Blake’s Take: WrestleMania 36 – Cancel It Already!

*These are the thoughts and opinions of the writer himself, and not of Pro Wrestling Post*

Yeah, I said it. I said what many of you have been muttering. With just one week until the big day(s) – Just cancel WrestleMania Uncle Vince. Stop being a pig-headed old man and listen to your fans and most of all…..listen to your employees!

Have you all seen the reports? The news that wrestlers are dropping out of their advertised matches like flies? That matches are being booked and then re-booked due to all the uncertainty around the coronavirus situation in Florida? If you’re not down (with that) with what’s been happening, here’s what’s been going on over the past seven days…

3/21 – Three new matches announced taking total matches to 12. Also, it was announced that WrestleMania will be taped over the 25/26 March.

3/23 – Two more matches announced for WrestleMania, bring it to 14 matches.

3/24 – Rey Mysterio and Dana Brooke are in quarantine as a precaution and will miss WrestleMania

3/26 – Roman Reigns pulls out of his WrestleMania match against Goldberg due to being immunocompromised from his battle with leukemia.

3/27 – The Miz pulls out of WrestleMania due to being sick. This throws out his  SmackDown tag title match at the event. It’s also reported that this played into Roman’s decision to pull out.

3/27 – Andrade pulls out of WrestleMania. He picked up a minor rib injury on Raw last week.

I mean, c’mon! I’m not a doom and gloom guy by any stretch but even I can see that the writing is on the wall for this year’s WrestleMania.

There have been reports that the ONLY person in the entire company that wanted Mania to go ahead, was Vince McMahon himself. Yes, you read that right. He is the only one. In a company that employs thousands, Vince is the only person that wants Mania to go ahead, in an empty PC, with little to no build. I mean if that doesn’t show the entire world that Vince sees WWE as his own personal toy box, then nothing will.


In these unprecedented times, allowing this show to go ahead and be taped was downright dangerous. Look at the number of people that have pulled out? They did so out of fear of contracting Covid-19 and or passing any other illnesses to anyone else. And let’s not forget the whole razzamatazz of WrestleMania itself.

Each and every year for more years than I can remember, WrestleMania is THE biggest event in the wrestling world. It’s the Superbowl/Stanley Cup/NBA Finals of wrestling. We all know the score, fans from all over the globe come together at the site of Mania and celebrate together for a whole week of wrestling festivities.

Different wrestling promotions from the USA and the world, come together as one and put on show after show before WrestleMania. We have the Hall of Fame. As decisive as it is, it remembers the past and celebrates it with a passion. Then there’s NXT Takeover. An event that shows the world the next great crop of WWE talents to emerge from their Performance Center.

And then it’s the show of shows. The granddaddy of them all…WrestleMania. The pyro, the atmosphere of the crowd, the emotion of all involved. It just cannot be replicated.

And yet here we are. One week out from WrestleMania. Are you excited? Is anyone you know excited? In all fairness, why should we be? The card was underwhelming to begin with. Now? It’s just laughable. Where’s the star power? Oh yeah… home self-isolating…..LIKE EVERYONE SHOULD BE!

Next week we shall be watching a show lacking heart and passion. And why? Because Vince thinks the show should go on, no matter the circumstances. The same way he did at Over The Edge 99. He was grossly (even criminally) wrong then the same as he is now.

If there’s one “good” thing to come out of this whole situation, it’s to show that Vince is out of touch. He’s out of touch with the fan base of his company, and by all accounts, he’s out of touch with his own employees. It’s time to send Uncle Vince out to pasture. Hand the reigns to Stephanie and HHH. Let them move the company forward and rebuild the bridges that Vince has burnt down to ashes. If he doesn’t, then there may not be a WWE within a few years. Things are that damn serious folks…..