#AndNEW: NEW Champions Crowned at Windy City Classic XV

On Saturday, December 28th, three titles changed hands over the course of the evening. New champions were crowned at Windy City Classic XV. In the first championship contest of the night. In the first championship match of the evening, ‘the Galaxy’s Greatest Alien’ Kris Statlander challenged AAW Women’s Champion, Jessicka Havok for the championship. Before the match even begun, Havok looked to gain the advantage over Statlander on the rampway.

The challenger eventually is able to regain her composure and takes the fight to the champion. This match is end-to-end brutality. Whether they were laying in ferocious strikes, slams or powerful kicks these two women were out to do more than simply win a match. They gave the fans the impression is that the winner won’t be in any better shape than the winner.

In the end, Statlander hits a 450 splash and becomes the NEW AAW Pro Women’s champion ending a near 10-month reign as champion.
New Champions Windy City Classic XV
Photo / Basil Mahmud

In the next championship matchup, PACO defended his AAW Heritage Championship against a man that was going to do whatever it takes to capture the championship. Hakim Zane beat down PACO this past September and this time around took more simply his pride. With Karam by his side, Zane let the AAW faithful know that they best shut up, listen and learn from what they are about to say and do. Karam plays a major role in his colleague’s matchup. He eventually chokeslams PACO on the ring apron at one point in the match.

After numerous attempts at distracting PACO, Karam was ejected from ringside. Would Zane be able to succeed without the help of Karam? The answer was….

New Champions Windy City Classic XV
Photo / Basil Mahmud

The final championship match featured AAW Heavyweight Champion, Josh Alexander, and Jacob Fatu. However, a problem arises as Fatu doesn’t appear. Who will challenge Alexander for the AAW Heavyweight Championship?

He issues an open challenge and MANCE WARNER answers the challenge.  

AAW recognize that it had been some time since Warner was in their ring. The fight between the two goes from inside the ring to outside the ring. Whether its guardrails or steel chairs, Warner is bringing the fight to the champion. If fans were assured of anything in this contest it is that punches, kicks, and CHOPS were going to be the order of the day!

At one point, however, the champion takes the challenger lightly and that costs him. Warner hits a spinebuster on Alexander onto the steel chair in the middle of the ring. However, the champion recovers and hits a brainbuster on the challenger. Alexander appears to completely lose his cool in this match up. German suplexes into guardrails and piledrivers on the challenger and Mance Warner is still kicking out.

It seems that Alexander’s temper eventually costs him. An unsuspecting walking weapon is caught with a WICKED lariat knocking down the champion. Warner makes the cover for the 1…2…3! Three new champions were crowned at Windy City Classic XV