#AndStill Knockouts Champion: Taya Valkyrie Retains at Victory Road

At Victory Road, the Demon Assassin Rosemary challenged La Wera Loca, Taya Valkyrie for the IMPACT Knockouts Championship. The Mistress of the Multiverse was out first, touching her hivelings as she passed by. The Celebrity champion made her way to the ring after and got on the microphone after posing for her audience. Rosemary and Taya have had a shaky understanding in the last several weeks. Even though Taya gave Rosemary a cell phone to keep in touch, Rosemary hasn’t been doing the best job of that. The champion then offered to Rosemary instead of this championship match, to go for for a “girls day” at a trendy champagne and oyster bar instead. Inside the pink sequin bag she carried to the ring, Taya produced a bottle of perfume to get the “caged” smell off of Rosemary. Taya then attempted to take Rosemary’s hand to skip off to their girls day, but the Demon Assasin was not interested.

Seizing the microphone Rosemary clarified the lack of communications on her end was by design. Once given the device, they blocked Valkyrie and instead of the date offer, they would take the title shot instead. Rosemary then started the match off, delivering several clubbing blows. On commentary, Josh Mathews asked Scott D’Amore how one could prepare for a match with Rosemary. As the Demon Assassin hooked in double fishooks on the beautiful face and mouth of the Valkyrie, D’Amore conceded that you really can’t.

Taya Valkyrie was able to create some space by roaming around the ring and sliding in for comfort. Rosemary stayed on the outside for just a few precious seconds, allowing the champion to recover. This allowed Taya to deliver a dropkick to Rosemary and get in the driver’s seat for this match. While taunting both the crowd and her opponent, Taya delivered many kicks and body blows to Rosemary. Taking the action back into the ring, Taya was able to deliver a signature move, running double knees into the corner for a near-fall.

Taya’s overconfidence allowed for Rosemary to move out of the way of an incoming chop. Rosemary then bit the hand of the champion, following it up with a hair throw that sent both Knockouts to the mat. Trading forearms, the fight continued in the middle of the ring. Feeling the support of the hivelings, the Demon Assassin regained control. She struck Valkyrie several times with stiff forearms and then a slingblade. Rosemary followed that up with an exploder suplex from the corner for a near-fall of her own. D’Amore noted that Rosemary’s cover was not as snug as it could have been, making it easier for the champion to kick out.

Rosemary and Taya traded attempts to get the other off balance, of which Rosemary managed to hit a spear. This led to another near-fall with the champion kicking out at two. Taya retreated to the corner, digging into the pink bag she brought to ringside and pelting Rosemary with the makeup from inside, followed by her ring jacket. Rosemary was not fazed by the flying objects and even licked the arm of the jacket before casting it aside, pelting the referee with it. While the referee was distracted, Taya sprayed perfume or hairspray into the eyes of the Demon Assasin. This allowed the champion to easily set up a stomp for the pinfall victory.

Your winner and #AndStill IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion, Taya Valkyrie!

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