Boogie’s Wrestling Camp (BWC) ‘Where The Dream Becomes Reality’

Boogie’s Wrestling Camp — April 21, 1989. The significance of this date? This was the release date of the epic movie ‘Field of Dreams.’ In this classic film, Ray Kinsella follows his dream and does what nobody thought was even remotely possible. In the middle of Nowhere, Iowa (Iowa City in the movie, but Dyersville in reality), Ray builds a magnificent baseball field in the hopes that his father’s hero, Shoeless Joe Jackson, will come back to play baseball.

Shoeless Joe’s dream to play baseball again did indeed come true, but more importantly, so did the dreams of many men whose hearts belonged to the great American Pastime. One of those men was John Kinsella, Ray’s long-departed dad, leading to a reunion at the end of the movie that was one of the most emotional and heartwarming in the history of cinema.

September 6, 1992. The significance of this date? This was the official opening of Boogie’s Wrestling Camp and Hall of Fame Museum (BWC). Wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy ‘The Boogie Woogie Man’ Valiant and his wife Angel built BWC in the beautiful (but very remote) city of Shawsville, Virginia.

Boogie’s Wrestling Camp (BWC) ‘Where The Dream Becomes Reality

Jimmy’s very first student was Frank ‘The Tank’ Parker, BWC Class of 1993, who was the first to get a tryout with the WWF (now WWE). Another noted BWC Alumni is ‘Hangman’ Adam Page, former All Elite Wrestling (AEW) World Champion. In total, Boogie’s Wrestling Camp has launched 30 graduating classes of young men and women into the world of professional wrestling in pursuit of their dreams.

Many wrestling schools welcome your money; at BWC, each new student is warmly welcomed into the BWC Family. Besides getting the finest training available from Jimmy’s phenomenal instructors, as well as Jimmy himself, BWC students become part of something very special.

Proficiency at moves, bumps, ring psychology and the art of cutting an excellent promo are all part of the BWC Curriculum. Whether a student’s aspiration is to be a wrestler, announcer, manager, or valet, Boogie’s Wrestling Camp is the place where their dream can become a reality.

Boogie’s Wrestling Camp will supply the student with the recipe and all the requisite ingredients to follow their dreams and succeed in professional wrestling. Jimmy Valiant, the Master Chef, instructs his eager pupils how to properly mix all the ingredients together in just the right proportions.

Now I will never be mistaken for a world-class chef, but I have seen a recipe or two, with the instruction, ‘Just add water.’ For the BWC recipe, the diktat could read, ‘Just add (name of the student)’. If a student takes Jimmy’s training to heart, works hard, and remains positive, this special ‘Recipe’ has no limits.

‘If you build it, he will come’ is permanently etched in the minds of anyone who has seen Field of Dreams.  At Boogie’s Wrestling Camp and Hall of Fame Museum, if you (the student) comes, Jimmy will build YOU.

Boogie’s Wrestling Camp – BWC

On January 1, 2023, BWC introduced ‘Wrestling Live from BWC’ on YouTube. These shows are recorded twice monthly and feature interviews as well as action-packed matches. Below is a link to this exciting new broadcast here.

Following are several brief bios of the current crop of future superstars at BWC:

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Mike Mars, Head Instructor, BWC Heavyweight Champion

Height: 6’3”
Weight: 265
Hometown: El Paso, Texas

Known throughout the wrestling world as ‘The Bearded Battleaxe’, Mike Mars is the Head Instructor at Boogie’s Wrestling Camp and Hall of Fame Museum. Known for his rugged, physical style, Mars is a throwback wrestler who evokes memories of the legendary Bruiser Brody.

Mike has been a mainstay on the independent wrestling scene for nearly 10 years, collecting several titles along the way. Your friendly neighborhood barbarian from the barrios of El Paso is the reigning BWC Heavyweight Championship. Can anyone stop The Bearded Battleaxe?

In addition to his wrestling accomplishments, Mr. Mars has traveled the world while serving our country with the U.S. Army.

