Bound For Glory 2021 Preview

Saturday night is the biggest night on the IMPACT Wrestling calendar, Bound For Glory, live on PPV from Sam’s Town in Las Vegas. This year’s installment of the yearly SuperCard marks IMPACT Wrestling’s first journey outside Skyway Studios since the company resumed live tapings. Why Sam’s Town instead of the IMPACT Zone? Because this year’s Bound For Glory is just too big for the IMPACT Zone to contain. Let’s break down the card for what might be the most anticipated IMPACT Wrestling card of all 2021. Here’s our Bound For Glory 2021 Preview.

Bound For Glory 2021 Preview
 Call Your Shot Gauntlet

20 Competitors enter, but only one will leave victorious. Who will walk away the winner of the Call Your Shot Gauntlet? [Photo: IMPACT]
The Call Your Shot Gauntlet has become a staple of Bound For Glory over the years. A Battle Royale with a twist, the match begins with two competitors in the ring, and a new competitor enters after the specified interval. Competitors are eliminated over the top rope, with the exception of the final elimination, which must happen via pinfall or submission.

20 competitors enter, but only one will stand victorious, and the winner receives a championship match of their choice. For this year’s gauntlet, we know that Chris Sabin will enter at #1, and W Morrissey will enter at #20. Sabin is no stranger to defying the odds, but W Morrissey has been on a tear since debuting in IMPACT Wrestling. However, the gauntlet still offers plenty of room for surprises. It’s anybody’s match to win when 20 competitors square off in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet this Saturday night.

Bound For Glory 2021 Preview
VBD (Eric Young & Joe Doering/Deaner) vs. Heath & A Mystery Partner

Violent By Design’s Joe Doering & Deaner (pictured on the left) faces the returning Heath (pictured on the right) and a mystery partner this coming Saturday at Bound For Glory 2021 [Photo: IMPACT]
When Rhino ate the pin that lost the IMPACT Tag Team Titles, his partners in Violent By Design were furious. Eric Young was adamant that Rhino was a weak link who deserved punishment. To that end, Deaner and Joe Doering laid a beating on Rhino.

As The Man-Beast accepted his fate, former tag team partner Heath took to the ring, returning after nearly a year on the shelf to save his friend. The following week, Heath addressed the IMPACT Zone faithful, saying he wanted revenge on Eric Young for the way he treated Rhino. However, when Heath called on Rhino to back him up in the ring, Rhino declined, choosing instead to leave Skyway Studios. On Saturday night, Heath looks to get revenge against Eric Young and Violent By Design, but who will his mystery partner be?

Bound For Glory 2021 Preview
Trey Miguel vs Steve Maclin vs El Phantasmo
– X-Division Championship

Steve Maclin (pictured on the left), El Phantasmo (pictured in the center), and Trey Miguel (pictured on the right) battle one another to crown a new X-Divison Champion [Photo: IMPACT]
When Josh Alexander officially relinquished the X-Division Championship to invoke Option C, Executive VP Scott D’Amore had a problem. He had to crown a new X-Division Champion at Bound For Glory and only had 4 weeks to determine who would compete. To that end, he proposed a series of Triple Threat qualifying matches. In the opening match, Trey Miguel used his high-flying offense to defeat Laredo Kid and the debuting Alex Zayne.

The following week, Steve Maclin overpowered Black Taurus and Petey Williams to secure his spot. Just last week, El Phantasmo earned his spot by defeating two former X-Division Champions in Rohit Raju and Willie Mack. Each man has something to prove in this match. Trey Miguel is out to prove he doesn’t always choke in the championship match.

El Phantasmo is out to prove that Bullet Club can march into any organization they want and dominate the competition. Meanwhile, Steve Maclin is undefeated and is out to prove that the X-Division Championship pairs nicely with an undefeated streak. Expect an explosive showdown when these three men meet in the squared circle for the X-Division Championship.

 The IInspiration (Jessica McKay & Cassie Lee) vs. DECAY (Havok & Rosemary) (c)
– Knockouts Tag Team Championship

Bound For Glory 2021
The Decay (pictured on the left) defend their Knockouts Tag Team Championship against debuting The IInspiration (pictured on the right) [Photo: IMPACT]
At Knockouts Knockdown, IMPACT Wrestling announced the signing of the hottest free agents in women’s wrestling, The IInspiration. Not only would the former IIconics be joining the IMPACT Wrestling roster at Bound for Glory, but they would also challenge for the Knockouts Tag Team Championships. Are McKay (Billie Kay) and Lee (Peyton Royce) ready for DECAY?

