kick Dreamer and run him balls first into the post. Raven then mocks him and leaves.

ECW Cyber Slam 1996
Tag Team Match

The Bruise Brothers (Don & Ron) vs. The Headhunters (A & B)

Both teams brawl in and around the ring with chairs before the fight spills into the crowd, and the camera loses sight of the action.

Both teams throw punches and chair shots then they return to the ring. Headhunter A lands a moonsault, but Don Bruise also uses a big boot. There are two covers. The ref only counts Ron Bruise’s pin and awards them the match.

Winners: The Bruise Brothers (3:54)

ECW Cyber Slam 1996
JT Smith vs. Axl Rotten

JT Smith attacks Axl Rotten with the timekeeper’s hammer, but Rotten whips Smith into the railing and then hits Smith with weapons the fans hand him.

He uses a chair, bottles, and some rope before they brawl on the floor until Smith gives Rotten a DDT when they return to the ring, Rotten counters with a backdrop.

Rotten then hits a corner splash then attempts another one but he misses. Smith lands a diving splash, but he doesn’t cover. He collects a chair and tries a moonsault.

He pretends to botch it as Rotten looks at the ref with confusion. Smith uses the opening to clock Rotten with the chair then pins him for the victory.

Winner: JT Smith (6:12)

After the match, Smith spits on Rotten and gives him a chair-assisted moonsault, then grabs a mic, but Hack Meyers confronts him.

Smith says he wants to dance with Myers, but he hits him with the microphone. Smith throws punches before Myers fires back, so Smith attacks Rotten again, and Hack brawls with Smith.

ECW Cyber Slam 1996
6-Person Tag Team Dog Collar Match

ECW World Tag Team Champions The Eliminators (Kronus & Saturn) & Stevie Richards vs. The Pitbulls (#1 & #2) & Francine 

The Pitbulls try taking out Stevie Richards, but The Eliminators save his hide. Richards mocks and slaps The Pitbulls while The Eliminators double-team them.

Richards even stomps on their balls and uses Stevie Kicks, but Pitbull #2 fights back and rams Saturn into chairs held by the fans. He also nails Saturn with anything he finds.

Both teams then fight to the eagle’s nest before Kronus assists Saturn in a moonsault off the nest. However, Pitbull #1 suplexes Kronus through a table.

When they return to the ring, Richards finds a frying pan and tries using it on Francine, but The Pitbulls stop him. Pitbull #1 uses a super Frankensteiner and a cover, but Richards breaks up the pin.

The Eliminators hit stereo powerbombs before they go after Francine, but The Pitbulls stop it. They use Superbombs on The Eliminators and turn their focus on Richards.

He begs for mercy but they ignore him and hits a Superbomb/Neckbreaker combo. Both teams brawl again, so Francine covers Richards for the win.

Winners: The Pitbulls & Francine (14:03)

After the bell, The Eliminators go after Francine, but Pitbull #2 stops them, so he hits with Total Elimination. They grab Francine again but Pitbull #1 prevents it. He too gets Total Elimination.

Francine is alone, but she slaps Saturn. He responds with a clothesline, and they hit Total Elimination on Francine. Then, they collect their ECW World Tag Team Titles and leave.

ECW Cyber Slam 1996
ECW TV Title Match

2 Cold Scoripo (c) vs. Sabu

Sabu gets the advantage early and uses a chair to bounce around and dive onto 2 Cold Scorpio.

He flies into the crowd, but Scorpio reverses a powerbomb and returns the favor with the chair. Sabu counters with a victory roll and slows the pace with some submissions.

Both men hurt themselves with high-flying moves. Scorpio uses a moonsault, while Sabu does an Arabian Facebuster and some springboards.

Both men trade top rope maneuvers then Scorpio does a sunset bomb before Sabu hits a super victory roll. They fight to the floor, but Sabu clips his legs on the rail during an Asai Moonsault.

Scorpio hits Sabu with everything. Sabu either kicks out or gets a foot on the ropes. A moonsault leg drop, a flying leg drop, and a super Frankensteiner all fail to get the job done. 3 minutes remain. Scorpio hits the Scorpio Splash, but he doesn’t cover him.

He grabs a chair instead and dives off the top rope & he misses. Sabu answers with slingshot moves, but the time expires.

Winner: No One (Time Limit Draw) (30:00) (2 Cold Scorpio retains)

ECW Cyber Slam 1996
Shane Douglas vs. Cactus Jack

Cactus Jack wears a suit but Shane Douglas rips it off and whips Jack around by the tie. Jack uses a fan’s crutch, but Douglas counters with low blows.

He hits a flying axe handle to the floor then he lands a flying crossbody into the crowd. Douglas tries breaking Jack’s ankle with a chair before Jack fires back with chair shots. He also attacks Douglas’ recently injured throat.

Jack returns the favor by focusing on Douglas’ leg before they brawl to the floor where Jack breaks a table on Douglas. He follows that with a pulling piledriver.

They trade punches until Hildebrand separates them then Brian uses the opening to hand Douglas some handcuffs.

Douglas knocks out Jack and cuffs his hands behind his back. Then, he gives Jack numerous chair shots. Shane grabs a mic and tells Jack to quit.

Jack calls out to Vince McMahon for help, then also calls for Mikey Whipwreck. Douglas uses more chair shots and puts Jack in a Figure 4 as Whipwreck arrives, but he nails Jack with a chair. Jack’s shoulders are down, so Hildebrand counts the pin.

Winner: Shane Douglas (15:37)

ECW Cyber Slam 1996
[Photo: WWE]

ECW Cyber Slam 1996
ECW World Heavyweight Title Match

Raven (c) vs. The Sandman

Raven attacks The Sandman during the introductions, and they spill to the floor. They take turns whipping each other into the rail before returning to the ring.

Sandman uses a delayed brainbuster and some slingshot moves, then tosses chairs into the ring. He sits Raven on 1, but The Blue Meanie distracts Sandman.

Raven surprises Sandman with a DDT so Missy Hyatt distracts the ref. Kimona Wanalaya has enough and starts a catfight with Hyatt. The ref makes both women leave.

Stevie Richards uses the opening to nail a Stevie Kick. Sandman kicks out of the pin. The ref gets bumped a couple of times.

Richards and Meanie take advantage, but Sandman fends them off with his cane. The Bruise Brothers give Sandman a double chokeslam, and then Raven makes the cover, but he still kicks out.

Raven follows that with a brainbuster, but Sandman blocks a superplex. Raven counters by dropping Sandman onto a chair, then uses the DDT for a victory.

Winner: AND STILL ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Raven (8:21)

After the match, the fans throw trash at him, but Raven doesn’t care. Raven leaves, but The Blue Meanie remains in the ring. He grabs Sandman’s cane. He also drinks a beer, but he spits it out. It lands on Sandman and revives him.

Meanie hits him with a cane, but Sandman grabs it. He beats Meanie until Raven & The Bruise Brothers return. Sandman fights off all of them. He grabs a mic and calls for Missy Hyatt to bring him another cigarette.