Here is a link to Mike Mars appearance on the Dan and Benny In the Ring podcast:

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Reverend Rasslegood, BWC Rising Star Champion

Height: 6’0”
Weight: 235
Hometown: Lynchburg, Virginia

A 2021 BWC alumni, the good Reverend has been preaching to the Sunday Shawsville Congregation with his exceptional wrestling and promo skills. Rev recently captured the coveted BWC Rising Star Championship, and while Reverend Rasslegood promises to be a fighting champion, his sights are set on higher grounds, specifically the BWC Heavyweight Championship.

Rasslegood is known for his signature Preacher’s Collar Backbreaker, and his Sweet Chariot finisher has made many of his opponents pray that all they suffered was defeat.

Reverend Rasslegood’s goal is to bring his unique message to the professional wrestling world. “Wrestling proves to us that we are all tougher than we think we are.” Can I get an Amen!

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Angel Metro, BWC Cruiserweight Champion

Height: 5’5”
Weight: 140
Hometown: Santa Carla, California

Although Angel graduated from BWC just a few months ago, she wasted no time capturing the BWC Cruiserweight Championship. Also known as the Mistress of Fear and The Great Equalizer, Metro can regularly be seen perfecting her craft in the BWC Ring most Sunday afternoons.

Angel’s signature moves are the ‘Protect Ya Neck’ (Stationary Swinging Neckbreaker) and her ‘Snow Angel’ (Whiplash) finisher. A quick Public Service Announcement for Ms. Metro’s future opponents: If you only prepare yourself for these two moves, be prepared to be beaten by one of many maneuvers in her very deep bag of tricks.

Angel’s goals are quite simple and basic: to keep having fun, to keep learning, and to break some heads. Now I’m not a betting man, but I am definitely getting a piece of that action.

No description available.

Scott Storm, BWC Elite Instructor

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 210
Hometown: Wytheville, Virginia

Graduating from BWC in 2020, Scott Storm has literally taken the wrestling world by…well by Storm. In a very short amount of time, Mr. Storm has proven to be a force to be reckoned with, and a threat to capture any and all championships within his grasp.

Scott has compiled an impressive array of signature moves such as the Storm Cellar (Jackhammer), Storm Chaser (Blockbuster), Bolt Cutter (Toehold Leg Submission), Tornado Slam (Tilt A Whirl Slam), Storm-n-Steiner (Frankensteiner), and a Scissor Kick Elbow Drop. This is a Storm that can strike without notice, and, as a Public Service Announcement, all future opponents are advised to take shelter.

Scott Storm was not born at a definitive time; Scott Storm was made. There was a moment when a regular, old run of mill dude looked in the mirror and realized there was something missing. There wasn’t a grand scheme of gimmick selection and strategic character planning. There was a juxtaposition that occurred, and the path lay clean and ripe; bringing together the weathered working man and the exuberant competitor deep inside.

Scott Storm exudes a ‘Big Fight Feel!’ Storm has frequently proclaimed, “You see, I’m The Man that’s not afraid of the man.” There are many adjectives to describe a Storm; fear is not one of them, although it is quite applicable to those who face the Storm.

Scott Storm has become an intriguing showman with a keen combination of athletic prowess, ring awareness, and, most importantly, a fearless attitude that yields an intimidating aura of confidence.

Storm touts that he is living his dream as we speak. He encourages anyone who has a deep-down drive in their heart to accomplish something to have confidence in themselves. As Storm tells all his fans, “Don’t let anyone discourage you from your path. Be the person you want to be.”

Scott Storm certainly is!

Here is a link to Scott Storm’s appearance on the Dan and Benny in the Ring podcast:

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[Photo: Fisticuffs Photography]

Foxy Roxy, BWC Elite Instructor

Height: 5’9”
Weight: 160
Hometown: Roanoke, Virginia

Foxy Roxy is a 2003 graduate of Boogie’s Wrestling Camp, although she has been on the wrestling scene since 1996. Recently appointed as an Elite Instructor at BWC, Roxy is currently ranked #166 amongst the LGBT wrestlers in the United States.

