Smackdown Synopsis for 2/29/20 (The Fiend and Cena)

We are live at the TD Gardens and Boston has not been more lit since the midnight ride of Paul Revere or when Havlicek stole the ball for Smackdown. We open the show with the four-decade champion Bill Goldberg hot off his stunning victory of twenty-four hours ago. Booed as he takes the mic, Goldberg states it’s not about who was last but about who is next. To little surprise, Roman Reigns enters the ring area and takes to the squared circle. After the customary staredown, the Big Dog replies I m next. The staredown continues, Reigns drops the mic and exits. We are reminded of a John Cena appearance later on as we head to a word from our sponsor, the Fiend?

Bayley and Sasha Banks vs. Naomi and Lacey Evans

Upon return, Bayley is in the ring. Seconds later,  Naomi enters with the music, lighting and dazzle you would expect to see at a rave. A rematch of yesterday s championship tilt is about to transpire. Bayley is irate, grabs a mic and says I should not have to be here. Refers to the crowd as all you little idiots. Five-star delivery, the days of the hugger are 8 million light-years behind us. She then says that the ONLY reason she is here is to welcome back Sasha Banks. The match gets underway and Bayley takes advantage of the distraction to attack Naomi from behind.

Given her zero tolerance for bullying, out dashes Lacey Evans. The original match morphs into a tag team affair as we go to our second break. When we return, Bayley and Sasha have a decisive edge. Naomi notwithstanding pulling off a spin kick cannot make it to her corner. Bayley continues to dominate but applied a very nonchalant pin attempt. Those unforced errors, they will catch you every time.

Lacey is finally tagged in and comes out firing on all cylinders. After a surprisingly brief rest, Naomi tags herself in. In the meanwhile, Lacey and Sasha are fighting outside the ring. Naomi climbs to the top rope and executes a sunset flip on Bayley. Victory ensues, a nice upset indeed.

Winners: Naomi and Lacey Evans

Backstage we see the Pats offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels chatting with the New Day. While the Patriots may be looking for a new Quarterback, Kofi Kingston is looking to get back on the winning track.

Kofi Kingston vs. Robert Roode

The next contest will afford Kingston that opportunity as he faces Robert Roode in singles action. Before that, the Elimination Chamber is plugged and we are informed that Dolph Ziggler and Mandy Rose are now an item.

The Glorious One enters accompanied by Dolph Ziggler and Big E does the same for Kingston. Hard fought battle from the outset with a pair of early 2 counts. Robert Roode controls the tempo of the confrontation slowing down Kofi with a set of scientific ground-based moves.

When the momentum shifts, Roode exits the ring and is being berated by Big E. The wily veteran though purposely kicks the ring stairs and feigns injury. This prompts the referee to banish Big E to the back. We cut away for a break and ponder the effects of this seemingly blown call.

Kofi manages to hold his own. The combatants exchange another series of two counts. Kingston hits an S.O.S and has his opponent in a pinning predicament. Dolph Ziggler saves the day by placing his partner s foot on the rope. Roode counters with a quick roll up to procure the victory and augment the woes of the former Universal Champion.

Winner: Robert Roode

Backstage we head. Mandy Rose and Sonya DeVille check out the monitor to check out Mr.Ziggler. We then flash to Otis who has yet to get over his disappointment of fourteen days ago. He is consoled by tag team partner Tucker who tells him to let Mandy go. Ever the true friend and brother in arms, Tucker tells Otis to focus on someone who will never let you down, the WWE Universe.

As the Universe is led into the next break, we are informed that coming up next is the contract signing for the Elimination Chamber InterContinental Championship match pitting Braun Strowman vs.Shinsuke Nakamura, Contract signings are a portal to mayhem. Never a question of if but when.

The parties are gathered around the table. The caveat, the Monster Among Men has hurled his chair outside the ring. Nakamura came accompanied by Cesaro and the ukelele -less Great Liberator Sami Zayn. The latter insists ongoing over the contract to make sure everything is worded properly and that Nakamura will not be disadvantaged in any way. Strowman cuts Zayn off and states, it doesn’t matter what the contract says, I know I’ll wind up facing the three of you anyway.

