#AndStill: Kofi Kingston retains WWE Championship

On Sunday, May 19th, WWE champion Kofi Kingston defended his championship against his newest adversary Kevin Owens at Money In the Bank 2019. The match initially came about after a few week’s ago the man dubbed ‘Big O’ was made an honorary member of The New Day. During an edition of The Kevin Owens Show, WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and fellow New Day member Xavier  Woods were featured as part of the WWE’s presentation of Smackdown Live. As the show emanated from Owens hometown of Montreal, Quebec Canada it was quite fitting both in where it was taking place and his name. ‘The Big O’ was the nickname of the Montreal stadium, Olympic Stadium and was given the nickname to Owens. So it became as much a homage to his hometown as it was his introduction into the team.

However, as the weeks past, there was something that appeared uneasy about Kevin Owens edition to the team. Whether it was how over the top it appeared his commitment to the team was or rather how hard he was being pushed to be a believable face, Owens was part of the faction in the absence of Big E.

With the Money In the Bank 2019, only a few weeks away, Kofi Kingston was facing Shinsuke Nakamura on an episode of Smackdown Live. Just when it appeared as though Kingston had prevented Owens from being attacked by Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura that is when betrayal struck. A superkick seemingly out of nowhere at the hands of Kevin Owens and one torn New Day shirt later and the swerve was complete. Owens beat down Xavier Woods in the process leaving nothing but growing animosity between Kingston and Owens.

The seeds were being planted for a WWE championship match between the two. These two men were committed to the feud and were exchanging promos between one another that were pointed and reflected a part of the online wrestling community. Was Kofi Kingston a believable champion? Was the win at WrestleMania nothing more than simply a fluke and that in fact was holding the title to pass it along to Owens at Money In the Bank?

Kingston wasn’t going to allow himself to be seen as a ‘fluke’ champion. He had more to give and this matchup between Owens and Kofi proved it. These two men came at each other from every which way. It saw instances where Kofi Kingston was able to kick out of a stunner and a pop-up powerbomb. On the flip side fans were witness to Owens kicking out from an S.O.S as well. This wasn’t going to be easy and would, in fact, take something more for Kingston to come out on top.

In what was one of the more unusual moments of the match Owens removed the shoes of Kofi Kingston and threw them out of the ring. The early belief was that in throwing them out, Owens could have teased that he was, in fact, going to attack the feet or ankles of the champion. That wasn’t the case in fact but did nothing more than act as a means of distract Owens. After attempting a senton from the top rope, Kingston got his knees up stopping Owens along the way. Once Kingston returns to his feet he hit Owens with a second Trouble in Paradise. After hitting him with the move, Kingston covered Owens for the one…two….three.

This result proved that at least for the moment KofiMania doesn’t appear to be ending. What will Kingston be in store for come Super Showdown or Stomping Ground next month?

Winner AND STILL WWE Champion Kofi Kingston.