While their former home in WWE was no stranger to women’s tag team wrestling, there wasn’t a duo quite so dark and demented as Havok & Rosemary. The two powerhouses have had a quite dominant reign as champions, but will they spoil the Aussies’ ambitions at Bound For Glory? Or are we in for an entertaining feud between the preps and the goths? Find out this Saturday night on Pay Per View.

FinJuice vs. Bullet Club (Chris Bey & Hikuleo) vs. The Good Brothers (c)
– IMPACT Tag Team Championship

Bound For Glory 2021
The Good Brothers (pictured on the left) defend Hikuelo & Chris Bey (pictured on the right) [Photo: IMPACT]
For weeks now, David Finlay and Juice Robinson have been facing off against Chris Bey and Hikuleo. The feud between FinJuice and Bullet Club started in New Japan Pro Wrestling and came to IMPACT Wrestling when “Switchblade” Jay White made Chris Bey the Bullet Club’s representative in the company. As the two teams battled back and forth for weeks on end, reigning champions Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson got to sit back and take it all in.

Clearly, FinJuice and Bullet Club impressed The Good Brothers, as it was their idea to have FinJuice and Bullet Club clash for #1 Contendership on this week’s IMPACT Wrestling. That match ended in controversy after Bey and Robinson scored a double pin. IMPACT Wrestling officials were keen to award the match to Chris Bey, who was the only legal man in the ring. However, Executive VP Scott D’Amore stepped in to overrule, declaring the match a draw and making this match a triple threat.

Bound For Glory 2021 Preview
Josh Alexander vs. Christian Cage (c)
– IMPACT World Championship

Christian Cage (pictured on the left) defends his IMPACT World Championship against former X-Divison Champion Josh Alexander (pictured on the right) [Photo: IMPACT]
At Victory Road, Christian Cage defeated Ace Austin to retain the IMPACT World Championship. Immediately following the match, X-Division Champion Josh Alexander announced he would invoke Option C, relinquishing his title for an IMPACT World Championship match. Option C was a strange choice for Josh Alexander. When he captured the X-Division Championship at Rebellion, Kenny Omega was holding the IMPACT World Championship hostage, only appearing for Pay Per View events.

Effectively, Josh Alexander was the only singles champion in the company. He wore the title well, facing all challengers and indeed turning the division upside-down when he won the 6-way Ultimate X Match at Slammiversary. He even defeated longest-reigning X-Division Champion Chris Sabin. The Walking Weapon could have soaked in a long title reign and cement his legacy as the greatest X-Division Champion of all time. But Josh Alexander was hungry for more.

As of late, Cage and Alexander have maintained a tenuous alliance against Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. However, that came crashing down on last week’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling when Alexander walked out of their contract signing. We’re certainly in for an emotional battle when “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander takes on “Captain Charisma” Christian Cage for the IMPACT World Championship.

Bound For Glory 2021 Preview
Mickie James vs Deonna Purrazzo
– Knockouts Championship

Deonna Purrazzo (pictured on the left) defends her Knockouts Championship against former multi-time champion Mickie James (pictured on the right) [Photo: IMPACT]
Perhaps the biggest surprise of all at Slammiversary was the return of IMPACT Wrestling mega star Mickie James. One of the pillars of the early Knockouts Division, Mickie James, returned after a 6-year absence to thunderous applause in the IMPACT Zone. However, since returning in July, James has done precious little in-ring. For the most part, it seemed like Mickie James had nothing more to prove in an IMPACT Ring, returning mostly to promote the NWA EmPowerrr event. James invited Purrazzo to the all-women’s pay-per-view, where Purrazzo would defeat Melina Perez to retain the Knockouts Championship.

24 hours later, at NWA 73, Mickie James wrestled her first match since her now-infamous WWE release. Following James’ victory over Kylie Rae, Deonna Purrazzo attacked James, casting a shadow over James’ moment in the sun. Mickie James would retaliate in the IMPACT Zone, officially challenging The Virtuosa for the Knockouts Championship. Deonna Purrazzo initially refused the offer, telling James she needed to earn her title shot.

Executive VP Scott D’Amore saw things differently, as it’s hard to talk about the greatest Knockouts Champions without bringing up Mickie James. D’Amore promptly overruled Purrazzo’s decision, making this dream match a reality. See perhaps the most anticipated match in IMPACT Wrestling history when Mickie James face Deonna Purrazzo for the Knockouts Championship at Bound for Glory.


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