Audio Edition with Rhett Titus

In this archived 2017 interview, audio interview edition with Rhett Titus opens up about how he became a wrestler. He also shares about who was integral in his development. He discusses his future at the time with then tag team partner Kenny King as part of the All-Night Express. Titus also discusses his past feuds and his early training. Under the likes of Austin Aries and former WWE World Champion, Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson). Ring of Honor fans will be pleased with how Titus is open and forthcoming about his evolution as a wrestler.  How he approaches things now is different than before. Titus takes other things into consideration now compared to when he was younger. He also discusses how Ring of Honor’s tag team division is as integral a part of the promotion as the singles division.

His enthusiasm for the future is something that was quite evident during our interview. Titus doesn’t hide who his early influences in wrestling are and how integral they are to what he’s achieved thus far. As a father, he also shares how he’s made a conscious effort to educate his son about wrestling and its risks.

Audio Edition with Rhett Titus

A great deal has changed for Rhett Titus since this interview has taken place. Whether it be various tag team runs, alignments in different factions or challenges in singles action. Much like the future was bright in this interview, Titus’ future is bright today in Ring of Honor. To read the text version of this interview visitors of the site can check out this archived interview here.

This episode was edited and produced by Rob Matheny

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