Bar Wrestling | A Brief History Of

In a world where wrestling can seem very serious and full of a lot of negativity, it’s always nice to have somewhere to go where it’s all a bit of fun, Bar Wrestling is that place.  Bar Wrestling is based in SoCal. It is a promotion where anything is possible and the crowd’s go to have a lot of fun, a bit like PWG.

The first show on the 6th August 2017 was the first glance fans got of what this new promotion was going to give and, looking back, it really set the tone for the company. We had some massive matches with some of the biggest names in wrestling which showed that it wasn’t just going to be another promotion.

Within the space of one show, the crowds of LA saw Brian Cage defeat Pentagon, Taya Valkyrie beat Shayna Baszler and Willie Mack defeating Jeff Cobb. There were also stars like Ethan Carter III, The World’s Cutest Tag Team, and Scorpio Sky.

After this initial show, Bar Wrestling seemed to grow into this monster putting on continuously amazing matches. It seemed like they just kept giving us show after show with these matches that we could only dream about.

Bar Wrestling

We had The Best City I’ve Ever Been To where SoCal Uncensored (Daniels, Kazarian & Sky) defeated The RockNES Monsters (Yuma & Big Hunky Kev) & Eric Watts with an appearance from the Being The Elite Squad. There was that amazing intergender match at As You Wish where Heather Monroe beat Tyler Bateman and even Tommy Dreamer beating Hot Young Briley at Bar of Hardcore. We also can’t forget that BTE invasion with Hangman Page.

There never seems to be a bad match or something just thrown together. Everything is for a purpose.

Alongside a list of amazing matches that would be too long to put down, we had a lot of dick flips from the man himself. Joey Ryan as the founder has never once pushed himself to the front of the roster, and it feels like SoCal’s company rather than Ryan’s.

Fast forward nearly two years; we have a roster full of regulars like Taya Valkyrie, Heather Monroe, DoomFly, Tyler Bateman, LuchaSaurus, Scorpio Sky, PPRay, and RockNES Monsters.

Combine this with the appearances of the likes of Young Bucks, Jeff Cobb, Moose and so many more, it has been the place for wrestlers to have a bit of fun!

It seems as if whoever is put on the card just lets themselves go and is willing to do anything, even if it is a little bit stupid. That’s one of the things that makes Bar Wrestling, as a company, so unique, and it’s great at how much they embrace it.

Bar Wrestling is definitely one of the most unique promotions in the world.

March Of The Pigs and Pickle Jar Hero

They come up with some of the craziest names for the show from Hold On To Your Butts, March Of The Pigs and Pickle Jar Hero. There also make sure that they put on an amazing range of matches from singles, tags, inter-gender, and crazy 10-man-tag matches. This alone is enough to quench any wrestling fans taste buds.

The crowds are also one of the most unique parts of Bar. These shows aren’t in huge venues, but the energy from these crowd’s make you feel, as a viewer, like it’s one of the biggest shows in the world. They shout they cheer, they boo and they get involved whether it’s taking Joey Ryan’s blow pop or just screaming SCU at the top of their lungs.

Bar Wrestling also prides itself on making sure everyone has a chance to shine from their male to female stars. They’re all treated with the same respect and the matches are given the same exposure and ability to shine.

However, although the company is based in beautiful Southern California, Bar Wrestling has given us the chance to watch all over the world through their in-demand service. With Pivot Drive and also apps like PowerSlamTV, people from any country can watch Bar shows. This is so important for smaller promotions and Bar has embraced these sites and the use of vlogs to get this company on the map.

I know a lot of people may see Bar wrestling and make comparisons to promotions like PWG, but I think this company is in a world of its own with its own brand and set of fans. You get to see the journeys of so many wrestlers who are given a start in Bar and then watch them move up to some of the top and biggest companies in the world.

With shows every few weeks, make sure you keep up to date with all of the upcoming shows on the Bar Wrestling Twitter.

Considering its only 2 years after its creation, it seems as if the world is its oyster. Whether they decide to carry on doing only SoCal shows or they widen their scope, the company will keep going from strength to strength with its amazing roster and insane talent.

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