Preview: MCW Presents – Clash Of The Titans

Melbourne City Wrestling returns to the Thornbury Theatre on Saturday, February 1st, 2020 as they present Clash Of The Titans. Melbourne City Wrestling has already kicked off 2020 with some inspiring in-ring action from all of their incredibly gifted talent. Clash Of The Titans is without a doubt going to be a must-see event with championships and opportunities all on the line. Melbourne City Wrestling not only delivers the action inside the ring, but they give the fans a show that looks and feels like a large production. With a lot of exciting action on the night, let us now take a look at what MCW has in store for us at Clash Of The Titans.

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MCW Tag Team Championship Opportunity
Mile High Club vs The Velocities

The tag team division in Australia is exciting with a plethora of gifted teams gracing the division. Tyson Baxter and Jett Rouka are young and hungry to go out and seize their big opportunity. The Mile High Club will look to overcome the tag team unity that their opponents have proven and skyrocket themselves straight to an MCW Tag Team Championship match. The Velocities Jude London and Paris Da Silva are two of the most recognized teams on the scene in Australia at the moment. The Velocities have proven themselves to be top contenders in the division and are very capable of getting it done when it comes to big opportunities.

The teams are quick, high flying, and also technically gifted which will lend itself into a very exciting encounter inside the squared circle. These two teams will collide with that glimmer of hope that they soon could have their chance at the MCW Tag Team Champions.

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MCW Tag Team Championship Match
The Brat Pack vs The Natural Classics

There is a tag team championship opportunity on the line at MCW Clash Of The Titans, so the question then turns to who will be the tag team champions at the end of the night? That will be decided when the current MCW tag Team Champions Nick Bury & Mitch Waterman – The Brat Pack will defend against Tome & Stevie Filip – The Natural Classics.  The Brat Pack is a strong team that is willing to go to any depths in order to retain the championship belts. The Natural Classics as brothers immediately form a strong bond that leads to their strong teamwork inside the squared circle.

The Natural Classics have a lot of work ahead of them if they wish to seize the moment and be crowned the new MCW Tag Team Champions. The Brat Pack will deliver one hell of a fight, and as a result, as fans, we are going to witness a monumental encounter between two top-notch tag teams.

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Marcus Kool vs Lochy Hendricks

If you like some excitement and charisma coupled with some extremely entertaining in-ring action then look no further. Lochy Hendricks is returning to the MCW for the first time since July. Lochy Hendricks is unorthodox just, to say the least, in fact, some people may find Lochy Hendricks incredibly frustrating especially his opponents. Hendricks is very loud and obnoxious but at the same time possesses an in-ring skill that he can execute after frustrating his opponents. Marcus Kool the Hooligan himself lives up to his name but in the most fun type of ways. Hooligan Marcus Kool is a very in your face fun-loving mean street hooligan.

Marcus Kool along with a smash-mouth style is full of charisma that quickly makes him a highlight inside the ring. This match is going to be far from ordinary and will easily be one of the matches that most people will still be talking about long after the show comes to an end. There will be nothing straight forward about this encounter and fans of these two wrestlers would not expect anything less.

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MCW Intercommonwealth Championship
Danny Psycho vs Caveman Ugg

Danny Psycho has defended his MCW Intercommonwealth Championship very successfully since capturing it. Never one to back down from an opponent Danny Psycho brings the fight to every opponent that steps up to the challenge. Caveman Ugg is a marvel to witness inside the ring and he knows just how to break his opponents down. Ugg has been dominating competitors of all styles making him one of the most dangerous competitors in all of Australia. The match is going to be a true wrestling clinic living up to the prestige of the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship. Danny Psycho clearly is going up against his most difficult challenge since becoming the MCW Intercommonwealth Champion.

Clash of the Titans
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MCW World Championship
Adam Brooks vs Davis Storm

Adam Brooks is creating a lot of buzz around the wrestling world. Just recently rumors circulated that Ring Of Honor was interested in signing Adam Brooks. Brooks had been working hard to build a legacy for himself all over the world, it would appear that all the hard work is truly paying off for Adam. Davis Storm brings years of ring experience to this epic encounter for the MCW World Championship. Storm will bring true competition to the champion and will be a viable threat to the MCW World Championship reign of Adam Brooks. Could Adam Brooks and his championship run come to a quick end here in 2020?  If you want to find out then you will need to make sure you are live to see MCW Presents Clash Of The Titans.

MCW Clash Of The Titans is an absolutely stacked card and if you are unable to take in the live experience then you still will be able to catch the show via the MCW content streaming service. To get signed up for the service you can follow the instruction right on the MCW Wrestling website. MCW always bring high-value productions with some of the finest wrestling you could possibly tune in to. Take the opportunity to experience the impact that Australian wrestling is having on the entire wrestling community. MCW Clash Of The Titans will deliver a true variety of wrestling for every type of fan that is out there. Massive championship matches and opportunities across the board mean that MCW Clash Of The Titans will be one of the most talked-about wrestling events of the entire year.

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