WWE SmackDown Synopsis for 10/23/20 (TRIBAL CONSEQUENCES)

At a certain stage of your life, you realize that second chances aren’t easy to come by. This is the WWE SmackDown Synopsis for 10/23/20. These words of wisdom could be very dear to Bayley and Jey Uso as we prepare for Hell in a Cell slated to take place on Sunday. The Role Model scurried away from Sasha Banks seven nights ago and did not sign the contract to face her arch-nemesis and former sidekick at Hell in a Cell, which will take place on Sunday night. Jey Uso for his part has refused to declare that his cousin Roman Reigns is, in fact, the Tribal Chief. He will have one last chance to do so tonight or face the consequences and they will be real during Sunday’s I Quit championship match.

The Universal champion would be so relieved to not have to deal with unfriendly stares from his coveted spot at the head of the dinner table. Reigns will in fact specifically set out what the consequences will be should Jey Uso utter the words I quit. Highly informed sources in my entourage are telling me that they are either having to sit at the children’s table, and-or doing the dishes and-or not being allowed to have a second portion of chocolate chip biscotti. That’s if being locked in a cage with a Tribal Chief wasn’t enough.


WWE SmackDown Synopsis for 10/23/20

You, though, receive only the warmest greetings from yours truly as I welcome you to our Smackdown Synopsis. I am curious to see how tonight’s show will proceed. It is the “go home” show leading up  Hell in a Cell yet it will be shown on FS1 as opposed to Fox. Michael Cole and Corey Graves yielding their air time to Joe Buck and John Smoltz who will broadcast game three of the 2020 World Series. This creates a fine line between hyping a PPV event but on a less watched and accessible forum than the network which draws a weekly viewership of two- million.

Whatever happens, tonight will be heavily reviewed in a week’s time. Tonight’s show was fast-paced and chock full of excitement. We witnessed courtroom drama, two PPV caliber matches, two quick squash tilts, and even more family drama.

The Kevin Owens Show with Daniel Bryan

The show began with an edition of the KO Show hosted by none other than Kevin Owens. An R.O.H. reunion of sorts took place as his guest was Daniel Bryan. Bryan laid out his vision for SD going forward, stating it should focus on young talent. He added that a championship should be defended weekly, and he had the Intercontinental title in mind. Kevin Owens went down a different path, stating that he would enjoy nothing more than teaming up with Daniel Bryan. That was a perfect segue to a nice dose of mayhem. Dolph Ziggler and his glorious partner,  Robert Roode entered the fray stating that they felt a little slighted being left out.

Red party cups were raised seconds later when the Street Profits showed up jonesing for “the smoke.” Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura arrived as well, and the octet clashed. Adam Pearce brought order to the festivities by making an impromptu four vs. four tag team clash.

WWE SmackDown Synopsis for 10/23/20
The Street Profits, Kevin Owens & Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode, Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura

Kevin Owens greeted Nakamura with an inverted atomic drop and a clothesline. Angelo Dawkins for his part was double-teamed by Cesaro and Nakamura before being able to tag in Montez Ford. Ford mustered a two count on Roode before Dolph Ziggler was tagged back in and hit a dropkick for a two count.

Robert Roode was subsequently tagged in and pulled off a two count on Ford. Montez showing exemplary staying power.

He was finally able to tag in Daniel Bryan, and in another R.O.H. reunion moment, the leader of the ‘Yes” movement took Cesaro out with a Topé Suicida. Before even having the time to ask myself if this is Friday or Wednesday night, there was a pivotal moment that led to some great storytelling.

Daniel Bryan tweaked his knee and was picked apart by the opposition. His right knee and leg were heavily targeted, yet Bryan stayed the course even if unable to tag. A missile dropkick was hit, and that permitted Angelo Dawkins to take over.

Nakamura connected with a Back Stabber, and Dawkins was able to kick out at two. Dawkins then spiked Cesaro, and his three partners were ceremoniously tossed out of the ring. That permitted Montez Ford to administer a breathtaking splash on Cesaro and procure the win for his team.

WINNERS: The Street Profits, Daniel Bryan, & Kevin Owens

Law And Otis

After a continuance of the court date to decide who the rightful holder of the MITB privilege, Otis and The Miz had their evening in court on this very show. While the segment was in three parts throughout the evening, it will be condensed into a single review so as to avoid going back and forth.

In the opening segment, which borrowed theme music from both Law and Order and The People’s Court, we see that the judge is John Bradshaw Layfield and the bailiff none other than Ron Simmons. The Miz pleaded that the truth is on his side and that Otis has caused him to suffer both physically and emotionally. The burly defendant made it clear that he won the MITB belt and was deserving of his briefcase.

