World of Sport Wrestling Review for Episode 3

The show starts with breaking news that Rampage will face Justin Sysum in the main event, with the World of Sport Wrestling Championship on the line with this week’s edition of the World of Sport Wrestling Review for Episode 3!

A pre-taped backstage vignette in Stu Bennett’s office is up next. Grado walks in and basically wants a rematch against Rampage for the title. Stu umm’s and ahhh’s about it but eventually relents but on one condition. Grado had to sort himself out personality-wise and become a worthy challenger that WoS officials would be proud of. Grado takes all this on board and leaves. If just like to add that there were some classic old-school World of Sport poster adorning the walls of Stu’s office. Great work!

Match One
Grado v Sha Samuels

Grado has obviously listened and walks to the ring in a suit, tie, and glasses. Very Clark Kent-ish nerrrrrds! Commentary team says its a travesty he’s changed his look but Stu says he likes it.

Samuels walks out to boos but looks amused by Grado’s look. Quick promo from Sha running Grado down about his new “look”. Grado grabs the mic from him and with the crowd behind him says he’s taking this very serious and calls for the bell.

As Sha is laughing still at him, Grado slaps him across the face. Samuels takes exception and delivers a power slam and then into a headlock. Grado recovers runs the ropes but is cut off with a lariat. Samuels throws Grado from the ring while Barrett on commentary again runs down Grado’s abilities as he gets thrown into the barricades.

Sha waited in the ring for the ten count but Grado climbs up on 9. Samuels then knocks him back down and takes to the outside and beats him down some more. Goes for a piledriver but Grado reverses it into a backdrop onto the walkway.

Grado high fives the crowd takes off his suit and goes back to being himself. A little flip, flop, and fly followed by a bionic elbow to floor Sha in the corner

Cannonball in the corner (great camera shot by the way) and goes for the Grado cutter but Sha gives a stiff clothesline instead. Sha goes to the 2nd rope, jumps off into the Grado cutter. 1 2 3.

Good spot but very telegraphed. Made the kids jump up on celebration though so did the job.
Winner – Grado

Commentators plug that the next match is Hendry v Kirby

Match Two
Martin Kirby v Joe Hendry

Martin Kirby makes his way out as a video package is shown from Ep1 where he leaves Hendry high and dry in their tag match v Sabian and Rees. Poses in the ring soaking up the boos.

Joe Hendry out to some pyro, singing his theme song while the crowd cheers him on.

As the match begins the crowd is very loud and hot for this. Another technical start as a collar and elbow tie up into a fireman’s carry take over by Hendry. Kirby is annoyed so says they should wrestle amateur style and lays on the mat. Joe waistlocks him immediately and crocodile rolls him out the ring. Seething Kirby comes back in but is whipped into the corner, strong shoulder tackle from Joe and again Martin rolls out.

Joe chases Kirby outside leads which leads to a one-legged dropkick from Kirby when they get back inside. Kirby now whips Joe into the corner followed by a running spear into a backbreaker for 2. Another whip into a corner but clothesline from Hendy turns the tide. Sunset flip pin for two, schoolboy for two then a spine buster in the middle of the ring. Hendry can go folks!

In a great spot, Kirby walks the middle rope to deliver an elbow to the prone Hendry but misses. Rolling elbows and a neck breaker for two for Hendry. Second rope crossbody from Kirby but Hendry rolls through and delivers a fallaway slam.

Kirby recovers and hits a Fame Asser for two. Enraged he delivers a standing enzuguri then a powerbomb but Hendry transitions, takes him down and slaps on an ankle lock but too close to the corner. Rope break.

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Kirby plays possum, draws Joe in, double leg takedown and pins with the assistance of the ropes for the win.
Winner – Martin Kirby

Not sure that’s the last of this feud folks…

Tag Team Tournament Match
BT Gunn & Stevie Boy v Brad Slater & CJ Banks

Gunn and Stevie have a totally different look here, very different than their ICW look. Here it’s very 70s glam rock, very off-putting. Slater and Banks make their way down the aisle very confident and very heelish.

Banks and Gunn begin and trade shoulder tackles. Gunn is in control, drops Banks with a nice missile dropkick. Tags in Stevie but Banks waiting for him with a nice right-hand gets whipped into the corner but Stevie up’s and over the top rope and then climbs the ropes for a great dropsault.

Quick tag and Banks in, double team splash and a basement dropkick. Nice quick face tag action followed by more quick tags, it’s great seeing a babyface team on top for a while. Banks is out on his feet but knocks Stevie Boy out the ring only for Slater to cheap shot him outside.

Slater now legal with a nice suplex followed by a tag. Very strange, as Banks was worked over a lot and would need rest before tagging in. Think he only had 30 seconds!

Banks works down Stevie, delivers a snap suplex. Another quick tag with Slater in but Gunn slips away through his legs to tag Gunn in. Hot tag Gunn takes out Slater, a rolling flatliner for Banks followed by a Doomsday Device (back elbow rather than a clothesline) for the win.
Winner – Gunn and Stevie

A throwback to last week where Gabriel Kidd won the briefcase. Out he comes to a nice reaction. The mood soon changes when it’s revealed that Crater is his opponent. Stu is loving it on commentary!

Match Four
Crater v Gabriel Kidd

Crater is just too powerful and systematically takes apart Kidd with power move after move. Clotheslines, hip tosses, the commentators are putting across how dangerous it is for Kidd while Bennett is loving it, saying he’s teaching Gabriel a lesson.

A move from yesteryear, a bear hug is next from Crater, but Kidd gets out, runs the ropes but then met with a forearm to the face which knocks him into the mat. Crater delivers two running splashes in the corner followed by a chokeslam, then a big running splash onto Kidd on the mat for the win.
Winner – Crater

Medics are soon in the ring with a stretcher for Kidd. The mood is now very silent in the WoS arena. Off to commercial as Gabriel is wheeled off to the hospital.

Back from the break and we’re straight into the main event!

Main Event
World Of Sport Wrestling Championship Match
Justin Sysum v Rampage (c)

No frills, into the action! Sha and CJ outside as Rampage works over Sysum in the corner. Sha grabs Justin’s attention as Rampage batters him with forearms. Justin had a half-chance with a crossbody from the second rope onto Rampage.

Sysum in control with forearms and kicks but Rampage counters back with uppercuts and a big lariat for two.

As this goes down Stu Bennett describes Rampage as a smash-mouth champion. Eh?? You supposed to big up your champion, aren’t you??

Sysum fights back with a side suplex onto Rampage, goes up for 450 splash but Sha distracts the ref and CJ pushes him onto the mat. Rampage is in total control with suplexes and slams ahoy.

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Another bear hug (old school moves are coming back baby) and more physicality from Rampage but Justin gets half a chance and slingshots Rampage into the corner. Justin now in control with clotheslines and a huge exploder suplex.

Both men find themselves outside the ring due to clothesline over the top rope. CJ Banks is under the ring and grabs Sysum’s legs, stopping Justin from climbing back into the ring! Count out the victory for Rampage and he retains his title!
Winner – Rampage

And that’s that this week. A better episode, the camera work is getting there and the commentary needs work still but an enjoyable way to spend your Saturday evening.
I’ll be back later this week with a preview of this Saturday’s episode, so until then…..
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