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The Start

Getting Heat: Shark Tales

So here we are getting heat. For those that read the last blog, this was my final match in Indiana before heading off to...

Real Life (and all it involves) | Gettin’ Heat

Hey there marks! Have you missed me? It's been what, three weeks since you've heard from me and gettin' heat? "Good things come to...

Stone vs Pride 3 The Third Chapter | Gettin’ Heat

We now present the exciting "conclusion" (even though we all know nothing is ever truly over in wrestling) to the Stone vs Pride saga....

Stone VS Pride Chapter 2 | Gettin’ Heat:

Welcome back, marks! No time to dawdle, so let's get straight into it... When last I left you, Jack Pride had just beaten Dylon...

Stone vs Pride Chapter One | Gettin’ Heat

Here we are again, for another round of Gettin’ Heat with Mike the Wrestler. As you all know, I am an Alberta, Canada born...

Gettin’ Heat: Not for the Faint of Heart

Hopefully, you've been reading those other articles on Pro Wrestling Post and you're all shined up because, like a good heel, I'm...

Gettin’ Heat: For the Love of the Game

Well marks, here we are again for the second edition of Gettin' Heat with Mike the Wrestler. We all know how...

Gettin’ Heat: The BROTHERHOOD of Wrestling

Welcome to the inaugural edition of “Getting’ Heat with Mike the Wrestler”. I had planned to open my first blog by telling...

JaCub Soumis discusses musical interests, cheat day meals, his road to recovery and more

When you move through circles in your local wrestling scene you tend to get a feel for those who are respected, those who are...

#Preview: Without A Cause Volume Presents Its Getting Hot In Here!

Sports Opera hasn’t been this good in a long time here in the Pacific Northwest as. Without a Cause presents Its Getting Hot in...