Triple H Becomes a Three-Time WWF Champion

Triple H Becomes a Three-Time WWF Champion. After turning Stephanie McMahon against her father Vince McMahon and storyline-wise drugged and married the billion-dollar princess, Triple H and Stephanie  McMahon created the McMahon/Helmsley Era.

Mr. McMahon was driven out of the WWF, and the reign of terror began. First, they fired Mick Foley on a pink slip on a pole match. They also realigned themselves with DX.

Triple H Becomes a Three-Time WWF Champion

Raw is War truly became a game where Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were the only winners. After losing the WWF Championship to the Big Show in a triple threat match at Survivor Series 1999, The Cerebral Assassin wanted his rematch. On Jan 3rd, 2000 edition of Raw is War from Miami, Florida, The Game not only got his rematch but won the WWF Championship for the third time. 

The Big Show became the Champion.

The Big Show had just recently arrived in the WWF and made a big statement. He threw Stone Cold Steve Austin through a steel cage at St. Valentines Day Massacre. Finally, in November at Survivor Series, The Big Show took the title. HHH was on a power trip. He proved he would do whatever it takes to become champion again. In his words, “no one needs this title more than me.”

Game Night in Miami

The road to the title that night was not without obstacles for the Game. Over the months, he made several enemies, and rightfully so. It was The Rock that actually called out HHH first that night. The Great One said had made a new years resolution to be the greatest WWF Champion of all time. He never got along with The Game. Their rivalry is arguably one of the most classic in the business. One might even think that the rivalry continues today in some form. Triple H actually beat The Rock to his New Year’s resolution.

“The fact of the matter is Rock, I’ve got bigger fish to fry than you because, quite frankly, you have nothing that will benefit me. You see, Rock I, too, have made a New Years Resolution very similar to yours.

Except mine will take place tonight, in that very ring, as The Game goes one on one for the WWF Championship with the Big Show. I will become the 3-time World Wrestling Federation Champion. Why …..Because I am that damn good.”

The Rock may not have gotten the title match; however, Triple H did give him a match that night. The Rock would face DX in the first-ever handicap you’re fired match. As an added stipulation, they would also be fired if anyone helps the Brahama Bull.  On top of that, the match is a no disqualification match. Degeneration X attacked The Rock as HHH looked on and smirked. Tonight, the Game would become WWF Champion and get rid of his nemesis.

Degeneration Celebration 

Triple H claimed he could beat the Big Show by himself, so he ordered DX to not interfere. As The Game squared off with the “Giant” WWF Champion, Show seemed to have the advantage. His power was off the charts. Could Triple h’s plan backfire? Degeneration X and Stephanie McMahon looked on as the game’s new years resolution was blowing up in his face. Big Show grabbed Hunter and dropped him for a chokeslam.

As Show went for the pin, The Game put his foot on the ropes. Ever the ring general, he knew where he was at all times. Uncharacteristically, The Big Show went to the second rope attempting a 500 lb elbow, but Triple H moved. Hunter went for the pedigree, but it was reversed into a back body drop. Degeneration X started running to the ring enough to distract the referee.

The Game went for a low blow and hit the Big Show with a pedigree. Triple H was the new WWF Champion. Degeneration X ran to the ring to celebrate with their boss. It looked like a DX New Years’ Eve Party as green, and black balloons and streamers fell from the ceiling. Triple H was now WWF Champion. He and Stephanie McMahon were in control of the fate of every WWF Superstar. 

The Rock vs. Degeneration X – Triple H Becomes a Three-Time WWF Champion

Later in the night, The Rock walked to the ring for his match. The most electrifying man in sports entertainment looked like he was walking to the electric chair. DX pounced on him immediately. This wasn’t a match. It was a mugging. Triple H with the WWF title and his bride looked on. Despite being outnumbered, the Rock layeth the Smackdown on DX. This included a nicely timed bronco buster with X-Pac and the ring post.

As X-Pac sang soprano, The Rock turned his attention to the New Age Outlaws.  The two WWF Tag Team champions double-teamed the bull. In the words of Jim Ross;

“What will the WWF become? We lost Mankind now, The Rock. So who is going to be left? There may be no Y2K problems, but the WWF definitely has a McMahon/ Helmsley Era problem.”

The Rock Gets by with a Little Help from his Friend

As the fans in the Rocks hometown started Chanting “Rocky, Rocky, Rocky,” the people’s champion fired up and hit Billy Gunn with a DDT. That was followed by a Samoan drop on X-Pac and a people’s elbow to the Road Dogg. As The Rock went for the three count, Gunn pulled the referee out of the ring. The Rock got caught from behind by an X-Pac kick. As DX went to systematically end the Rocks career, Triple H laughed.

Road Dogg grabbed a steel chair when out of the crowd, Mick Foley attacked him. The Hardcore legend hit DX with the chair, including Triple H, who ran to the ring. The Rock grabbed Billy Gunn and planted him with a rock bottom. The referee counted to three; the Rock saved his career. There was nothing Triple H could do. Mick Foley was already fired, and it was a No Disqualification match.

Triple H Becomes a Three-Time WWF Champion
Degeneration X holds the new champion, Triple H, above his shoulders. [Photo: Bleacher Report]

Triple H Becomes a Three-Time WWF Champion

Triple H was no longer smiling. The McMahon Helmsley era was in control, but not without its rebels joining forces to fight for a cause.