Absolute Pro Wrestling Presents SUPER SLAM | Preview

For over a year, APW has been building to this moment as Absolute Pro Wrestling presents SUPER SLAM. This Saturday, during SUPER SLAM, the first-ever APW Tag Team Champions will be crowned.

When APW was in the beginning stages, co-founder Brandon Eubanks had a vision. Eubanks saw APW as a place where tag team wrestling would thrive in a division chock-full of talented teams.

“I want APW to be where the tag teams come to test themselves because we have the best tag teams.” – Brandon Eubanks

Saturday night, three teams that have earned this opportunity will decide who goes home with the gold as the first-ever Absolute Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions. But this will not be a regular tag team match, oh no, a match of this magnitude needs higher stakes.

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By higher stakes, I mean the beautifully crafted tag team titles will hang high above the ring, and the winning team will have to climb a ladder to achieve ultimate glory.

The three teams vying for this prestigious accomplishment are: “The Cowboys From Hell” Justin Decent and Aaron Von Baron, “Da Boys” Bryce Jordyn and Brandon “The Shank” Eubanks, and “Chillileo” Gable Galileo and Max Chill.

No strangers to tag team gold, Gable Galileo and Max Chill have found high levels of success in every promotion they have competed in. 

They are also the very first Madhouse Wrestling Tag Team Champions and find themselves in one of the streaks of their young careers. Something Galileo feels gives them a massive edge entering Saturday’s main event. 

“Both APW and Madhouse have been on fire, and that’s largely thanks to Chillileo. We set the precedent for tag team wrestling in Madhouse, and when we win the APW Tag belts, we’ll do the same for them.” – Gable Galileo.

Chillileo were the first team to qualify for the match after they defeated Jameson McGregor and AC Riley at the end 2022. 

As the most experienced team in the match, Justin Decent and Aaron Von Baron bring an edge to what will be a wild tag team throwdown. Neither man is afraid of a fight; it doesn’t matter how violent it needs to get. 

Multi-team ladder match? Add a few more teams in there, it’s just more people for Justin and I to beat up. We have strength beyond strength, and we are FAR beyond driven. It’s gonna be DOMINATION for the Cowboys at SuperSlam.” – Aaron Von Baron

The Cowboys From Hell inserted themselves into the triangle ladder match by defeating “Diamonds & Violence” Jaxon King and Zay K-47 in a last-chance qualifying match earlier this year. 

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Da Boys, Bryce Jordyn and The Shank, were the winners of the very first Absolute Pro Wrestling tag team match during The Debut.

Since then they’ve picked up a plethora of wins on their quest for tag team gold. A quest they are determined to complete Saturday night in Waterloo. 

“Becoming the first APW Tag Champs is the whole reason Shank and I teamed up. We see the giant hole that is tag team wrestling, and we want to fill that. And to do it in front of our city is icing on the cake.” – Bryce Jordyn

Da Boys earned their spot by defeating the Cowboys From Hell in a wild Cowboy Rules Street Fight at APW’s biggest event of 2022, Gold Rush. 

Three teams bound and determined to become the inaugural Absolute Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions. With the talent involved and the stakes being as high as they are, this has “Match of the Year” candidate written all over it.

“Crowing the Tag Team Champions in a ladder match was no easy decision, but we knew we wanted to make the match as special as possible, and with it being our anniversary show, we wanted to throwback to one of the most important match types in our small history.” – Absolute Pro Wrestling Promoter Jason Prentice

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Tag team titles aren’t the only new piece of gold that will find its way around a new champion’s waist Saturday night. The absolutely gorgeous APW Open Weight Championship will be won by either Cole Cannon or Viktor Payn.

Earlier this year, APW Promoter Jason Prentice unveiled the new championship and a four-man tournament was established. At APW: Return to the Loo, Ricky Bronson defeated Ugly to earn his opportunity. However, a recent shoulder injury will keep Bronson from competing. 

The other qualifying match was between Cole Cannon and Viktor Payn. A match won by Cannon through nefarious means. With Bronson unable to compete, APW officials found it more than fair to give Payn a chance for redemption.

The Open Weight Title will open new doors to many talents and create matches people won’t forget. It sucks that Ricky Bronson is out of action, but I have no doubt Viktor Payn is a game challenger to the man who almost screwed him out of this opportunity, Cole Cannon.” – Jason Prentice

Both Cannon and Payn have been on a roll in APW. Payn even earned victory over Cole and The Shank on the road to Gold Rush. 

Cannon, who loves nothing more than getting under the skin of the fans, has proven he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get a victory inside the squared circle. Safe to say the confidence in both of these competitors heading into Saturday is a high level. 

