ACH states he’s quitting pro wrestling, MLW responds, former WWE star comments

A couple of days removed from the announcement that former WWE NXT star Jordan Myles (now competing under his ACH moniker, had signed with Major League Wrestling he stated he had quit pro wrestling.

I hate pro wrestling.

I hate you sh*ty fans that think you know it all!

More importantly, I hate the snakes in this industry.

None of y’all would never say anything about me to me. All of y’all can go sc**w yourselves.

I’m canceling my shows AND I’m quitting pro wrestling.

The statement appears to have seemingly come out of nowhere. However, if social media is any indication, ACH likely faced a great deal of criticism from fans voicing their thoughts on him. Whether or not this is a racial issue or escalated into something more as it was ACH’s initial stance of how WWE was racist in ACH’s merchandise for a t-shirt that suggested blackface.

When Mike Johnson of, reached out to MLW for a comment and they simply stated: “We respect ACH’s decision and want him to be happy”.” A professional response from a supportive and professional promotion. Since this statement, MLW has removed all mentions of ACH from any and all upcoming shows.

Much like most things on social media, if one offers their opinion on a topic the response by others in the wrestling community is also sure to follow. This is the case of former WWE Superstar Shad Gaspard. *Please be aware of the comments shared by Shad as they NSFW*.

Madison’s Mindset: 

What hasn’t been mentioned in all of this it (unless Twitter is lying) today would be ACH’s birthday. We can’t speculate ACH’s mindset leading up to the statement or what he’s read or been made to believe about his role in the wrestling. Gaspard’s statement comes on the heels of several other black wrestlers sharing their frustrations with ACH’s statements. While we don’t know for certain if ACH is taking an extended sabbatical from the ring or not, rest assured his return will likely be an unforgettable one.