Roanoke-born and bred, Roxy has wrestled for numerous promotions such as American Lucha Wrestling (ALW) and Asylum Carnage Wrestling. The Foxy One has held many titles, including the Women’s Pure Pro Wrestling Championship and the American Championship Wrestling Television Championship.

Roxy is both a technical wrestler and a high flyer. Her signature moves include the Swanton Bomb, Swinging Rock Bottom, the Canadian Destroyer, and the 540, which is the East Coast version of the 619.

Foxy Roxy is one of the premier wrestlers on the Mid-Atlantic Independent circuit. Definitely worth the price of admission!

Check out Roxy’s YouTube Channel here :

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Ric Reeves

Height: 6’4”
Weight: 225
Hometown: Roanoke, Virginia

Although Ric is a fairly recent (2021) graduate of BWC, he has hit the ground running and has already amassed an extensive gold collection. Reeves is the current Revolution Wrestling Authority (RWA) Cruiserweight Champion and has previously held the Premier Wrestling League (PWL) Tag Team Championship as well as the coveted Southeastern Heavyweight Championship for the Pure Pro Wrestling promotion.

Although Ric has an extensive variety of moves in his wrestling toolbox, he is known for his devastating ‘Ric Kick’, a version of the Claymore that he executes so well that Drew McIntyre tips his cap with respect. In Ric’s world, 14 (his boot size) =1-2-3 (his opponent being pinned).

Ric’s goal in wrestling is to go as far as his talents will take him. Reeves is in it to win it and has aspirations of signing a contract with the NWA or OVW, traveling the world, and making professional wrestling his full-time vocation. I am quite proficient in mathematics, and I can state with confidence that 14=1-2-3 will send Ric Reeves to the top of the wrestling world.

Here is a link to Ric Reeves’ appearance on the Dan and Benny in the Ring podcast:

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Donald J BitDon, BWC Instructor

Height: 6’4
Weight: 289
Hometown: Akron, Ohio

A member of the BWC Class of 2004, Mr. BitDon is a seasoned veteran of the mat wars, with two decades of experience under his belt. Also known as ‘The King of Crypto’, BitDon is a mainstay on BWC cards, in addition to appearing for many promotions in the Mid-Atlantic region. His imposing stature, coupled with his thorough knowledge of all things wrestling, has caused many a junior opponent to rethink their wrestling future.

BitDon has a very impressive move set to include the ‘Atomic Swap’ (X Factor out of a Fire Thunder Piledriver), the ‘BitDon Misery Index’ (Pumphandle Sit-Out Powerbomb), the ‘HODL (Hold on For Dear Life)’ (variation of a Gorilla Press Swinging Sitting Chokeslam), and his devastating ‘All-time Low’ (Big Boot) finisher.

Donald J BitDon’s goal is ‘world domination’. Will he capture the BWC Heavyweight Championship and go on from there?

No description available.

Jaden Fury

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 250
Hometown: Ballard, West Virginia

Jaden Fury is a 2022 graduate of Boogie’s Wrestling Camp. Although technically a ‘rookie’, Jaden wasted no time winning the Boogie Woogie Rumble, earning him a title shot against BWC Heavyweight Champion Mike Mars. Without divulging the finish, suffice it to say that Fury unleashed all of his fury and took Big Mike to the limit.

Jaden has acquired a wide variety of wrestling arsenal in a very short period of time. His signature moves include the ‘Lights Out’ (Ripcord Knee Strike/Northern Lights Suplex), and his ‘No Chancery’ (Bridging Front Face Chancery/Last Chancery), and ‘Fury Charge’ (Running Single Leg Knee Strike/Busiaku Knee) finishers usually spell defeat for his opponents.

