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The Rock and John Cena

The Rock and John Cena (Once In A Lifetime) | WrestleMania REVISITED

On April 1st, 2012, at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami, the scene was set. The Rock was going to have his first singles...

Smackdown Synopsis for 4/3/20 (John Cena / Bray Wyatt Confrontation)

When we wake up each day, our first thought after, wow, that cup of coffee is going to be some kind of delicious is....my...

Vampires | Wrestling’s Gothic Mercenaries

If you reflect upon the history of wrestling and try to recall characters that are intended to frighten or cause discomfort for the audience....

Smackdown Synopsis for 3/13/20 (Cena and Wyatt)

With the Coronavirus hitting mercilessly across the globe Vincent Kennedy McMahon displays his show must go on mentality and ingenuity by having Smackdown take...
WWE Smackdown Synopsis with Ian Agubov

Smackdown Synopsis for 2/29/20 (The Fiend and Cena)

We are live at the TD Gardens and Boston has not been more lit since the midnight ride of Paul Revere or when Havlicek...
John Skyler

John Skyler talks ROH Top Prospect finals, & the future

‘The Southern Savior' Ring of Honor top prospect finalist John Skyler may just be the hardest working wrestler on the independent scene. If you...
Shinya Hashimoto

Shinya Hashimoto: The Bret Hart of New Japan

Shinya Hashimoto had one of the most interesting careers in Japanese history. He was one of the biggest draws ever prior to WWE’s explosive...
Dustin Rhodes Return

Dustin Rhodes Return – To Glory

Prior to his rejoining the World Wrestling Federation, Dustin Rhodes return would be met with an initial stop. In 2001, Rhodes wrestled for Turnbuckle...
Triple H vs The Undertaker

The Undertaker and Triple H – “End of an Era” WrestleMania 28 | REVISITED

The Undertaker and Triple H was an "End of an Era" Hell In A Cell match with Shawn Michaels as special guest referee may...
Daniel Bryan and the Authority

Daniel Bryan and The Authority l The Story That Was Never Meant to Be

Every wrestling company in the world employs a 'creative team' to produce dynamic and entertaining storylines for their audiences. Ultimately, booking a wrestling show is...