The Undertaker and Edge – Their Epic Hell in a Cell Battle

On August 17th, 2008, at SummerSlam, The Undertaker, and Edge battled in an epic Hell in A Cell match for the ages. By 2008, The Rated R Superstar had done it all in the WWE except defeat The Undertaker.

Edge was the WWE Intercontinental Champion multiple times, WWE tag team champion on several occasions, King of the Ring, Money in the Bank winner, and let’s not forget, WWE Champion and World Heavyweight Champion.

The Undertaker and Edge – The Journey To Their Rage in a Cage

He even married Smackdown General Manager Vickie Guerrero in an effort to stay on top. Edge was knocking down every door in his path. However, in 2008 he knocked on death’s door.

After “banishing” the Deadman and taking the World Heavyweight Championship at One Night Stand in a TLC match, the Undertaker was more than willing to take Edge to hell. Edge lost the title a few months later but never paid for his sins with the Undertaker.

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The Undertaker and Edge – Living on The Edge

Edge had recently had a fallout with Vickie Guerrero when it was revealed that the Rated R Superstar was having an affair with their wedding planner. As punishment, Vikki reinstated the Undertaker.

She also put Edge in the Hell in a Cell match at Summerslam. Edge knew that to conquer the Undertaker. He would need help from an unlikely source. He needed Mick Foley.

The Rated R Superstar tried to convince Foley that it was Undertaker throwing Foley off the Hell in A Cell that shortened his career. Foley didn’t buy it. He turned down Edge and gave him a piece of advice.

He told Edge to find that vicious side of Edge because if he doesn’t, he won’t stand a chance against the Undertaker.

Edge attacked Mick Foley, including climbing a ladder and jumping on him with a steel chair. The next week on Smackdown, he attacked Chavo Guerrero and Vickie.

“This is the Edge that needs to face the Undertaker. If the Undertaker wants to take me down, I’m going to pull the Undertaker down to hell with me .”

The Undertaker and Edge – Entering Hell With The Deadman

SummerSlam 2008 had a lot of personal matches. However, none were more personal than the Main Event Hell in a Cell Match. As Edge walked to the ring, he looked like a man possessed.

The Rated R superstar could not take his eyes off the ominous Hell in a Cell. It was like a man walking to the gallows. The Conseco Field House in Indianapolis, Indiana, erupted as the Undertaker made his presence felt.

Complete with lightning and fire. No one makes an entrance like The Undertaker. He slammed the door shut as he entered the cell.  As soon as the bell rang, both superstars collided. Edge was in for the fight of his life.

The Undertaker wanted revenge. Vikki Guerrero was looking on from the dressing room as the Undertaker launched edge like a dart into the steel steps. However, the Ultimate Opportunist soon found a way to stop the Undertaker.

It was Edge’s turn to use the steps. He set the Undertaker up in the corner and speared him. Edge then went to the outside and stacked two tables on top of each other.

He attempted to suplex Undertaker through the tables, but it was blocked. So instead, he went for his favorite weapon, the steel chair, and repeatedly used it on the Undertaker.

By sensing the deadman was done, he laid The Undertaker’s carcass on a table and ascended to the top of a ladder with the chair. Edge landed on the Undertaker with the chair just like he did with Mick Foley.

Unfortunately for Edge, no grave will hold the Undertaker down. He popped up like Night of the Living Dead and grabbed Edge. Undertaker used the steps on Edge.

However, Edge was too quick for the Deadman. He speared the Undertaker and himself right through the cell. It’s a known fact that in WWE, when superstars break through the cell, bad things happen.

This was no exception. Undertaker and Edge continued to brawl at ringside. At one point, Edge used the bell on the phenom and followed that up with a spear through the announce table.

The Undertaker and Edge | Rage War In Hell in a Cell

The Undertaker’s Revenge

Until now, The Undertaker had dominated all his Hell in a Cell match. But that night, Edge was on a different level. He rolled Undertaker back in the ring and used the ladder to inflict some pain on the deadman.

He even grabbed a video camera and mercilessly knocked out the Undertaker for a two count. Frustrated, Edge began to lose his cool. He went for a spear but was met by Undertaker delivering a nightmarish chokeslam.

Miraculously, Edge kicked out. The Undertaker set Edge up for the Last Ride, but ever the opportunist, edge hit him below the belt. Knowing he had to pull out all the stops, Edge hit Undertaker with an impaler DDT.

Still, the deadman wouldn’t go down. The Undertaker went for a second Last Ride, but Edge turned that into a Spear. Could Edge do the impossible and defeat the Undertaker in Hell in a cell?

Once again, the phenom kicked out just in time. Angry Edge backed the undertaker into a corner and started raining down punches. Edge hesitated for a moment, which gave the Phenom enough time to hit the Last Ride.

Unbelievably, The Rated R Superstar kicked out. Undertaker was done playing with Edge, he attempted to hit him with the Tombstone on the steel steps, but edge reversed it and hit a spear on him.

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Edge’s Poor Choice Against The Deadman

By mocking the Undertaker, Edge walked the old-school ropes but was caught and choke slammed through the two tables he set up earlier at ringside.

Edge laid on the floor, unconscious in a pile of broken wood. However, The Undertaker wasn’t done with Edge yet; he threw him in the ring and delivered his own spear.

Thinking about how much that camera hurt earlier in the night, the deadman leveled edge with it. Edge crumbled to the mat.

Undertaker picked up the same chair edge used earlier and repeatedly hit him with it. Finally, the bell was tolling for Edge. Undertaker hit Edge with a thunderous Tombstone.

This time, Edge did not kick out. The Undertaker was declared the winner. At first, he made his way back to the locker room but noticed Edge was still moving. Like an executioner, the Undertaker made his way back to the ring.

But he wasn’t leaving without sending Edge to hell. He then set up two ladders. He hoisted Edge’s lifeless carcass up on one and climbed the other.

The Undertaker grabbed Edge’s head and gave him his last rites with the words, “Now you go to Hell.” The Undertaker’s eyes rolled back in his head as he choke-slammed Edge through the ring.

The Deadman got his revenge. Vickie Guerrero told Edge, Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned. It’s more like Hell Hath No Fury, like The Undertaker.