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Hello, everybody and check out my exploration of the night I refereed for Buffalo Championship Wrestling’s WrestleSunday II!

It’s been a while, but I’m back with another entry regarding my referee journey. I worked on several events over the last few months, and I am doing my best to catch up.

Between taking on more office responsibilities with Empire State Wrestling and being super active as a dad with my kids’ activities, I did not have time to sit down and pound out these entries.

I just upgraded my laptop to something that runs much faster. Hopefully, that will allow me to get a better start on things.

So let’s continue where I left off: Buffalo Championship Wrestling’s WrestleSunday II.

Buffalo Championship Wrestling’s WrestleSunday II

WrestleSunday II
[Photo: Big Nance Photos]
BCW returned to action the Sunday after the Super Bowl. With NFL games wrapped up for the season, people’s schedules in Buffalo opened up – even if the Bills are not playing.

The referees for the night were Austin Sportarico, Kyle Edwards and myself.

My first match for the night was Delsin Alekzander versus Dan Macchio. The winner of this bout would team with Brian Jennings later in the night in the tag team gauntlet match to become the inaugural 716 Tag Team Champions.

It was quick to say the least. Alekzander made quick work of Macchio and secured the spot in the match.

You can watch the brief bout here:

The gauntlet match was directly after intermission. I hung out outside the ring during it, considering how much mayhem was expected for it.

Chris Gullo was a handful to deal with as he managed the team of Marc Anthony Alejandro El Fuego and Matt McCoy. Chaos reigned throughout it and peaked when Sportarico disqualified the Hired Guns, Inc. when he was roughed up by them.

Their response was to take out Spatorico and Edwards, leaving me as the sole referee for the match and the rest of the show. Jennings and Alekzander eventually scored the win and became the new champions.

The main event was a no-holds-barred match for the BCW-WNY Heritage Title. Although Madd Dawg failed to win the belt from Robby Vegas last year, he pummeled him post-match.

Thus this match was to settle the score between them for good. The action went all over the community center. Vegas picked up the win to retain the belt.

Check out the match here:

After the show, several of us went to Vinny’s for food and drinks. It was a great way to cap off a fun event.

One of the things I like about working for BCW is being able to focus on refereeing and advising the younger ones I share assignments with. The stress on my shoulders is much lighter and it reminds me how much I enjoy working in the ring.

My next blog, whenever I get to it, will be on my time at Pro Wrestling Rampage’s Gem City Madness in Erie, Penn. This was an interesting night as I took on some different roles outside of reffing for the first time.

As always, thanks for reading!


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