The Revival: Assessing Future Rivals

It’s official. The tag team who was known to bring ‘no flips, just fists’, The Revival is officially no longer signed with the WWE. While we are in some uncertain times during a pandemic, one thing is for certain. The Revival has just landed in the pro wrestling free agency. With the freedom of The Revival, assessing future rivals becomes the next step. The tag team comes with many accolades in their 6-year career in WWE. These include being the only Triple Crown tag team in WWE history. They have captured the NXT, Smackdown, and Raw tag team titles in the modern era.

But now they are free to go as they please, where would the team with the throwback style end up? In assessing potential future rivals of The Revival it is important to isolate certain overtures to one another.

The Revival vs. The North

The moment WWE tweeted The Revival have been released, 1/2 of the Impact World Tag Team Champions, ‘All Ego’ Ethan Page quickly offered his team as the first challenge.

The same way The Revival took WWE by storm, Page and his partner Josh Alexander have run rough shot over many of the tag teams in the Anthem-owed company. Currently holding the titles at 281 days and counting, IMPACT’s dominant team share similar ring psychology as Wheeler and Harwood. Similar to Cody and Drew McIntyre, The Revival could use an opportunity in IMPACT.

Assessing Future Rivals

The Revival vs. The Briscoes

They are 11-time Ring of Honor tag team champions and possibly the most decorated tag team to never wrestle in WWE. The Briscoes are bonafide legends of the mat game. You name it, Jay and Mark have done it. So what would happen when the most decorated team in ROH clashes with one of WWE’s former most talented?

First reported by’s Joseph Lee, once upon a time the formerly known as Scott Dawson, in replying to a fan, wanted it too

With Marty Scrull in charge of booking over at ROH, would he consider the Revival as his first big signing for the brand? Would it give us a match worth the price of admission?

The Revival vs. Private Party

But as much as we wouldn’t mind seeing Dax and Cash in Impact or ROH, there is a high chance they will end up in the Jacksonville-based company, All Elite Wrestling. And with plenty of fans, there is plenty of intrigue. Will they face the top teams in their debut? Start from the bottom on their way to a top-tier feud? Why not give the fans a little of both?

In a Twitter post back in December 2019, it seems as if AEW’s resident VIP patrons, Private Party quickly made friends with the then WWE employees at an event. Fast forward, and it’s time to Private Party welcome the top guys to AEW. A story built on Private Party not capitalizing on their opportunity, The Revival could be the lesson they need. Even in a potential loss in the feud, you raise Kassidy and Quen stock facing The Revival and you save up the top guys for the money feud we all want to see…

Assessing Future Rivals

The Revival vs. The Young Bucks

There aren’t many potential dream matches in pro wrestling left. One era vs. another, legend vs. bonafide star, we’ve seen them all. But this is the first time, especially during this Wednesday Night Wars era, that we get two teams on the top of their game to potentially clash one on one.

On possibly facing The Revival:

“For me, the obvious one whenever people talk about the dream match that never happened would be us and The Revival because I feel like there’s some real-life tension there, and I don’t know if it’s competitive or friendly or whatever it is,” Matt said. “There’s definitely something. There’s a competitive rivalry there. Talk about two teams that have polar opposites in styles, where I think it could be a fun style clash. I would love to have that match. That’s probably number one on my bucket list right now.” – Young Bucks on facing The Revival audio version here credit transcription to WrestlingInc

Here’s your fuel to the fire. This interview. “Real-life tension”, “competitive rivalry”, no matter what you want to call it, this is the first live episode with a full 10K+ crowd, hell, this is your surefire Double or Nothing co-main event. Tag team tournament finals, or AEW Tag Team Championship match… promote it however you want: this is the match fans will pay the big bucks for.

So where will professional wrestlings’ resident top guys end up? Only time will tell, but wherever they may go, tag team’s resurrection is sure to go with them.  The Revival: Assessing Future Rivals lends itself to exciting possibilities.

John Caul is a longtime wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. A former color commentator for several independent companies and former owner of independent wrestling company Imperial World Wrestling, John currently spends his time interacting with wrestling fans on Twitter while enjoying podcasts such as Cheap Heat and Jobber Tears.