Santos Escobar –  The Evolution of El Hijo Del Fantasma

This second-generation luchador and son of El Fantasma was born Jorge  Luis Alcantar Bolly and obviously had wrestling in his blood, as Santos  Escobar.

He first earned a name for himself in his native Mexico under the name  El Hijo Del Fantasma, or Son of El Fantasma (The Phantom).

He started by working for Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre, or CMLL, the longest-lasting wrestling promotion in the world.

His first broad exposure to American audiences on-screen came as part of  the El Rey network program ‘Lucha Underground.’ There, he competed  under the name King Cuerno, appearing in all four seasons.

I want to show the world my culture, my tradition, which  is lucha libre. That’s why, when I first got to WWE, I asked to wrestle  with a mask. 

"..That was actually more difficult for me, if you can  imagine, to go back and wear a mask again. Then the story unraveled, and  here we are.”

Now without his mask, Santos Escobar leads El Legado del Fantasma (The Legacy of The Phantom) .

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