What to Expect: Double or Nothing Dr. Britt Baker vs. Kylie Rae vs. Nyla Rose

With some of the best females in the entire world signed to AEW, it was inevitable that we were going to get some amazing matches. They want to show us that they are putting an emphasis on the women and they won’t be left behind – this triple threat is evidence of that. We’ve got three completely different women in this match and all will bring their style and character in so many ways. Dr. Britt Baker, Kylie Rae, and Nyla Rose are all amazing wrestlers in their own right and putting them together will definitely create magic at Double or Nothing! The best way to see what to expect from this match is to look at each woman and see what they’re individually bringing to the match.

Dr. Britt Baker
As the first female signing to AEW, this was amazing for Britt Baker and a lot of people would agree and say it was a signing well deserved. As well as being a fully-fledged dentist (I mean she’s a doctor!), she is seriously badass in the ring really showing her worth in whatever promotion she’s in. Although she’s only been in the business for around 5 years, she’s made her mark and really cemented herself as one of the most talented females in the world. Baker is the perfect mix of speed, agility, and strength, and that versatility proves to be one of her strengths in the ring when she’s able to go up against any opponent. However, one of her strongest skills has to be her submission skills and that’s something her two opponents are going to have to watch out for. Once she’s caught you in a hold, the only way out is to tap out! After her amazing fatal four way at All In, Baker has a lot of high expectations and no doubt that she’ll meet or even exceed them. Will she walk away victorious at Double or Nothing?

Kylie Rae
Kylie Rae has to be one of the purest wrestlers in the business today and it works perfectly for her. From her infectious smile to the adorable ring gear, Rae is just someone that you really just want to get behind from the get-go, even if you’re partial to a bad guy or two. However, just because she seems like a sweetheart, doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to be a threat whenever she’s in the ring. A bit like Baker, a lot of Rae’s offense is heavily based on submissions and you’ll normally see her stick to a mat-based offense which is a lost art sometimes. That doesn’t mean that submissions are all Rae has up her sleeve. She’s been known to throw in a few cannonballs and sharp strikes, so she is ready to hit people from every angle and target every weakness. Since debuting, Kylie Rae has gone up against some of the toughest there is to offer from Tessa Blanchard and she’s held her own. Even with her adorable nature, don’t count out Kylie Rae in this match! Will Kylie Rae walk away as the winner at Double or Nothing?

Nyla Rose
Nyla Rose really can do everything from being a badass wrestler to an actress. She is also really is paving the way for the LGBT+ community and making the sport an inclusive place for everyone. Nyla Rose in an embodiment of beauty and strength and it’s crazy to see how strong she is and how easy it comes to her. As well as this strength, she has these brutal kicks that send chills through your spine. Although not bad at submissions herself, Nyla needs to use this strength over her two opponents. She needs to make sure that she doesn’t get intertwined in a submission war with either Baker or Rae because that’s what their offense is based on. Whatever happens, Rose is definitely going to be a thorn for her opponent because she is a formidable force to be reckoned with. Will Double or Nothing be Nyla’s time to shine?

It seems like the words badass is something that can describe all 3 women in this match. That has to indicate the caliber of the match the viewers are going to get. We’ve got so many different styles combined in one matchup from strength, submissions, and speed which are the key components for an amazing match.

Realistically, it’s almost impossible to pick a clear and decisive winner amongst the three talented athletes. It seems as if this match is less about who’s going to win and more of a showcase of the female talent and just how good they really are!