Gettin’ Heat: Stone vs Pride – Chapter 3

We now present the exciting “conclusion” (even though we all know nothing is ever truly over in wrestling) to the Stone vs Pride saga. When last I left you marks, Pride had just lost a hair vs title match, due to Dylon Stone’s inadvertent interference, and shoved Stone to the mat before storming off to the back. In the weeks following that loss, no one heard from Jack. His social media went silent, he wasn’t returning Stone’s calls, and he wouldn’t respond to the CWC head office, except to accept a match with Lumberjack Larry at the next CWC show.

At the next show, when Jack came to the ring he wasn’t his usual jovial self. He didn’t respond to the fans, he wasn’t full of energy, and frankly, he looked like he just didn’t care. During the match, Jack took to antagonizing the fans and the Lumberjack — even refusing a good-natured pre-match handshake. At the end of the match, Jack was able to lock in his version of the dragon sleeper (Hitting Bottom) and forced Larry to submit.

Photo / Mike The Wrestler

In a show of sportsmanship, Jack shook hands with the Lumberjack and even raised his hand post-match, but it was all a farce! Jack quickly turned on Larry, focusing the attack on his knee. Just as Jack had Lumberjack’s knee stuck in a chair… out came Stone to talk some sense into Jack. Try as he might Stone couldn’t get through to Jack, and as soon as his back was turned Jack began to attack Stone too!

Jack left both men laying in the ring that night, smashing the Lumberjack’s knee in the chair and exclaiming that Stone had PURPOSEFULLY cost Jack his hair! In return, Jack would take Stone’s Alberta Title from him at the next show. Stone later agreed to the terms, begrudgingly.

At the next show Jack, now demanding to be called by “his true name”, Pride, was not alone when he came to the ring. With him came his so-called “better half”, Envy — a woman who has been one of the most dominant female wrestlers in Alberta today. With the numbers game finally on his side, Pride would not be denied the object of his affection, the Alberta title, forcing Stone to submit when he too Hit Bottom. Even in the return match, Stone could not solve the numbers game and once again fell short against Pride.

Photo / Mike The Wrestler

Over the course of the next few months, Pride would nightly hold the “Pride of Alberta Open Challenge”, allowing anyone who came through the curtain to have an opportunity to take his Alberta title. Many would try, and many would fall short, as Pride proved he was more than just talk: He could back it up, night in and night out. In the same time span, Stone would continue to fight his way up the ranks and win over the hearts of the fans. Once again, Stone and Pride were on a collision course.

Stone was able to show the CWC head office that he was indeed the “right man for the job” and earned himself another shot at Pride’s Alberta title. Pride, however, demanded one stipulation; if Stone could not beat Pride he would NEVER get another chance at his Alberta title again!

When CWC: Dark Side came around and Stone’s last opportunity for the Alberta Title was set, these two bitter rivals DID NOT disappoint. Both men left absolutely everything they had in the ring! The mental chess game would have had anyone’s head spinning. These two men know each other so well that it was back and forth from start to finish. Stone refusing to lose was the first man to ever kick out of Pride’s Smirking Revenge elbow drop AND the first man to kick out of the Swallowed Pride. Stone even delivered his own version to Pride, which Pride was able to kick out of too! Late in the match, Stone uncharacteristically took a high-risk chance and laid out Pride with a suicide dive earning a “This Is Awesome!” chant from the crowd. Stone, feeling the end was near and having the fans fully behind him, began to hit German suplex after german suplex on Pride. With his last gasp of energy, Pride was able to counter one of the Germans into a roll-up for the 1-2-3!

Photo / Mike The Wrestler

That night, Stone was the better man, but Pride was able to pick up the win. In a show of friendship and sportsmanship, and with the crowd fully behind it Stone and Pride “hugged it out” in the middle of the ring. The feel-good moment didn’t last long before Pride turned on Stone again. This time unapologetically kicking Stone right in “the stones” and leaving him in a heap in the middle of the ring.

That match, by the way, went on to be voted as the 2018 Match of the Year in Alberta. No big deal. With Stone FINALLY out of his hair, Pride expanded his horizons. He would venture out and join Real Canadian Wrestling (RCW) in search of more titles. Pride would add the RCW Jr Heavyweight title to his shoulder, and eventually merge it with the Alberta title becoming the RCW Alberta title. A few months later, Stone made his way on to the RCW roster too. Pride was incensed and made it his personal mission to eliminate Stone… attacks with chairs, attempts to blind Stone with green mist… Stone KEPT coming back!

Photo / Mike The Wrestler

This brings us to now. The stage is set for April 13th, 2019 at RCW/CWC Revolution, the “final encounter” between Dylon Stone and Pride, for the Alberta title. This will be Stone’s fourth attempt to dethrone Pride during his record-setting 504-day reign as Alberta Champion, and if Stone can’t get the job done I’m not sure this is much of a rivalry anymore. The best friends turned better rivals will be guaranteed to leave it all in the ring again, and the fans will be left with another classic match, I have no doubt.

The question is, who will walk away Alberta Champion?! Will Stone FINALLY overcome adversity and win Pride’s title, or will Pride claim victory and extend his already lengthy reign as champion?! There’s only one way to find out and that is to be in Festival Hall on April 13th to watch the action live. I know I’ll be there 😉

Photo / Mike The Wrestler

To quote one of the greats, “later marks!”.