#AndNEW: New Champions Crowned at PCW ULTRA’s Anniversary 2020

Last night at the Ilwl Memorial Hall in Wilmington, California new champions were crowned at PCW ULTRA’s Anniversary 2020 #PCW2020. One of PCW ULTRA’s homegrown stars Alexander Hammerstone defeated Mil Muertes to capture the companies most prized possession. The PCW ULTRA Heavyweight Champion defeated the lucha legend. Hammerstone has long waited for the opportunity to become the champion.

As evident in the tweet above, Hammerstone shares his growth in the promotion to finally reach its pinnacle. At only 28 years of age and a pro for six years, Hammerstone committed himself to become the absolute best PCW ULTRA had to offer. While he may have competed in other companies, PCW ULTRA is home for Hammerstone.

Since 2016, Hammerstone has seen the promotion evolve from Pacific Coast Wrestling to PCW ULTRA that we see today. As the company grows, so does Hammerstone. This win is as much a testament to Hammerstone’s growth in the company as it is his. Hammerstone is among the most in-demand talents in the United States today. Alex Hammerstone is the seventh PCW champion. He is the fourth since the promotion transitioned from Pacific Coast Wrestling to PCW ULTRA in 2017.

At the time, one-half of the Lucha Bros Pentagon Jr (aka Penta El Zero M) was the first PCW ULTRA Champion.

Hammerstone wasn’t the only one to capture a championship at PCW ULTRA’s Anniversary 2020. In a triple threat match for the PCW ULTRA LIGHT Championship, Douglas James defeated Dom Kubrick and Jake Atlas. In a follow-up to their match at Wrestle Summit II in Washington at the end of December, James had his sights set on the championship. This time around he would not be denied this time around. James win makes him a two-time PCW ULTRA LIGHT Champion.

Photo / Douglas James Facebook

James is the first and only two-time PCW ULTRA LIGHT Champion. Formerly trained by the Santino Bros Wrestling Academy, James has risen to the top of the ranks once again of the promotion. Armed with a background in Ji-Jitsu, James has also seen the growth of PCW ULTRA over the years. Much like Hammerstone, James has competed for the company since it was known at Pacific Coast Wrestling. James last captured the title when he defeated Mecha Wolf 450 at PCW Showdown on June 6th, 2017. Does this spell the end of the outstanding matchups between James and Atlas? Only time will tell.

In the final title change of the evening, reigning PCW ULTRA Women’s Champion, Sumai Sakai was defeated by a new force. That force’s name is Ruby Raze. Raze debuted a few months back by attacking Sakai. She certainly made herself well-known then. As a nine-year pro, Raze has competed primarily all around the United States. With stops in RiSE, SHIMMER, and Bar Wrestling her win at PCW ULTRA was only a matter of time. Raze is the third ever PCW ULTRA Women’s Champion with Tessa Blanchard being the first and longest-reigning champion.

We would say so as well, Ruby! Congratulations to you and all the new champions crowned at PCW ULTRA’s Anniversary 2020! PCW ULTRA’s next event is scheduled for Friday, March 27th.