Getting Heat: Shark Tales

So here we are getting heat. For those that read the last blog, this was my final match in Indiana before heading off to Milwaukee. The location, South Bend, Indiana. The company, Evo Pro Wrestling. The Goal of the show was to help get the champion, Colin Troy, over even more. Troy was a young clean babyface with all the potential in the world.

To get more heat on myself. Earlier in the night, the Idea would be that I join the main Heel Faction called “The Players Club”. But with the Australian addition to the group, the faction would be renamed “The International Players Club”. Troy and I were in the Main Event that night. Troy alone, while I had Erico, Walt, and Shady ringside with me. Naturally being a foreign heel, I was met with plenty of USA chants. Erico was the perfect heater outside. Erico made sure if they didn’t like me before that they definitely wouldn’t now.

The match itself is going great.

The building is loud and everything is going smoothly in the ring. I think to myself, man this could possibly be the match of the trip. The finish is coming up so before I give Troy his big babyface come back, I wanted to get a little extra heat by beating up Troy in front of his loudest fans. I start working him over until we reach one particular fan. Naturally, you save the best for last. This woman was very passionate about the champ. It was a perfect fit that I would stir her into a frenzy before taking it home.

Getting Heat
Photo / Andrew ‘Shark’ Carter

The women are hurling all sorts of abuse my way, so I am taking the boots to Troy. I let her know that the champ is helpless and along with my boys I’m going to end him…and there is nothing she can do about it. Turns out, maybe there is something she could do about it. As I’m bringing Troy back into the ring for the finish, This fan in a blind rage takes out a knife from her purse and begins to threaten myself and Erico with it. Security comes over as Erico heels it up even more haha.

Getting Heat

The ref says we have to scrap the finish and take it home straight away. As I am distracted by this, my back is turned and Troy rolls me up for a fast 3 count. Ref tells me to get to the back straight away.

The promoter has organized a “Getaway Car” in full gear, we grab our bags and head straight to the car. We had to do an extra lap of the car park to wait for Troy then finally the kid comes out and joins us in the car and we storm out of there. Troy retains the belt to a huge reaction in the building,

We get so much heat we almost got stabbed.

It sounds like a perfect day at the office. We grab a bite to eat after talking shop. Then, I get dropped back at the hotel. Still buzzing with adrenaline from the big night I called home to recap my story. Forgetting that my parents aren’t in the wrestling business. In looking back now, I dunno if It was the best idea to ring Mum and tell her how great the show was. Especially when you consider, I almost got stabbed on the other side of the world. Heel goals accomplished but then having to reassure my mum I’ve made the right career choice was a harder task.

The first leg of the trip is now over. I fly out to Milwaukee, WI the next morning to begin my run with Dale Gagner’s version of the American Wrestling Association (AWA) and boy will you hear that name a lot in the coming weeks. This would be the first time I get to ride with legends such as Frankie DeFalco, Larry Zbyszko & Nick Bockwinkel. Compete at AWA Wrestle Rock and more! But that’s all in the next edition of Shark Tales.