#AndSTILL: Ace Austin, Taya Valkyrie, & The North Retain At Hard To Kill

All the while IMPACT Wrestling proved to be a history-making night, it did also prove to be a night for champions to walk out with the gold they walked in with. All four championships in IMPACT were on the line but only one changed hands in the main event. Ace Austin, Taya Valkyrie, and The North were all defending their gold. Here’s a peek at the competitors who managed to walk out #AndSTILL champion.

Ace Austin Successfully Defends X-Division Championship Against Trey

Ace Austin And Still
Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

Ace Austin has become the king of getting inside his opponent’s head to give him a better chance at picking up a win and keeping his title. And since the moment he won his title at Bound For Glory, he has had no problem at retaining despite a number of challenges. His latest was Trey of The Rascalz, who’s mother became the target by Austin. And what most can admit is the fact that Trey left it all out there at Hard To Kill, but Ace showed everyone that his best still could not take the title away from him. The X-Division Champion had the wherewithal to roll him up for the three count and show the world it’ll be difficult to uncrown the champ. After the match, these two showed that this rivalry could be far from over as they brawled.

The North Successfully Defends Tag Team Championships Against Rich Swann & Willie Mack

The North And Still
Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

There is something to be said about how good Willie Mack is. Good may not even be fair, as great may be the term to use. But he had the toughest task possible on Sunday night as he needed to face the IMPACT Tag Team Champions, The North, alone if he wanted to talk out as champions. Rich Swann was hurt on Friday night at Bash of the Brewery 2, leaving him unable to compete. Mack went in there and gave it everything he had. At times it even seemed Mack was going to pull out the win when he hit a Six-Star Frog Splash to Josh Alexander but Ethan Page broke up the pin. A stunner to Ethan Page towards the end gave final hope, but he was met with a superkick and ultimately finished by The North. Their dominant reign continues.

Taya Valkyrie Successfully Defends Knockouts Championship Against Jordynne Grace & ODB

Taya Valkyrie And Still
Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

There isn’t a wrestler in IMPACT that is more accustomed to being told #AndSTILL than Taya Valkyrie. The longest-reigning Knockouts Champion in history. But to say her Hard To Kill challenge was the toughest to date would be a fair analysis. She was forced to defend against Jordynne Grace and ODB. Both women had pinfall victories over the champion going into the match, which gave them all the confidence in the world. And somewhat left Taya reeling heading into this match. Before her match, she tweeted out that she’d be dedicating her bout to the late La Parka. With a focused mind like that, it was hard to bet against the champ.

All signs looked to Valkyrie not even being in the final result. Which would have really been the worst way for her historic run to fall. But that was not the case. Instead, thanks to her manager John E Bravo, she managed to escape with the win. Jordynne Grace hit the Grace Driver on ODB and as she went for the pin, Bravo hooked the leg of Grace long enough to give Taya the necessary time to steal the win by pinning ODB. The most dominant Knockouts Champion only continues to leave her mark.

Following her match, Valkyrie made it clear on all accounts that the Knockouts Championship is not enough. Her eyes are set on the IMPACT World Championship next.

Originally written by Scott Edwards