WWE News: ACH ‘Jordan Myles’ States He Quits WWE

In a video uploaded to his social media account on Twitter, Albert C. Hardie (ACH) known during his time in the WWE’s NXT brand Jordan Myles announced that he was quitting the company. The announcement comes weeks after Hardie shared his displeasure for a T-shirt that his employer had released. In the video, Myles shares his feeling that the company has always held down black talent in the process. He also shares that he doesn’t want to be referred to by the name ‘Jordan Myles’ as it is a slave name.

Warning: Video below is NSFW

A few hours later he shared a different video. While also filled with his passion, Hardie also shared that the connotation that the t-shirt was a representation of him. For those unaware a shirt that was a depiction of ACH whose smile was implied on a black t-shirt created an uproar. Since these events, ACH began a movement titled simply enough as #ForTheCulture. A much more subdued ACH didn’t want his message to misunderstood. His intention to reiterate his anger was more than simply a reflection of the WWE but of the perception of black wrestlers in the industry in general.

ACH’s announced resignation from the company comes only a couple of months after he won NXT’s inaugural NXT Breakout Tournament. The win gave Hardie an opportunity to compete for a championship on the NXT brand. Despite being unsuccessful in the matchup, the belief was that great things lay ahead for him.

At the present time, there has yet to be an official statement made by WWE regarding ACH and its stance on the statements made.

The had addressed the issue with the shirt depiction earlier but not these recent videos by ACH. If a decision is made and both sides mutually decide to part ways we will have the news of it taking place here at ProWrestlingPost.com