Don Holding – The Most Inspirational Person In Wrestling

There are many people in athletics and in life who have astonished many by overcoming
the odds. People who have been given an obstacle to overcome often times are stronger than an average person. Strength doesn’t always mean physical but it does mean in this case how much one can endure and improve. When I was younger I watched a one-armed man major league baseball player who went by the name of Jim Abbott pitch a no-hitter against Cleveland. This is the story of Don Holding.

Don Holding – The Most Inspirational Person In Wrestling

“A strongly desired goal or purpose” is one of the definitions of what a dream is. Don
Holding is a walking inspiration and miracle to everyone he has met because right now he is living his dream. When Don was younger growing up in Texas he idolized the Von Erich’s.
People like Bam Bam Terry Gordy and my favorite of all time David Von Erich were my
inspirations growing up.

Don was living in the Dallas Fort Worth area in 1987. He went to Gentleman Chris
Adams School then to pursue his dream. However, the reality of the situation was the school was not within his budget, and being the ethical person that he is Don decided to take care of his family instead. “That was a long drive home that day but I love my kids,” Holding said.

In 2005 Don went to a pro wrestling event with his kids. “I was disappointed with the
wrestling. There were only 25 people there and was no financial investment into the company” said Holding.

Don began to do research on what it would take to have a pro wrestling promotion.
Within weeks he became a promoter and opened up his own promotion Southern Championship Wrestling. Pro Wrestling icon Dusty Wolfe became a mentor to Don “I became a sponge I put my focus on running the business, and we were successful for a number of years until my health got bad and we decided to close it down. My weight kept climbing until it got to 350 lbs.”

Holding was having a difficult time walking and decided to get healthy for himself and
for everyone else. He went to the gym religiously and carved off 100 lbs off him. This helped build his confidence to pursue his dream of being a pro wrestler. He began training at the now legendary pro wrestling training facility Dogg Pound Dojo ran by Rodney Mack and Jazz. “It was difficult and for a while, I struggled but I am so thankful for both Rodney and Jazz for not giving up on me” Don expressed.

After a long year of disciplined, vigorous training Don transformed himself into a hard-hitting outlaw cowboy. Don has the barroom brawling skills of black Jack mulligan, the
psychology of Terry Gordy, and the passion of his hero David Von Erich. Each of the men he idolized when he was younger. Each wrestler has always been in his mind and his heart which helped fuel his desire to pursue his dream.

Don Holding recently won his first title in a gauntlet-style match. Half of the match he was blinded when Stewie the Clown sprayed green mist in his eyes. This was a tremendous milestone for Don because not only did he win the Dogg Pound Championship Title but he was able to live a dream. Part of his passion and desire came from a speech by Art Williams called “Just Do It” Art Williams was a football coach and a multi-millionaire businessman.

Don is incredibly happy despite recently being diagnosed with prostate cancer however he has the following to say to his new fans “Never lose focus of your dream and don’t be discouraged if you can’t do it at the time and make a plan. Secure what it is, work hard, and make it right. Never let age be a deterrent. Many said I was too old and because of that, I used that as fuel to uplift me clear the path and be positive” in regards to the prostate cancer “don’t be afraid to get these things checked out because there are people who depend and love you when you invest in yourself your health is the best investment. “

Pro Wrestling needs more people like Don Holding and it is his dream to one day either work or tag with the NWA’s Trevor Merdoch.

Rodney Mack and Jazz are part of the reason why this man is living a dream them along
with the amazing people from Dogg Pound Dojo have built and trained numerous talents such as Soda Hendrix. What makes them great trainers is the fact that they are great people that care about their students.

On January 29th, 2022 Don Holding will be wrestling at the first-ever Dogg Pound Championship Wrestling’s Teddy Long Tag Team Classic at 1103 Cincinnati Ave, San Antonio, TX. The event is named after WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long as he has helped inspire numerous people in the wrestling community.