AEW Announces UK Television Partnership

Earlier today, it was announced that AEW announces UK Television partnership, a major television network in the United Kingdom. Under this partnership, AEW’s first major event, Double or Nothing, will be broadcast to UK fans via the ITV Box Office channel. Given the scope of ITV in the UK, this is major news. It is comparable to the relationship that Sky Sports, another UK television network, has with WWE.

Niall Sloane, Director of Sport at ITV, offered further insight into the aforementioned partnership. “We’re delighted to announce this partnership with AEW, whose entry into professional wrestling is already making a massive impact on the industry and promises to deliver an electrifying event later this month, and a fantastic experience for our viewers and wrestling fans in the UK. Joining forces with AEW for this event is faithful to ITV’s More Than TV strategy to develop direct relationships with viewers through big events available on its platforms.”

Tony Khan, President, and CEO of All Elite Wrestling weighed in as well, “Since our launch in January, we’ve signed the best talent, sold out our debut show in record time, and we’ve built relationships and formed bonds with the best media partners like ITV. This collaboration with ITV is so important to AEW, ITV is the best in the UK, they were always my first choice to be our international PPV partner for DOUBLE OR NOTHING, and we’re looking forward to a great show.”

Additionally, prior to Double or Nothing, a pre-event show named “Before the Bell” will air completely free to viewers. This event will hype the upcoming matches for Double or Nothing. The show will air, in the UK, on Sunday, May 26, at 1:00 AM. There will also be a live pre-show special named “BUY-IN,” which will also air live for free. This will include singles match pitting Kip Sabian against Sammy Guevara. It will also feature the recently rebranded “Casino Battle Royale.” That will include such talents as Joey Janela, Michael Nakazawa, Jungle Boy, and Glacier.

For information about accessing Double or Nothing in the UK, via ITV, visit

Sutter’s Synopsis: One of the common criticisms of All Elite Wrestling has been that there was little information regarding distribution. This news should alleviate the concerns of those that AEW won’t be able to air on an international basis. What’s even more noteworthy than AEW partnership with a UK television network is that it’s a network with tremendous reach. This news is excellent for fans in the UK, and it reaffirms the notion that AEW is a promotion with a worldwide perspective.

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