Smackdown Synopsis for 3/13/20 (Cena and Wyatt)

With the Coronavirus hitting mercilessly across the globe Vincent Kennedy McMahon displays his show must go on mentality and ingenuity by having Smackdown take place in the WWE performance center as opposed to the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Rock City. John Cena returns to Smackdown to discuss his match with the Fiend Bray Wyatt.

WrestleMania remains a question mark as we go to press. Florida s Governor, Rick De Santis is urging local authorities and organizers in the State to curtail or limit mass gatherings for at least the next 30 days.

March Madness has been canceled, MLB, MLS, the NBA, and the NHL, as well as their minor league affiliates, are shut down at least for the time being. Whether WM goes on or is delayed remains to be seen.

Let us go with the optimistic premise that it WILL go on but when and where being in the laps of the Gods.

This particular show will offer a very interesting perspective. Televised WWE programming always takes place on a grandiose scale. Big arenas jammed with thousands of spectators, thunderous music and pyro, cool lighting effects, etc. Tonight, barebones production and glitz, like the studio wrestling of Powerrr or that shown on the United Wrestling Network. It is like when the Rolling Stones played at the El Mocambo in Toronto so many years ago.

With the Elimination Chamber in the books, the focus will be squarely on Wrestlemania. We are only three weeks and two days away from the grandest spectacle of them all so we can expect to see a lot of storylines develop and move forward tonight. There is a lot of tables to be set.

After a hiatus of one year, we will get to see the Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy on WWE tv. Not sure if he can steal his brother s thunder as we expect him to likely be revealed as the eminence grise of the Dark Order.

John Cena returns to Smackdown

John Cena will also be on hand and very visible as he will address the Universe on his WM match with the Fiend. Two weeks ago the heal vs hurt glove seemed more prominent as the Fiend issued a respectful challenge to the 16-time champion. Expect a very different approach and outcome tonight. Humility and good sportsmanship might be replaced by barbarism.

As we take to the airwaves, we are greeted by Triple H who mentions that this show will be different from anything we have ever seen and that the WWE will do what it always does and put a smile on your face.

Sasha and Bayley head out to the ring area and ask where Paige is. They were explained that the Welsh former champion and GM had travel issues and would not be able to attend. This was preceded by another installment of their mutual admiration society in which they anointed themselves the faces of Smackdown.

While Paige had travel issues, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross definitely did not. They stormed on to the set looking for a fight and calling out the Kabuki Warriors. They had to settle though for Sasha and Bayley.

Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley and Sasha Banks

The in-ring action began and early on and for quite a few minutes, Alexa Bliss was being played with like a 7-year-old and a cabbage patch doll. In terms of the ambiance and sense of drama, the empty center was deadly silent but this was cleverly compensated for by an emphasis on back and forth conversation in the squared circle including of course the official. This made the performance lively, crisp and intriguing to watch.

After close to half a dozen two counts, Nikki Cross was finally tagged in and came out with an abundance of energy. She executed a crossbody move only to garner a two count of her own.

Seconds later, proof positive of the adage be careful what you wish for. Osuka intervened and took out Alexa Bliss. This of course momentarily distracted Nikki which gave Sasha just enough time to administer a backstabber that would have made Carlito proud, followed by the Banks statement. A helpless Nikki tapped out as our self proclaimed faces of Smackdown procured yet another victory.

Winners: Sasha Banks and Bayley

Roman Reigns who we haven t seen in action for weeks is then interviewed by Michael Cole. Soft-spoken and very matter of fact, Roman asserts that definitely does deserve to headline Wrestlemania because of his relentless hard work and commitment.

He mentions respecting Goldberg because he does draw but seems to have issues with him being a part-timer. The Big Dog vows to capture the Universal Championship at Wrestlemania.

Kayla Braxton is backstage with Sami Zayn and his acolytes but the new IC champ is informed that he is being bumped for Jeff Hardy. Brother Nero mentions the soul searching he has undertaken over the past year and that he came back because he still has a lot left to do.

Jeff Hardy vs. King Corbin

King Corbin holds court with Braxton and Hardy and spews out the standard sobriety test jokes. He must have stolen his material from Scotty Goldman.

Hardy holds his own mentioning that he and Corbin will actually have a match later on. Adding to the fun is an appearance by Elias who tells the King he has composed a new song as a result of their verbal altercation of seven nights ago. Elias is brushed off but vows to be heard from later.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Two hours is a lot of television especially when you have to book and stage a show on the fly. In light of that, we will be shown the Elimination Chamber Smackdown tag team affair of five nights ago.

Before that though yet another backstage challenge. Daniel Bryan admits to Drew Gulak that he was spot on in pointing out that he was flawed. Zayn, Nakamura, and Cesaro intervene and attempt to belittle Bryan. They pointed out that just a while ago they invited him to join their faction but were turned down. Now, Bryan, according to the tirade has been reduced to asking for wrestling tips from a nobody. The Swiss Cyborg is challenged to a match he has no choice but to accept.

WWE Tag Team Elimination Chamber Match

All aboard, next stop Philadelphia for the aforementioned Elimination Chamber match. Refreshing your memories, the participants are Heavy Machinery, Lucha House Party, Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler, New Day, The Usos and of course the champions, John Morrison and the Miz.

The first dance of the ball features the New Day and The Usos. Four competitors in the ring and a lot of heavy-hitting action.