Zayn jumps on the opportunity based on what Braun just stated and had the contract signed not only by Shinsuke but by Cesaro and himself as well. We are set for a 3 on 1 Handicap match.

Strowman replies, that is if you make it to the Elimination Chamber. Before you knew it, the Champion was ambushed by the conniving triad and driven through a table. Ladies and Gentlemen, there is no escape from the numbers game.

We are informed that is now official, Roman Reigns will get a title opportunity vs Goldberg in Tampa at Wrestlemania.

While Daniel Bryan is due next, we are shown the seven-second blink and you miss it defeat of A.J Styles to the Undertaker who looked to be in great form. That match of course taking place at Super Showdown where there more squashes than at the Farmers Market at Autumn Harvest time.

Daniel Bryan vs. Curtis Axel

Daniel Bryan was up next as promised vs Curtis Axel. Drew Gulak on color commentary once again pointing out that the leader of the YES movement still has several holes in his game. Axel was being encouraged and coached by Gulak and had a firm advantage early on.

Once the momentum predictably shifted, the third generation performer, Axel tried a last-ditch Perfect Plex but was thwarted and put into a Labelle lock. The tap out, quasi instantaneous.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Let the celebrations begin. The Miz and Morrison come out to fete their conquering of the tag team belts from the New Day. We are shown the match flow from Thursday where the newly crowned Champions won thanks to outside the ring chair shot to Kingston s ribs.

Back to the in-ring festivities.The newly crowned duo informing the crowd that if you thought we were great back then, the best is yet to come. While the celebration music blasts way, an official runs to inform the ring announcer that the first title defense for Miz and Morrison will come at the Elimination Chamber PPV where they will face, the Usos, the New Day, Heavy Machinery, Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler and lastly, the ever-threatening Lucha House Party.

The Miz and John Morrison vs. The Usos

That match is nine days away. Until then, no rest for the wicked. Coming up, right here and right now, a non-title match against The Usos. Very early on in the match, we see that three-second blurry interference sequence, most likely a promo for a soon to debuting Killer Kross currently at the Performance Center. Many of you will know Cross as a standout from Impact but who seems to have left them on not the best of terms last Spring.

At the outset of the encounter, Jimmy Uso is being worked over effectively by the Champions and is unable to tag into his twin. After a time out, we see Jey Uso in the ring with the Miz. Morrison is then tagged in, hit a neck breaker but could only muster up a count of two.

Moments after that, the Usos would gain control for good. Jimmy would apply a second rope Samoan Destroyer which was immediately followed by a third rope Frog Splash from Jey. We could be witness to a very short championship reign by the Miz and Morrison.

Winners: The Usos

We have taken our last break. We all know what is next. The TD Garden is buzzing like a swarm of bees in an electric razor shop. As John Cena enters the arena, the crowd erupts and chants his name in unison. The 16-time champion looks as ripped and energetic as ever.

Cena addresses the crowd and states that he will always be a WWE Superstar. He discusses his role at Wrestlemania stating that he will do something different this year. Cena then informs us that he shares a passion with the crowd for the future of the WWE. Moreover, the biggest Superstar of them all is the WWE Universe.

Cena adds that the 36th Wrestlemania should go on without him. Spots on the grandest stage are earned and should go to Superstars who bust their chops for the company on a regular and ongoing basis. Was Cena referring to the Fiend?

He says this is goodbye for now but not forever. He is applauded heartily by the crowd and says this means more to me than you will ever know. John Cena bids us adieu and leaves the ringside area.

The lights go out and before Cena can leave for good the Fiend arrives. John Cena is greeted by the Fiend who is not there to pull any trickery at all. The Fiend points to the Wrestlemania sign and is issuing a challenge to Cena. Not much hesitation at all as Cena tips his cap in approval of the Fiend.

This will be a very welcome addition to WM36 between Cena and the Fiend. The WWE week ending on a high note and with a pleasant surprise. A perfect way to neutralize any fallout from Thursday.

Cena Fiend
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