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Our next Women of Wrestling (WOW) Superhero is the Beverly Hills Babe. When she joined WOW in 2013, she was known as Amber O’Neal. From Charlotte, NC, Amber made her debut on episode seven of season two. It was aptly titled Battle of Queens. Amber hails from the Queen’s City and she took on the Queen of the Jungle, Jungle Grrrl. While Amber gave Jungle Grrrl a big challenge, Amber was unable to defeat her. She then quickly formed a friendship with fellow WOW newcomer, Santana Garrett. Together they formed a tag team called The All-American Girls.

Their first challenge as a team was a big one. They took on the longest-reigning WOW Tag Team Champions, Caged Heat. Amber and Santana meshed very well, and they managed to defy the odds and pick up the victory! For the first time in a long time, WOW had new Tag Team Champions. Or so we thought. As season three got underway Sophia Lopez, attorney, and manager of Caged Heat threw a monkey wrench into things. Sophia claimed and presented video evidence that The All-American Girls had not always played by the rules. Caged Heat had also somehow regained possession of the title belts. So, Sophia also claimed that possession is 9/10ths of the law, that Caged Heat were the rightful champions.

The Beverly Hills Babe

While these issues with Caged Heat and the title status brewed, the All-American Girls had other work to do. Amber and Santana took on Abilene Maverick and Candice LeRae in their first official title defense. Despite the mutual respect between the teams, Amber and Santana proved to be too much for the other team. Later in the season, they again clashed with Caged Heat. This match ended in a grey area with Caged Heat winning by disqualification.

Following the start of season four, WOW management had to agree with some of Sophia’s evidence. They decided to strip the All-American Girls of the WOW Tag Team Championships. It was also decided that a tournament would be held to crown new champions. In the first round, Amber and Santana would face off with Caged Heat one more time. The match would take place on episode three and the outcome was one no one would anticipate. Lana Star accompanied Caged Heat to the ring, along with their mutual attorney Sophia Lopez. Lana convinced Amber to turn on her partner and friend, Santana Garrett. Due to Amber’s betrayal, Caged Heat was able to pick up the win and advance in the tournament.

In episode four, Lana Star introduced the world to her new protégée, The Beverly Hills Babe. Amber O’Neal, one-half of the All-American Girls was no more. The Beverly Hills Babe also would set her sights on the WOW World Championship with Lana guiding the way. Sophia and Lana would surprise David McLane around this time as well. Lana was denied her contractual rematch due to injury, but there was a loophole. In the fine print, Lana could name a proxy representative to compete on her behalf. And she could think of no better representative than the Beverly Hills Babe.

The Pursuit of Jungle Grrrl

The Beverly Hills Babe got her opportunity to take on Jungle Grrrl for the WOW World title on episode nine. However, when things were about to get underway, an unexpected wrinkle appeared. Santana Garrett had been taken out by Lana’s hired guns: Riot, Razor, and Spike following the Babe’s betrayal. This had been done to clear the path for the Beverly Hills Babe to get a title shot with the number one contender (Santana) out of the picture. Just as the bell was about to ring, Santana Garrett appeared from the back and demanded her title shot. With the approval of both Jungle Grrrl and the Beverly Hills Babe, the match was made.

In the season four finale, it was the first-ever triple threat match in WOW and it was for the WOW World Championship. Much of the in-ring action ended up being between the bitter former friends, Santana and the Beverly Hills Babe. Much to Jungle Grrrl, Lana Star and the Beverly Hills Babe’s chagrin, Santana Garrett was able to get the victory. Now as we prepare to go into season five, nothing would make Beverly Hills Babe happier than to beat her former partner and win the title.

Amber O’Neal: The Beverly Hills Babe

Beyond the world of WOW, Amber O’Neal is no stranger to the wrestling ring. A veteran of two decades of competition, she’s been all over the world. She’s amongst the elite list of women to hold the NWA World Women’s Championship. Amber even competed in the male-dominated New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2015. She’s also competed for promotions like SHIMMER, Shine Wrestling, Women Superstars Uncensored, and others. Amber also runs a travel and lifestyle blog, called Amberience. Despite her many years of experience, Amber shows no signs of slowing down.

You can check out The Beverly Hills Babe and all the other Superheroes of WOW on AXS TV starting on January 18th!

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