Several witnesses were heard after that including John Morrison, Rey Mysterio, Osuka, Teddy Long who of course claimed to fully comprehend Osuka’s Japanese language declaration, and Tucker Knight. The latter was most passionate and expressed a firm desire to engage in fisticuffs with The Miz.

JBL called for a short recess and promised to render his verdict. As he began, it looked abundantly clear that he was going to dismiss the Miz’ suit until the multi-decorated must-see performer told Layfield that he had one important piece of evidence to present. He gave the judge a briefcase full of money that harkened us back to the Ted DiBiase schtick. JBL changed his mind on a dime, actually considerably more than that, and rendered his verdict.

The Verdict

The MITB privilege will be up for grabs at Hell in a Cell when The Miz and Otis will square off. Ron Simmons ended the sketch off with his trademark “DAMN.”

Backstage, Sami Zayn puts Daniel Bryan in his place by telling him that he will defend the Intercontinental Championship when he wants and against whom he wants. The focus then shifts to EST, no not Eastern Standard time although we will set our clocks back next weekend but of course Bianca Belair.

Bianca Belair vs Zelina Vega

Bianca Belair seems in line for a nice push on the Blue Brand. She put Vega away in very short order and displayed raw strength and joyous charisma. Her finishing move, the Kiss of Death, leaves little room for doubt

Winner: Bianca Belair

Lars Sullivan vs Shorty G

Here again, was another late October squash fest. Nicely done as Sullivan was built up as The Freak  and we were told of his routine of rolling boulders up the Rocky Mountains as his strengthening secret. Sullivan puts his opponents away with the Freak Accident.

Winner: Lars Sullivan

Two birds with one boulder here. Prior to the match, Gable was interviewed and stated that he faces blatant disrespect.

After the clash, he declared I  quit. When joined by Adam Pearce later backstage and asked if he really intended to quit, G replied that he is quitting portraying the Shorty G Horatio Alger type character and reclaiming his Chad Gable identity. The latter is an Olympian and has the ability to achieve anything he wants to.

Bayley Sets The Record Straight

The longest reigning Smackdown women’s champion states that she will not sign the Hell in a Cell contract to face Sasha Banks because The Boss is nothing more than an ungrateful brat. Banks arrives suddenly with a contract in hand. Bayley swings and misses with her steel chair as Banks grabs hold of the belt. A tug of war ensued, and before you knew it, Sasha had the chair wrapped around Bayley’s neck. The champion signed on the dotted line paving the way for a classic encounter on Sunday.

Alyse Ashton interviewed The Messiah, who stated: “The greater good is for all of us .” He would also add that I’m a savior while Murphy is a walk-behind talent.

WWE SmackDown Synopsis for 10/23/20
Seth Rollins vs Murphy

Nice Romeo and Juliet feel here. Aliyah Mysterio is watching from backstage even though her family has its doubts about Murphy’s motives and sincerity. Excellent in-ring banter as well, Rollins goading Murphy by repeatedly stating, Messiah-Disciple.

This hook up was somewhat similar to that which kicked the show off. Back and forth, quick, strong style strikes. Aliyah Mysterio is an interested spectator backstage, but her father dissuaded her from taking such interest in Murphy. A pivotal moment occurs when Murphy injured his left arm and elbow. Of course, Rollins would focus on the injured body part being the cunning veteran he is.

Rollins hit a nice Falcon Arrow for a two count . After two thwarted stomps, the third time was the charm. The Savior humbled the Disciple. Insult was added to injury with a few shots with a Kendo stick. A crestfallen Aliyah comes to the aid of her suitor which immediately prompted the appearance of Dominik and Rey. Aliyah stood by Murphy showing where loyalties lie.

Winner: Seth Rollins

WWE SmackDown Synopsis for 10/23/20
Warning From The Tribal Chief

As Reigns is handed the mic, we see an Uso sitting at the head of the table telling his cousin that he has changed. To the extent of losing all connection with himself and his family. That turned out to be Jimmy Uso who watched as his twin Jey hit the champion with a steel chair. This was before hitting him with an Uso Splash.

Roman, of course, would gain the upper hand. He exclaimed; “If you make me quit, I’m not the provider of generations and generations of our bloodline. When I make you quit, you will fall in line and take orders. If you can”t, you’re out of the family and we will all turn our backs on you.”

That ultimatum was given to both twins, their children, and their children’s children. Who knew the Tribal Chief would reference The Moody Blues. As the show terminated, the cell descended, and a worried-looking Jey Uso climbed halfway up the outside of the imposing structure. A tantalizing go-home show setting the table for an epic encounter on the PPV.