What to Expect: AEW Double or Nothing The Young Bucks v Lucha Bros

The AEW Double or Northing card is full of some amazing matchups that most people could only dream of. One of these is the tag team championship match for the AAA tag titles between The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson) and Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr and Rey Fenix).

After ambushing Nick and Matt Jackson at the Double or Nothing press conference, the Lucha Bros made their statement that they were the number one tag team in the world. The duo left the Bucks battered on the stage and obviously, the Bucks weren’t going to let another team take what they believed was theirs: the world of tag team wrestling. You could tell from the moment that both teams shared some sort of stage, that the crowd instantly fell in love with the idea of this feud.

Nick and Matt then took matters into their own hands and went into the Lucha Bros house of AAA in mid-February. The Bucks made their presence known and challenged the pair to put their AAA tag titles on the line on the 25th February. This culminated in the Bucks taking the titles off Penta and Rey which they wouldn’t let slide.

After words being exchanged on Being the Elite, the match was set. A rematch was made for Double or nothing and it is for the AAA tag titles. It’s easy to say that it’s probably one of the most hotly anticipated matches of the entire night.

This is obviously not the first encounter between the two teams. We’ve seen Lucha Bros v The Young Bucks several times before in promotions such as PWG and The Crash Lucha Libre. However, this just seems different – bigger and grander than anything they’ve done before.

Both teams are some of the best athletes in the business both as individuals and as teams so it’s very hard to anticipate what the match is going to bring.


You’ve obviously firstly got the Young Bucks who aren’t one of the best tag teams in the world for nothing. Ever since technically moving to the heavyweight division, both Matt and Nick have added some muscle to their Jr frames. However, the crazy thing is that none of this mass has affected either men’s ability to fly. In particular, it seems as if Nick Jackson is as quick and agile as ever, still taking any risk necessary to pull off some absolutely amazing moves. Although less known for his crazy antics, Matt Jackson is equally as athletic as his brother but also prides himself on being the power behind the team. Being brothers, their chemistry is second to none and it almost feels as if they know what the other is going to do before the other even thinks it.

Then we’ve got the Lucha Bros. Like the Young Bucks, both Pentagon Jr and Rey Fenix are, between them, the perfect combination of strength and high flying we come to expect. Although Pentagon Jr is the bigger of the two men, he is just as quick across the ring and able to fly like a Jr heavyweight, despite weighing over 200lb. Then, we’ve got Rey Fenix who is as fast and agile as anyone in the business from any company. Although smaller than Pentagon, Fenix is still very strong and uses his smaller stature to his advantage. Together, the two of them have this amazing energy and a variety of skills to combat any opponent of any size.

If you look at the strengths of both teams and then their accomplishments, this match is going to be a combination of everything fans love about wrestling! However, because of the high calibre of all four athletes, you’d be a fool to be against either.

No matter what happens on the night, or who comes out with a victory, this is definitely going to be a must watch. However, if you’re not a fan of some flips and lucha style, it may not your ideal match but watch it anyway. It is going to be a match of substance and story – expect nothing less than a spectacle between The Young Bucks and Lucha Bros.

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