#AndStill: Knockouts Champion After Rebellion, Taya Valkyrie

IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie had a very tall order for Rebellion. She would be defending her title against the undefeated Jordynne Grace. Grace is the powerhouse Knockout and recently defeated Taya via count out. Jordynne also had to defeat Madison Rayne to secure the number one contender’s spot. Jordynne also inflamed Taya’s infamous temper by causing her to get caught in a surprise loss to Madison Rayne. Taya then attacked Jordynne Grace in the gym, leaving her laying.

Now Jordynne has the golden opportunity against Taya with the Knockouts Championship on the line. Grace starts the match off quickly, overpowering Taya easily. She slams the gorgeous face of Valkyrie into the apron from an electric chair position. Grace follows that up with a powerbomb onto the apron. This would lead to the first near-fall of the match, as Taya kicked out at two. Taya would refuse to give in, and eventually zoned in on the right arm of Grace. She would use the ring and the ropes to her advantage, weakening the limb. Concentrating on this arm would prove to be very advantageous, as Jordynne’s infamous strength would be ebbed. What the champion didn’t anticipate is that Grace’s will wouldn’t allow her to give in.

After repeatedly smashing the arm of Jordynne Grace into the ring post, Taya rolled into the ring for the pin attempt. Jordynne powered out at ONE, immediately sitting up with a hardened look on her face. Jordynne would continue to swat Valkyrie away, attempting to have room while she tried to get feeling back in her arm. Like a bulldog, Valkyrie would continue to come back, goading Grace verbally. Taya got a near fall after hitting a full nelson slam. Taya transitioned into a cross armbreaker, which Grace blocked by locking her own hands. In a moment where one could easily be overcome by frustration, the champion clearly had a plan. She smoothly transitioned along with Jordynne, locking in another type of armbreaker. This caused Jordynne much pain and using her excellent ring awareness she maneuvered her body so her legs could reach the ropes.

Taya continued to concentrate on and attack the arm, kicking it and manipulating Jordynne’s arm and associated joints. Grace refused to give in, still battling back despite her weakening right arm. When Jordynne attempted to use a short arm clothesline to gain an advantage, the pain it caused her was very great. Digging deep within herself, Jordynne would battle back to her feet. She would slam the mistress of Slamtown several times. Taya would be sure to get her shots in on the arm as she could, however. Grace went for a Michinoku driver but was unable to complete the move effectively due to her right arm. This allowed Taya to be able to kick out, as the full effect of the move was not delivered.

Working over towards the corner, Taya attempted a move from the high rent district. Jordynne hit her with a stiff palm strike before loading Wera Loca onto her shoulders. Grace delivered a Muscle Buster for what many assumed, including Grace, would be the victory. Taya was able to dig deep within herself and kick out, to Jordynne’s surprise. In disbelief, she went for another cover and Taya kicked out again. The two would then spend about a minute trading pinning combinations out of desperation. Taya ended up on her feet an delivered a couple of knee strikes to Grace’s face. Jordynne got up and went for the Grace Driver, but Valkyrie again targeted the arm.

Valkyrie then went for her finish, but Grace blocked it. In a move she uses all the time, Grace then delivered a clubbing blow to Taya’s back with her right arm. The damaged arm allowed the blow to not be as effective and sent Jordynne writing in pain once again. Taya used this opportunity and delivered her finish, the Road to Valhalla. With the three-count that followed, Taya Valkyrie handed Jordynne Grace her first loss in IMPACT Wrestling. Your winner and STILL, IMPACT Knockouts Champion, Taya Valkyrie!

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