AEW (AFTER) Dark Review 1/21/20 (Dark Order vs Kiss/Cutler)

Welcome back to the AEW (AFTER) Dark Review here on Pro Wrestling Post! After AEW Dark was a bit thin last week, we seem to see a running trend continue of much briefer episodes this week. But even still, there were some great pieces put in motion in this Bash at the Beach/Rock N Rager edition of Dark. The main event of today’s Dark is The Dark Order versus Sonny Kiss and Brandon Cutler could be a highlight.

With only three matches on this week’s card and nothing much in the way of angles, it was all in-ring action for this week including a great women’s tables match.
There was also no guest commentary this week as we just had our usual trio of JR, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur. This really drove home the feeling that this was a bit more pieced together than the grand productions Dark has been in the past. But despite that, most of the action we got to witness still delivered.

So let’s dive into it!


Tables Match
Nyla Rose vs. Shanna 

Right off the bat, the feud boiling (or perhaps slow simmer due to Nyla’s absence) over from the past couple of months started with a bang. Shanna started by taking the fight to Nyla with forearms and a Lou Thesz Press. Nyla won’t stay down for too long, however. Nyla then goes for the table only to get met with a smooth looking crossbody to the outside by Shanna.

Shanna tries to get the table in the ring herself but eats a boot from Nyla instead. Nyla then decided to prop the table up in the corner, always a classic spot in tables matches. Nyla tries for the pump handle slam and then an Irish whip but Shanna counters both and Nyla then hits face-first into the bottom of the table in the corner.

Two straight running dropkicks hit hard in rapid succession from Shanna as she works toward overcoming the larger Nyla. Shanna unwisely tries the superplex despite the weight disparity and then switches to the top rope hurricanrana to use that to her advantage instead. An ominous table gets set up in the center of the ring.

Shanna tries for the death valley driver but can’t lift her, Nyla tries to return the favor but Shanna flips the table (literally and figuratively) and counters out of it as well. A table then gets set up on the outside by Shanna, ala her last table spear off the apron.

Shanna then tries to dropkick and spear Nyla off the apron, without success. She then tries to go off the top to knock her bigger opponent off for good but gets caught in the chokeslam through the table to the outside.

After the match, Nyla then tried to put her through one more table for good measure with a second rope death valley driver to the outside. Sadie Gibbs decides to make the save but probably came to regret that very soon. After missing a tope she would get powerbombed through the table, as has become the calling card for the Native Beast.

Winner – Nyla Rose


Kip Sabian (w/ Penelope Ford) vs. QT Marshall

Sabian and QT lock up to start leading to some up and under spots and a good dropkick from Superbad. An Irish whip to the corner leads to more up and unders and a beautiful handspring from Marshall over Kip.

Penelope gets the arm breaker with some outside interference, leading to Kip working over the arm for a while. Penelope helps the cause once again from the outside by pulling the weakened arm against the bottom rope.

Sabian loses focus and goes after a member of the audience giving QT the opening he needs to hit a suplex and a slam to try to get back into this contest. Another attempted death valley driver of the show is countered. Kip then tries to splash into the corner like one Steve Borden but misses leading to the senton off the top by QT that just missed. Kip then rolled directly into a cross arm breaker submission onto Marshall which again got some assistance from QT.

Superbad tries to be super cool and pull the Carlito special with Marshall’s apple. But QT knocks the apple out of him with a well-timed slap to the face. And then tosses him into the ring. Then an attempted sunset flip leads to Kip taking the win with the help of the ropes and Penelope Ford after doing the British Bulldog vs. Bret Hart, Leo Burke callback style sit-down finish.

Winner – Kip Sabian


Dark Order vs. Brandon Cutler and Sonny Kiss

Sonny and Grayson start this tag match with Stu taking the clear early advantage and then driving Sonny into his team’s corner. Uno gets involved very early with some tag offense leading to a big boot at Kiss’ kisser.

Uno then slowly beats down Sonny, lumbering big strikes down to him. Sonny gets out the back of a back suplex attempt. He Spiderman ducks the clothesline before hitting a handspring kick. Grayson gets the tag before Sonny can get the hot tag and launches him down with a spinning uranage.

A baseball slide under the legs leads to the dropsault and hurricanrana combo. Then Sonny hits the over the rope split (literally a split) leg drop. Sonny then ends up on the apron leading to a spear after one of the followers holds him down for Uno.

This would spell the beginning of the end of this one, as the torture rack backbreaker by Stu after the tag hinted. But a Fatality to Kiss would officially end the squash match. Just as Cutler looks on and doesn’t get involved whatsoever. Brandon watches with an almost look of admiration in his eyes. Possibly teasing his potential membership offer that is in the works from the brooding group of masked men.

Winner – Dark Order

Until Next Time…

And there it was, just over thirty minutes of short but sweet wrestling action. Some storylines were hinted upon, but I wouldn’t necessarily say they used it to continue the storylines quite as much. With the reports of a second tv show for AEW coming to TNT, we could have a revamped AEW Dark before long heading to the network.
But for now, we continue to get this little Tuesday night treat that hits the internet for our viewing pleasure. We just need to enjoy it while we have it!

But, speaking of which there we have it! This week’s edition of the AEW (AFTER) Dark Review! Let’s hope we can keep on getting this great show on YouTube every week for as long as possible. Expect all the reactions to catch you up on that AEW Dark action wherever it goes down, right here on Pro Wrestling Post. But, as always, until next time…

Goodbye, and goodnight!