Next in line, Lucha House Party. They waste no time after being released from the pod. After a quick two count, the Usos change their strategy and slow the pace down a few notches. Not easy running with Luchadors.

The Usos are now lying prone outside the ring but the New Day spring back to action.

Both teams exhibit highly impressive moves yet were unable to come up with a three count.

The Usos caught a second and return to the fray. They find themselves in the precarious position of being on the top of a pod with Gran Metalik. Kofi Kingston adds himself to the equation but has his fingers stomped and plummets to the canvas. We plummet into a commercial break.

When we return, the Miz and Morrison have left their pod and are zapping the fun out of the House Party with a series of kicks. The Usos return to the ring but are unable to overcome the seemingly flawless tandem offense by the champions.

As we head to another break, Kofi Kingston has returned to the ring and is taking the Miz to school. Upon our return to the city of brotherly love, very little of that in the ring. Heavy Machinery has been freed from their pod and are taking on the New Day. Then, with all men in the ring except for Ziggler and Roode, Dorado climbs to the top of the chamber, takes an amazing dive sending everybody sprawling.

Moments later though, he is pinned by Heavy Machinery via the compactor.

Lucha House Party are eliminated

The final entrants leave their pod albeit reluctantly. Dolph Ziggler wants to part of Otis for obvious reasons. He climbs to the top of a pod only to be joined by a surprisingly agile Tucker who throws Ziggler into Otis’s arms. He then pulls off the move of the month; a backward moonsault from the top of the pod leaving everyone prone in the ring like 10 bowling pins after a thunderous no doubt about it strike.

Otis finds himself alone vs Ziggler and Roode. Our heartbroken hero tries to hit Ziggler with a running tackle but the latter moved out of the way at the last millisecond seeing Otis crash through the pod door, out of the ring and through a table.

Tucker is irate as he sees his shaken up, friend. He is disposed of shortly thereafter following a superkick and a Glorious DDT.

Heavy Machinery has been eliminated

Gloating by the tandem but very short-lived. Kofi Kingston hits a superkick followed by an Uso double splash.

Ziggler and Roode has been eliminated.

We are down to 3 teams and The New Day and The Usos are combining their efforts to take out the Miz and Morrison. The collaboration is short-lived.

Kofi went for a splash from the top of the pod, missed his mark and was pinned by the champions.

The New Day have been eliminated

With the two teams left the action was pinball machine-like fast and furious. Splash attempts and superkicks by the twins but coming up just short. Not even a journey on Starship Pain would suffice to put the Usos away.

Winners: The Miz and John Morrison

The Usos would once again rely on their superkicks. When one connected and John Morrison was thrown outside the ring, he rebounded with a leg roll-up abetted by the Miz holding Jimmy s legs on the ropes allowing the champions to hold on to their titles.

Back live to Orlando where the tandem celebrates their win and declares themselves the greatest tag team of the 21st century. Stop me if you have heard that before.

Big news for next week as revealed by Mojo Rawley. Rob Gronkowski of New England Pats fame will appear on the show and most likely reveal he has signed a WWE contract.

Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro

Daniel Bryan heads to the ring with Drew Gulak. He is followed by Cesaro who never travels alone. Sami Zayn invites himself to provide color commentary and is never at a loss for words.

The match begins with the predictable move set of Yes kicks followed by a series of European forearms by Cesaro. The latter would hit a pristine top rope superplex for a count of two. After receiving another barrage of Yes kicks Cesaro would attempt a crossface that Bryan did not tap out to. The leader of the Yes movement countered with a roll-up and walked away with the win.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

While Zayn and Nakamura ganged up on Gulak at the broadcast area, Drew was spared any further damage thanks to a Daniel Bryan suicide dive which by the way appeared to have missed the mark.

King Corbin is in the ring awaiting the returning Jeff Hardy. Corbin ambushed Hardy and was administering a lot of hurt outside the ring. Not for long though, Hardy seized the momentum and took advantage of a verbal exchange between the King and Elias who was providing color commentary as well as serenading us. Brother Nero hit the twist of fury, no longer the twist of fate followed by a Swanton bomb. Jeff Hardy picked up the win and took a huge step on his journey towards redemption.

 John Cena and Bray Wyatt

In the last feature of the show, John Cena was interviewed by Michael Cole regarding Bray Wyatt. The 16-time champion has a message to convey. He stated that he gets miffed by people who claim that John Cena buried them. Cena added that Bray Wyatt’s worst enemy is Bray Wyatt. Complacency leads to downward spirals. Come Wrestlemania, Cena said he will be more than happy to give Wyatt an attitude adjustment.

Cena added, why give 5th and 6th chances to the undeserving. Bray Wyatt is by no means the future of the WWE according to Cena.

Bray has heard enough. Wyatt enters the ring and tells Cena how nice it is to see him again. Bray Wyatt calls him sick and accuses John Cena of only caring about John Cena. All Cena craves is the spotlight says Wyatt about his foe.

Cena Wyatt
Photo / WWE

Wyatt stated that he was changed, even tormented by his 2014 WM loss to Cena. He then stated I stopped fighting the voices I heard in my head and started to listen to them. John Cena broke me but the Fiend put me back together, let me in John.

In terms of mic work, Wyatt pitched a perfect game with this promo. Some of his best work in ages. Arthur Fleck like disturbing, very effective and a great way to end a show that was very well put together and entertaining notwithstanding the constraints, stress, and uncertainty faced by the entire team. Triple H as spot-on as a decimal when he pledged at the start of the show to put a smile on our faces.