I don’t have many things to say about the grimey human known as Cole Cannon, but I haven’t forgotten what he did to even get in this Championship match. He screwed me over and expected an easy night on May 13th, well “card subject to change,” and he gets the Vicious One sooner than he wanted.” – Viktor Payn

“Viktor is beneath me, why do I think that? Who did I best for this opportunity? Viktor. The only reason that small-brained beast is even in the match is because Ricky Bronson couldn’t stay in one piece long enough to step up to the moment.” – Cole Cannon

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Absolute Pro Wrestling Presents SUPER SLAM
Heavyweight Championship Match
Matty Star © vs Vic Capri

The APW fans hate it, but they can’t deny the fact that Matty Star has been an impressive APW Champion. 

After winning the Championship in an instant classic ladder match with Ethan Everheart, Star has racked up hard fought defenses against Tyler Jones and The Shank. 

Continuing his reign will be objective number one Saturday night and leaving the fans stunned in disappointed silence will be the icing on the cake. 

His opponent Saturday night, Vic Capri, comes into APW with a bevvy of experience. No stranger to championship gold himself, Capri is considered one of the best Dreamwave Wrestling Champion of all time. He’s been on AEW dark and could be the biggest threat to Star’s reign to date. 

“Vic Capri is one of the most decorated wrestlers in the midwest and then some. He’s someone who can take on the best of the best and not miss a beat. His experience in this business matches up well against anyone. Matty Star’s title reign could be in jeopardy come Saturday.” – Jason Prentice

Absolute Pro Wrestling Presents SUPER SLAM
The Big Picture vs. Bam Bam Bundy

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Making his return to Absolute Pro Wrestling Saturday night is Bam Bam Bundy. The Kingpin of the South competed at the very first APW show and returns this Saturday night with intentions to begin his journey to the APW Championship. 

A sentiment and goal shared by his opponent Saturday night, the Big Picture. Since debuting in APW, the Big Picture has gained more momentum with each match. 

Both big men want to take their next step towards the biggest prize in APW, and SUPER SLAM is their opportunity to do it. 

Absolute Pro Wrestling Presents SUPER SLAM
Tyler Jones Open Challenge
Tyler Jones vs. Jimmy Wylde

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Tyler Jones has proven time and again that he’s willing to wrestle anybody, anytime, anywhere. With no SUPER SLAM challenge in front of him, Jones took it upon himself to throw out an open challenge. 

A challenge that was answered by Jimmy Wylde. Recently returning from a knee injury, Wylde has picked up right where left off and now has the opportunity to get his biggest APW victory so far. 

This match, much like the Bundy Picture, could see the winner earning a championship opportunity in the near future. 

Absolute Pro Wrestling Presents SUPER SLAM
Ethan Everheart vs. Leo Santel

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This was originally slated to be Everheart versus Lars Metzger, but an injury to Metzger will keep him out of action Saturday night.

Here’s to a speedy recovery for Metzger

Everheart’s opportunity to exact some revenge on the man who cost him the APW Championship at Gold Rush will have to come at a later date. 

Instead Saturday night Everheart finds himself in the role of the veteran when he takes on up-and-coming Leo Santel. The APW rookie pleaded for this opportunity and the APW officials obliged. 

He wants to use Everheart as a stepping stone to even bigger things. That won’t be easy as Everheart is bound and determined to get back into title contention. 

Absolute Pro Wrestling Presents SUPER SLAM
The Death Dealer vs Yah Boy Andee

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In a chop heard around the world during APW’s most recent Fort Dodge Frenzy, the Death Dealer left a huge mark on the chest of Yah Boy Andee with a vicious chop. This was in a tag team match also featuring Tyler Jones and JT Energy. 

Yah Boy Andee continuously got under the skin of the Death Dealer, and a rivalry is forming. Both would love nothing more than to send the other home with an embarrassing loss Saturday night. 

Absolute Pro Wrestling Presents SUPER SLAM
JJ Garrett vs “The Lone Diamond” Jaxon King

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Confidence will not be lacking in what could be your dark horse for a show stealer Saturday night. Both JJ Garrett, who is making his APW debut, and Jaxon King are uber-talented and that’s something each is very aware of. 

The athleticism in this match alone has to have APW fans excited for what’s to come. One of these two is leaving SUPER SLAM with some major bragging points. 

New champions will be crowned as Absolute Pro Wrestling celebrates their one-year anniversary with SUPER SLAM. Something Jason Prentice couldn’t be more proud of. 

“This show means the world to myself, Shank, and our entire team with Absolute Pro Wrestling. A year ago, we didn’t know if we’d do more than one show or if it was just a one off. It’s blossomed into so much more, and I couldn’t be more proud of what we have done in this year. So much more is coming up for us, I encourage our fans to stay along for the ride, year two is gonna be a blast.”