#NEWS: Alberto Del Patron Announces Health Care To All His Workers

A few weeks ago I wrote that Alberto Del Patron (Del Rio) had announced a new promotion he was heading up, Nacion Lucha Libre. Today he spoke with the Miami Herald to talk about the promotion and the fact that Nacion Lucha Libre will be offering health and life insurance to all its performers.

El Patron heads this promotion with a legendary name in the wrestling world, Chavo Guerrero Jr. Both men are pushing the fact that Nacion Lucha Libre will offer health insurance, life insurance, and retirement to all their workers.


Below are some of the comments he made to the Herald:

“We’re always going to have doctors. Our wrestlers are going to have health insurance and life insurance. Stuff they don’t have in any other companies.”

“Most of the companies, including WWE, they have their own doctors. They don’t provide you with health insurance. They force you to get your own health insurance. If you don’t get your own insurance, you’re not allowed to perform. If anything happens in their shows, yes you’re completely covered, which I think is the only company doing that. Me, I remember having a terrible injury about eight years ago and they took care of everything. I think they’re the only company doing that but they don’t actually provide you with health insurance. They’re just covered in their events.”

“At the end of the day for promoters, wrestlers are just meat. Wrestlers are just another name. They don’t care one hundred percent about wrestlers. They care that we’re on top and producing money for them. It’s the nature of the business. It’s not just professional wrestling, it’s any other sport: boxing, MMA, any other sport. They’re only looking for their own interest and to help their bank accounts.”
Blake’s Take: It seems that former wrestlers starting their own promotions have the workers best interests at heart. This, along with AEW doing the same thing, is amazing news. Hopefully, this could give WWE a kick up the ass and maybe they too can offer their talent the same thing….