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Diesel Debuts In The WWF

Diesel Debuts In The WWF – The Birth of Big Daddy Cool

Before Diesel debuts in the WWF his early time in WCW was quite memorable. In early 1993, Kevin Nash wanted to leave wrestling for...
Bret Hart vs Roddy Pipper

Bret Hart vs Roddy Piper – Their Passing of the Torch WrestleMania 8 Matchup

Bret Hart vs Roddy Piper. "The Excellence of Execution" and "Hot Rod." You'd be hard-pressed to find two more different wrestlers. Bret carries himself with...
D-Von Dudley

D-Von Dudley – Dudleyville’s Deadly Dominie

D-Von Dudley. All who disregarded D-Von's commandment that "Thou shalt not f**k with the Dudleys" atoned for this sin in brutal ways. Their punishment...
Ernie Ladd

Ernie Ladd | Confidence Personified

In the history of professional wrestling, there are thousands of competitors who came to the squared circle from other athletic backgrounds. For example, Kevin...
Billy Robinson

Billy Robinson – The Shooter of Catch Wrestling

Wrestling has long been known for its various styles and variations. Whether it be something more technically based and methodical to something more tied...
Celebrating Italians in Wrestling

Celebrating Italians In Wrestling | Among the Best in the World

Pro wrestling manager and fellow Italian Chazz Moretti spoke highly of his culture and heritage as he was celebrating Italians in wrestling. On his...
Billy Two

Billy Two Rivers – The Passing of a Fierce and Noble Legend

After tuning into the late local news the anchorwoman announced the passing of Billy Two Rivers at age 87. Two Rivers lived a long...
Freddie Blassie

Freddie Blassie – Always Keeping It Classy

In his in-ring debut, Freddie Blassie, then eighteen, was paid one dollar and basically was torn from limb to limb. Many careers started thusly,...
Billy Two Rivers

Billy Two Rivers | War Chief Of The Mat

Growing up in front of our television screens, we witnessed a parade of kayfabe Native characters and paradoxically viewed many Natives who were never...
The UWF Beach Brawl

The UWF Beach Brawl – A Wrestling Catastrophe

On June 9th, 1991, The Universal Wrestling Federation held their first pay-per-view event. The Supercard, known as The UWF Beach Brawl, would also be...