Jaden Fury is truly a man on a mission, as his goals are to sign with a major company and compile a lot of gold, both in the bank and around his waist. Fury aspires to be a main eventer for years to come, and if his recent championship match is any indication of the future direction of his career, one will have to look no further than the top of the card.

No description available.


Height: 6’2”
Weight: 217
Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand (The Bronze Temple)

Although wrestling for only 5 years, Koga has already acquired the nickname ‘The Iron Blooded Assassin.’ Koga employs a highly effective combination of ‘ground and pound’ and aerial tactics, making it virtually impossible for his opponents to devise a workable strategy against him.

Koga has trained at Hybrid MMA in Roanoke, as well as BWC. He has developed a superb arsenal of moves which includes ‘One Night In Bangkok’ (GTS), ‘As Far as Siam’ (Reverse DDT), ‘Tiger Trap’ (Trailer hitch leglock), and the devastating ‘Burmese Python’ (Grounded Cobra Clutch). This phenomenal array of high-impact maneuvers makes Koga the odds-on favorite to capture the BWC Championship. Will he take the coveted gold home to Thailand?

Koga’s goal is to “travel the world and meet interesting people…and beat them.” During his global journey, Koga intends on “spreading his philosophy and his fighting/wrestling style.”

No description available.

Yela Man

Yela Man is responsible for all facets of the ‘Wrestling Live From BWC’ production. Also an accomplished wrestler, Yela Man has captured several regional titles during his career.

Although Yela Man’s bio is currently unavailable, here is a link to his appearance on the Dan and Benny in the Ring podcast:

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Captain Joe, BWC Manager

‘Captain Joe’ Valiant has been a BWC mainstay for many years and is a member of the BWC Hall of Fame. A former BWC Manager of the Year winner, Joe will normally be found in the heel corner of the ring, although, as of late, he has been assisting reigning BWC Heavyweight Champion, Mike Mars. Joe is currently feuding with ‘The Spectacular Stache’, who has called him a ‘Poop Deck Pappy.’

No description available.

Big M, BWC Manager

Big M, also known to BWC fans as Magnet Man, recently won the coveted BWC Manager of the Year trophy. Big M is a fan favorite and also doubles as webmaster for the BWC website

No description available.

‘The Spectacular Stache’, Dennis Warren, BWC Manager

Stache is a true veteran of the mat wars and is known for his sinister, devious, ‘win at any cost’ methods. The Spectacular One recently assumed responsibility for guiding the championship path of top BWC prospect Jaden Fury. When told that he would be handcuffed to Captain Joe during the recent Three Way BWC Heavyweight Championship match, Stache simply scoffed and commented, “Handcuffs, just like rules, are made to be broken.”

Evil ways aside, Dennis Warren is a true Renaissance Man. He is a musician par excellence, a wonderful comic book illustrator, and a noted author.

No description available.

Sam Street

Height: 5’5”
Weight: 150
Hometown: The Star City


Sam Street is a current student at Boogie’s Wrestling Camp. Although she has only been training for a short amount of time, she has already made quite the impression on the BWC Instructor Team with her superior brand of athleticism and drive to be the best. This is quite understandable, as Miss Street is an NCAA Division II Goalkeeper, with NCAA Atlantic Region and NCAA East Conference Championships to her credit.

Expect those championships to continue in her professional wrestling career, as Sam has been quickly mastering all aspects of the Squared Circle.

Sam is currently embroiled in a feud with BWC wrestler Sergio The Cat. Cat, who behaved more like a Chicken, viciously and without provocation attacked Miss Street as she was regaling the BWC Family with her journey from an 8-year-old child to a championship college athlete, to her aspirations in professional wrestling.

As a follower of professional wrestling for many years, my educated guess is The Cat will be hightailing it out of the BWC Arena when he faces Street one on one.

Sam’s wrestling goal is to “Become the best I can be, while inspiring people to go after their big, crazy dreams.” As a Public Service Announcement, I need to inform the world of professional wrestling that if you cross Sam Street, it will be a One-Way Street to defeat!