rush - El toro blanco rises again

“Much like any force or acceleration that takes place, an overwhelming Rush can come over the people that experience it.


el toro blanco 

For William Arturo Muñoz, this veteran of the ring for more than a  decade has carried tradition and legacy with him wherever he has  competed.

As the weeks passed, Rush would form a new alliance. This one would be  one he would now forever be tied to. Rush y.

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la faccion ingobernables 


His career began in 2007, training under the tutelage of his father, La  Bestia del Ring (Arturo Sánchez), along with his uncles, who were also  wrestlers.

It was for the International Wrestling Revolution Group (IWRG) where  Rush, then known as Latino would compete as part of the promotions  mid-card for nearly a year.



By the Summer of 2009, he would be joining CMLL, and Latino would become Rouge that would evolve into Rush..

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