THE GREAT KABUKI Shrouded in Mystery

From the inception of The Great Kabuki, the Japanese character was shrouded in mystery. 


At times, a wrestler's vision needs assistance to come to life.


Akihisa Mera may have portrayed the Great Kabuki, but it was the brainchild of legendary wrestling manager Gary Hart.

The Origins of a Mystery

While the character was said to be based on a character used by former wrestler Ray Urbano, Kabuki had layers to him that Gary Hart had shared were what made him quite unique. 

The Infamous Green Mist

One afternoon, my wife was making cookies for our children, and when she accidentally spilled a bottle of green food coloring, I thought, "That's it!"  - Gary Hart


One of the many nuances that made the Great Kabuki special was that he would throw spiderwebs to those in attendance. How did audienes react?

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