What to Expect: Double or Nothing Cody vs. Dustin

He loves his brother. It is a sentiment that was shared by Cody towards his brother Dustin. Their history with one another goes back Cody’s entire life. As the sons of the son of a plumber, both men lived in the proud evergreen shadow that was cast by their father the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes. This match has the opportunity to be everything that their father would have wanted and hoped for from both of them. ‘Goldust’ will always be synonymous with the career of Dustin Rhodes. A character that was often seen as controversial in its infancy has evolved a great deal since its inception. For Cody, his talent was apparent right away. He had a charm and charisma on-screen that wasn’t unlike that of his father or his brother.

However, in the case of Cody, unlike his older brother Dustin, he is creating something that is bigger than both he and his brother. AEW’s Double or Nothing will be the one on one match that is unlike what these two have ever done before.  The question is what to expect from these two siblings and veterans of the ring? What will happen when Cody faces Dustin?

On Saturday, May 25th, Executive Vice President Cody and All Elite Wrestling present the promotions first event Double or Nothing. When the event was first announced the seeds were slowly being planted of who would be involved and what the matchups would be as the event began to take shape. Fans were aware of the Lucha Bros and Young Bucks along with Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho. However, the match that didn’t appear to be determined would be whom Cody would face at this inaugural event. As the weeks passed the episode from the American Nightmare Family’s Road to Double or Nothing event featured a new video. It was an ominous video that showcased a familiar voice. With a camera focused slowly focuses in on a familiar face. It was Dustin Rhodes. The Texan spoke assuredly about his brother Cody. He spoke about how he was always there for his brother but wonders if he needed to be there more for him.

The red paint symbolic of the blood that runs through the veins of Dustin. Cody professes that he loves his brother but he isn’t out to end his older brother or his legacy. He wants to destroy the attitude era. It is such a profound threat that it is frightening as to why he wants to do it. Cody hasn’t had to simply live up to the success and popularity of a particular father or brother but an era. The Attitude Era which along with the Monday Night Wars was presented as the greatest time to be a wrestling fan. With AEW’s Double or Nothing event on the horizon it feels as that time has once again returned. His argument was that it now is about creating something for the fans and about the fans.

When Cody faced Dustin at Fastlane 2015 the result was a match that worked for those involved. In ten minutes they did what they had set out to do. However, with complete creative freedom and a new rationale, this could be the match that could have been years ago. Will fans witness the brothers bleed? Will a 50-year old Dustin be as effective as his younger brother? This could be a match that may not be on the radar of fans in attendance or those watching on pay per view but that could very well change. Could what Cody has created outside the ring surpassed what Dustin has achieved in the ring? It is a question that can not easily be answered or may even be answered once the final bell rings between these two on Saturday, May 25th. What fans can be assured of is that these two will fight to not only make their late father proud, make themselves proud but most importantly to establish an era of wrestling that may, in fact, be the most competitive and compelling on any generation.

What to expect? Fans best anticipate passion from both men. They best be aware that they are going to face one another and refuse to relent regardless of the state of one another. Could Dustin resume the role of an empathetic older brother or will he want to look to be the first Rhodes victorious in an All Elite Wrestling ring? Stay tuned.

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