#WWENews: Jordan Myles/ACH Announces Indie Bookings

A week after announcing that he had quit WWE via video, Jordan Myles/ACH today announced that he has accepted bookings for two indie wrestling shows.

Tomorrow night (Nov 22) he will appear for San Antonio based Heavy Metal Wrestling where he will take on Chandler Hopkins:

Then on December 1, he will be appearing at the Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment:

As of the time of writing, there has been no official word from WWE as to whether or not he has been released from the company. He did a live Q&A on Twitter last week too, where he stated the following – “Legally, no. Mentally, yes”. He was asked if he was now able to move on from WWE. But by making these announcements it sure looks like Jordan/ACH is in the clear for accepting future bookings.

During a live Q&A video on Twitter last week, ACH was asked if he’s now able to move on from WWE and he responded, “Legally, no. Mentally, yes.”

And then there’s this tweet from Myles himself directed to Vince McMahon personally:

Blake’s Take: I don’t think Myles has ever heard the phrase “Don’t go poking the bear”. There’s one thing being saying you quit, there’s another thing antagonizing your “former” boss. Whether or not this whole booking situation is legal, I’m not sure this is how he should be conducting himself.