Action Arcade Episode 10: CHIKARA Action Arcade Review

The road to Cibernetico burns like wildfire! The best of the best in CHIKARA wants to prove that they all indeed have a valid point. The points, however, come from a decisive victory in the ring. This week’s Action Arcade for Episode 10. It features the full rundown of what we know thus far about this year’s Cibernetico. We also get to see the debut of the mysterious and unsettling Callux the Castigator in this week’s opening match!

Action Arcade Episode 10: CHIKARA Action Arcade Review

Match 1: Callux the Castigator vs. Bill Pierce

Prior to his in-ring debut, our only look at Callux came from disturbing clips aired at the post-credits end of the Arcade. Now, however, fans see what the threat truly is! Big and vastly imposing, Callux made quick work of Bill Pierce. In a nod to his frightening appearances in the video clips, Callux toted Pierce away after the match in a body bag. Callux is definitely the most intimidating thing I’ve seen in the Arcade.

Match 2: 2016 Torneo Cibernetico finale – Icarus, Jigsaw, Mark Anglosetti, Hallowicked vs. Missile Assault Man & Dasher Hatfield (Warp Zone match)

This week’s Warp Zone match takes us to December 2016 in Chicago. We’re looking at the last dramatic moments of the Torneo Cibernetico match from that event. The footage begins with Hatfield and Missile Assault Man in dire straits as they face their opponents with stacked odds. It’s a two vs. four situation. Hatfield has just crashed on the floor below the ring, leaving Missile Assault Man to defend the team as best as he can. The ending of this match shocked and satisfied me! I’ll let you know now, you’ll come away from this finish with a ton of respect for Dasher Hatfield. Excellent time in the Warp Zone this week!

Match 3: The Whisper vs. Josue Ibanez

We saw both the Crucible and the Forged represented in this week’s main event. Ibanez has been doing excellent work in the CHIKARA ring lately, but all The Whisper would need is one sound victory to send him reeling. The very fast-paced main event in this week’s Arcade; I really enjoy watching The Whisper show off his skills in any match he’s in. However, this finish definitely didn’t go The Whisper’s way. At the end of the match, Ophidian appeared on the monitor adjacent to the ring. He had nothing but disdain for The Whisper taking so long to put Ibanez away. This was not the time for a ‘pep talk’ at all! Ibanez capitalized on the distraction, but the subsequent win he got over The Whisper was not without controversy.

The Arcade was an enjoyable show this week despite less featured matches! I’m actually okay with these later episodes of the Action Arcade being promo-heavy. It makes viewing much easier for anyone who’s just joining in on the storylines as the Scoreboard and the Special Report do a wonderful job of catching everyone up to what’s been going on leading up to this year’s Cibernetico. As always, check this episode out on or CHIKARAtopia!