The Briscoes and FTR    A Modern Day Old-School Style Rivalry

Tag team wrestling has evolved throughout the years through teams like the Young Bucks and the Usos to more high-flying styles.

On one side, we have Dem Boys and two men who have come deeply inked with Ring of Honor through amazing work as singles wrestlers and, more iconically, a tag team.

On the other side, we have the Top Guys and a team that has been putting on matches of tag team excellence in WWE and AEW.

Unlike many rivalries, this did not start in the ring but over Twitter, where both teams tried to run each other down with their words, with the Briscoes sounding off with 'Done Talking.

On December 11th, 2021, at Final Battle (End of an Era), the Briscoes became record-breaking 12-time ROH Tag Team Champions, defeating Mike Bennett and Matt Taven for the straps.

During an emotional goodbye to the fans, before Ring of Honor went on a break of reinvention, the lights went out to come back with a shock for the fans and the Briscoes.

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