Audio Edition with Briggs and Greene

In this 2019 interview, we sat down with ‘Retrosexual’ Anthony Greene and Josh Briggs to discuss an array of different topics. This was our first time meeting after conducting individual interviews with both of them a couple of years ago. Their careers have undergone such dramatic changes and all for the better. In the case of Greene gone are the days of his being ‘All Good’ and in its place is a persona that is all great with the Retrosexual. We present audio interview edition with Josh Briggs and Anthony Greene.

After their participation in the second annual Smash Wrestling The Northern tournament, Greene, and Briggs discussed the changes they have both experienced. Both Greene and Briggs are active members of the EVOLVE roster. This is coupled with them continuing to forge a trail for themselves all over North America. For Green and Briggs, this was before both men would face each other at EVOLVE’s Anniversary event on the WWE network.

We discussed the belief and mindset of wrestling purists and how those aren’t necessarily reflected by everyone today. Both men speak both highly AEW’s Sonny Kiss and how recent criticism he faced by one individual. Kiss’ toughness became a talking point as both Greene and Briggs supported him as a competitor and a friend. Anthony Greene and Josh Briggs remain calm and cool on this night. of competition as part of Smash Wrestling’s The Northern tournament.

Audio Edition with Briggs and Greene

To hear about these topics and more listeners can click the link below or visit any of the various podcast listening platforms. Greene and Briggs also take part in our #WrestlingTinder topics of discussion as well. A good time was had by all.

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