AEW Rampage Preview for 10/22/21 (World Title Eliminator)

We are gearing up for another jam-packed hour of action, this AEW Rampage preview for 10/22/21. This week we will see Orange Cassidy take on Powerhouse Hobbs with Hook as part of the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament. We will also see the brackets announced for the AEW TBS Championship for the AEW Women’s Division this week!

In other action we will see the current AEW Women’s World Champion Dr. Britt Baker, DMD; more than likely accompanied by her accomplices Rebel and Jamie Hayter take on Anna Jay who will more than likely have Tay Conti in her corner. This week we will also see Andrade El Idolo take on Pac once more in round 2.

When these two last met it sure was an intense match with Andrade taking the win via pinfall. Will we see a similar result this time with Andrade coming out on top or will Pac take the win this time around? One way or another this will be an exciting week of action. Let’s discuss the matches on the card.

AEW Rampage Preview for 10/22/21
PAC (pictured on the left) faces off against Andrade El Idolo (pictured on the right) once again [Photo: AEW]

AEW Rampage Preview for 10/22/21
Andrade El Idolo vs. PAC


We have definitely seen tension between these two during this rivalry. The first time the match was scheduled originally it was delayed due to travel restrictions for Pac. When the match finally took place we definitely saw some intense one-on-one action between these two guys. We also had some interference from Chavo Guerrero and the Lucha Bros, who knows if that will happen again this time. Pac definitely has a pretty strong record this year, whereas Andrade has not had too many opportunities yet to showcase his talent.

One thing is certain both men are strong and powerhouses and have been in the business for quite some time. It could still be a pretty convoluted match though if we have interference again from either side with Chavo or Lucha Bros quite possibly at ringside. Will Andrade take another victory this week against Pac, or will Pac even the score this Friday on Rampage.

AEW Women’s Champion, Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D (pictured on the left) squares off against The Dark Order’s Anna Jay (pictured on the right) in a non-title match [Photo: AEW]

AEW Rampage Preview for 10/22/21
Dr. Britt Baker, DMD vs. Anna Jay

This week we will also see the reigning AEW Women’s World champion in action taking on Anna Jay of the Dark Order. Since her return a couple of months ago Anna Jay has been on a roll and hasn’t missed a beat. A win over Britt Baker could definitely get her closer to a title shot.

Knowing Britt she will have Rebel and Jamie Hayter by her side – so that will typically involve some sort of interference or foul play. Tay Conti usually accompanies Anna Jay to the ring so that would at least even the odds and give Anna Jay a better chance to come out victorious over Britt. Since becoming the champion Britt Baker hasn’t shown any signs of losing it any time soon, both women have strong track records at this time.

Baker definitely has proven that she is a fighting champion and very skilled in the ring especially when it comes to submissions. Anna Jay will definitely want to avoid being put in any holds during this match. This should be an intense match-up.

Orange Cassidy (pictured on the left) faces Powerhouse Hobbs with Hook (pictured on the right) in the first round of the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament [Photo: AEW]

AEW Rampage Preview for 10/22/21
AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament –

Orange Cassidy vs. Powerhouse Hobbs w/ Hook

This week we will see one of the matches for the AEW World Title Eliminator tournament as Orange Cassidy takes on Powerhouse Hobbs. These two men both have very impressive records this year and surely this match could be in either wrestler’s favor. Powerhouse Hobbs definitely dominates his opponents in the ring without a doubt. Orange Cassidy however often takes a comical and slick approach in the ring and outwits his opponents.

They both have their individual way of picking up the victory so it will be interesting to see which of them picks up the win and moves on in the tournament to find the next contender for the AEW World Title. Either way, this match ends, both Cassidy and Hobbs are strong and worthy contenders for a title shot.

As with both the other matches on the card, there is also a strong chance of interference in this bout as well; seeing as Powerhouse Hobbs will have Hook and possibly Ricky Starks and Orange Cassidy usually rolls up to the ring with Best Friends, Kris Statlander and or Wheeler Yuta – so any of those guys could also be a determining factor in how this match ends.

What to expect?

  • TBS Women’s Championship brackets to be announced this week?

  • Will Anna Jay put herself in a position to be one of the next contenders for the AEW Women’s World Championship?

  • Cassidy or Hobbs to advance to the next round of the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament.


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