the sinister minister - wrestling's devil's advocate 

In 1997 James Mitchell joined World Championship Wrestling. He changed his name to James Vandenburg, Purveyor of Oddities.

On November 5, 2000, Mitchell was injured by a fireball thrower in a ring confrontation. It was literally a freak accident.

the unholy alliancel 

On June 19, 2002, Father James Mitchell made his TNA Debut. Arguably this is his most extraordinary run..

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Father  James Mitchell

Dr. Frankenstein  and  His Monster

In 2005 Father James Mitchell met his most famous monster, Abyss. Mitchell unleashed Abyss on TNA..

The mystique around the monster began to grow. Week after week, it seemed as if Mitchell had something over Abyss.



In 2017 Father James Mitchell returned to TNA. Abyss alter ego Chris Parks was fighting a losing battle until Mitchell gave him his abyss mask.

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