#AndNew: Avary Wins the MCW Women’s Championship

MCW Clash Of The Titans was a real roller coaster of emotions through the entire event, and some massive moments went down that really set the stage for MCW as we head forward.
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The MCW Women’s Championship was on the lines at Clash Of The Titans as Steph De Lander defended against Avary. The dominant De Lander looked to be the wrestler that everyone was expecting to win the match. De Lander did not count on the heart and tenacity of Avary and once the opening bell rang magic was in the air.  A true classic between two top wrestlers was contested inside the ring.  The passion only solidified the importance that the MCW Women’s Championship has on the division.  De Lander wanted so much to be able to continue her run at the top of the company, but a hungry and eager Avary was waiting for this opportunity and seized every single moment of it.

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Avary is a relatively new wrestler on the scene having only made her debut in 2016.  In that very short amount of time, she has become a true force inside of the squared circle and has earned her way to the very top of the game. Avary has shown incredible improvement inside the ring in a very short period of time. She is now a wrestler on the independent circuit that everyone needs to be on the lookout for.

Many may have thought that De Lander, with the physical size advantage, was certain to walk away as the champion.

Along comes Avary to prove just why she now holds the MCW Women’s Championship.  The match itself was hard-fought between two incredibly gifted wrestlers.  It was when Avary hit Daddy Issues on De Lander that the victory would come about and a celebration for the new MCW Women’s Champion.

The celebration victory would be greeted with a little bit of a bump in the road.  Avary basked in her dream come true. However, the party was spoiled by the arrival of KellyAnne. She made it clear that her intention was to come after Avary and the MCW Women’s Championship.  KellyAnne is certainly a real threat to the championship. Already, the newly crowned MCW Women’s champion has got a target on her back.

With championship glory comes the dark side where every competitor wants to take their shot at you.  Avary will soon need to set her focus and strategy towards the defense of her newly won championship gold.  Avary may have the target set on her now, but in the meantime, she is still celebrating what is a hard-earned championship victory.  Congratulations to the new holder of the MCW Women’s Championship, Avary.


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