#AndStill: Rich Swann Retains X-Division Championship

On Saturday, April 27th, at the Rebel Complex in Toronto, Ontario Canada Rich Swann faced his most recent challenge as he squared off with someone that was considered a ‘friend’ at IMPACT Wrestling’s Rebellion pay per view. As the leader of the group Ohio Versus Everything (oVe), Sami Callihan did everything he possibly could to ensure that Ohio native had a place to come to that there was a place for him in oVe. However, once Swann declined the offer what seemed to follow was a series of attacks at the hands of Sami Callihan who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

As their X-division championship match was approaching a new stipulation appeared to be made and that was that all members of oVe would be banned from ringside. That change certainly adjusts the complexity of this match. The winner and still X-Division champion was Rich Swann.

What should be noted was before this stipulation was made the match was to have been a no disqualification match up.

Therefore it is understandable as to why oVe would be banned from ringside as they couldn’t actively be involved in the match leading to an uncontested win by the draw.

While the stipulation was that oVe couldn’t be involved prior to the match that isn’t to say that Madman Fulton, Dave, and Jake Crist couldn’t in some way accompany him to the ring prior to the match. This was something Callihan took full advantage of as seen below with him riding the monster of oVe to the ring. However, with the threat of being fired on the table, Callihan sent Fulton back ensuring that it doesn’t happen to the monster or him for that matter.

When a match has the stipulation of anything goes because it is no disqualification then caution is thrown out the door.

Therein likely will be a match that runs through the crowd, see a match be taken to the floor and several weapons are likely to be involved in the match as well. In one tope suicideo attempt, Rich Swann’s attempt was thwarted by the draw in the most egregious of ways. While attempting the move Callihan hits Swann in the head with a baking tray as he attempts to make the dive.

The ferocious nature of their battle also saw both men take their battle to the rampway with some spectacular spots taking place including a springboard cutter to the rampway by Swann. It was easy to see what these men were willing to do to each other but more had to be said about what they were willing to do to themselves. Their battle also saw a piledriver on a propped up guardrail folding the railing in half.

Throughout this match, Swann’s athleticism was evident throughout the match. From getting the night started with using a staple gun to taking out trash cans and steel chairs. It is a different Rich Swann than fans were aware of as he was much more aggressive and fully embracing the oVe rules that he so wanted to have in this match.

To see what Callihan was willing to do to someone he considered a friend and that he loves says what he is willing to do to his family.

That said, Swann came at Callihan time and time again. He brought the fire that has made him the X-division champion. It is unusual to have rules that didn’t really reflect the style of the X-division. As the match approaches its climax a battered and beaten Rich Swann who was suplexed on a chair, piledriven through a guard rail, hit with a baking sheet recovers to defeat Callihan with a crossface and a tap out by the draw. The winner AndStill X-Division Champion, Rich Swann.

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