Money in the Bank Winners 2019

On Sunday, May 19th, we crowned two new Money in the Bank contract holders. While it may not exactly be a championship, it has very similar implications. The Money in the Bank briefcases entitles its holder to “cash in” on a champion of their choice, on their brand, whenever they would like. This means one can be strategic about when to use it. You can announce it ahead of time like Rob Van Dam did in 2006 or pick the bones like Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 31.

The first Money in the Bank Match would be the women’s match. This match also started the main pay-per-view off. The competitors were Natalya, Dana Brooke, Naomi, Carmella, Ember Moon, Nikki Cross, Mandy Rose, and Bayley. Mandy was also accompanied by Sonya Deville. Nikki was not part of the initial match but replaced Alexa Bliss. Alexa had not been medically cleared in time to participate. The match was full of intense action. None of the women were afraid to use ladders in order to incapacitate the opponents. There was one scary moment, with an injury situation with Carmella. She was escorted to the back but returned later with her right knee taped up.

At a few points, various ladies were able to lay hands on the briefcase but unable to pull it down. First would be Dana Brooke, who due to Mandy Rose getting on the other side of the ladder hung from the case briefly. Mandy also touched it before being tossed off the ladder as well as Nikki Cross. A few minutes later, Mandy again found herself in position to climb but was distracted by the returning Carmella. The two would brawl, with Carmella leaving Mandy laying. Carmella, with one good leg, attempted to climb to another Ms. Money in the Bank title. However, Sonya wasn’t about to let that happen. Sonya yanked Mella off the ladder, causing her more pain in the injured leg. She then laid Carmella out with a vicious spear.

Everyone was still out, which left an opportunity for anyone who could recover. Sonya retrieved her best friend Mandy from the outside. However, Mandy was still woozy from Carmella’s attack and unable to climb the ladder. Putting her hair up, Deville hoisted her onto her shoulders and climbed the ladder for her. Just when they neared the top, Bayley rolled into the ring. She flew up the ladder quickly to surprise the duo, who looked aghast. No one had been up and moving before Sonya started her ascent. With a broad grin on her face, Bayley tossed the two off the ladder. This left Bayley all alone with the briefcase, which she unclasped to a thunderous ovation.

Money in the Bank
Photo / WWE

The men’s Money in the Bank match would close the show. Superstars competing in this match were Ricochet, Baron Corbin, Randy Orton, Ali, Andrade, Drew McIntyre, and Finn Balor. Sami Zayn had won the right to be in the match from Braun Strowman this past week on Raw. However, earlier in the night he was discovered by Triple H and agents backstage having been assaulted and strung upside down. Zayn was taken away to a local medical facility and unable to compete in the match. Triple H would pin the blame on Braun Strowman, who Zayn had won the spot from. Zayn had also complained earlier to Triple H that he feared Braun would interfere in the Money in the Bank match. After finding Zayn incapacitated, Triple H found Strowman and asked him to leave the building, despite Braun saying that he didn’t do it.

As no one came out to be the eight participant during the ring entrances, it was assumed that no one would take Zayn’s place in the match. Thus, the match got underway with only seven Superstars. Randy Orton had the first memorable strikes of the night. He laid out Ali, Finn, and Ricochet by giving them back bodydrops onto the announce table. Orton then grabbed the first ladder of the night and attempts the climb. He is stopped by Andrade, who dropkicks the ladder and sends both the ladder and Orton flying.

Orton returned several minutes later and laid out Corbin with a signature rope-hung DDT. He would signal for the RKO but Corbin would counter, shoving Orton off into a Claymore Kick by Drew. Balor would then enter the fray and after laying waste to the big men, climbed the ladder. Andrade would be the one to cut him off, as he took another ladder as a jousting pole. He hit and prodded Balor with the ladder to send him crashing down to the mat. Andrade set this ladder up horizontally, resting on a rung of the standing ladder and the ropes.

Just a few moments later, Balor and Andrade would be brawling on opposite sides of the said standing ladder. Each of them would be able to touch the briefcase, but it dangled out of their grasp. Andrade then hurled himself over the top of the ladder and took Balor with him. The force of this sunset flip powerbomb was so devastating Balor also went bouncing into the air, at least a good six to eight inches. Andrade would get another opportunity to ascend the ladder, but he would have to battle Ali. Ali neutralized them, by hitting a standing Spanish fly from the ladders. Ali would roll to the outside and attempt to stop Drew McIntyre from getting back into the ring. The Scottish Psychopath did not take kindly to this. He set up a ladder horizontally between the ring apron and the announce table.

After Ali averted disaster with McIntyre, he was seized by Baron Corbin. Corbin drove Ali through the Spanish announce table with a thunderous chokeslam. Corbin would then stab McIntyre in the back, tossing him over the ring barricade. Drew would get his revenge though, sneaking up on Corbin on the outside with a Claymore Kick. McIntyre would then lay out Finn Balor, Andrade and finally Ricochet. Ricochet met with a spectacular end, being tossed over the top rope onto the horizontal ladder. Said ladder then splintered into pieces under the impact. McIntyre would then get laid out by Orton, pulling him off the ladder into an RKO. Baron Corbin hit the ring and sent Randy flying into the ring post.

Corbin is somehow stopped by Ali, who attempts the climb once more. “Fingertips from heaven,” according to Corey Graves but soon Ali would be frozen. The music of Brock Lesnar would ring out in the arena. Suddenly, the Beast Incarnate was hurtling down the ramp. He stormed into the ring and dumped Ali from the very top rungs of the ladder. With a smirk on his face, he set the ladder upright and climbed. Seizing the briefcase and Mr. Money in the Bank is Brock Lesnar. He cackles with delight as the fans rain boos around him.

Bayley would go on to cash in her briefcase just a couple of hours after winning it. She saved Becky Lynch from a double team by Charlotte and Lacey Evans. Bayley dodged a Charlotte spear that sent the new SmackDown Live Women’s Champion into the post. After a few long moments of contemplation, she decided to cash in. You can read more about Bayley’s win in our piece, #TheNew.

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